Area teams dominate Southeast Division poll

Five locals are among the top 10, with La Habra (3-0), La Serna (3-0) and California (3-0) holding firm in the
Nos. 2-3-4 spots. Santa Fe (2-1) moved up to No. 5 from No. 6 after shutting out Huntington Park, 35-0.
Schurr (2-1) is No. 7, up a notch after an impressive 43-33 win over Hacienda Heights Wilson. Pioneer (4-0) also moved up a spot to No. 8 after defeating Gladstone, 34-0.

La Habra, which defeated Westminster, 21-0, appears headed for another Freeway League showdown with Troy (3-0), still No.1 in the division after blasting Don Lugo, 63-33. La Serna and California, who could be contenders rather than pretenders in the Del Rio League race this season, defeated Monteclair, 63-14, and Bassett, 53-0, respectively.

The other local which climbed in the rankings is St. Paul (2-1), which moved two places to No. 5 in the Western Division after blanking Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary, 34-0.

Cantwell (3-1) slipped from No. 3 to No. 7 in the Mid-Valley Division after its loss to St. Paul.

Whittier Christian (2-1) fell two spots to No. 6 in the Northeast
Division after losing to No. 1-ranked St. Margaret’s, 35-19.

One thing about the DRL members; Come league play, they’ll be beating each other, which hinders their designs for remaining ranked.
With that in mind, how many – and who- among those currently ranked have the staying power to warrant a spot in the final regular season polls?

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  • delriohardball

    Since it appears that the teams will be pretty even and competitive in Del Rio this year, we can expect a lot of close games. Therefore, the team that plays the best special teams defense will win the DRL (assuming a decent offense and defense in general). With Jordan, Botelo and others at all of the schools able to break kickoffs and punts for big yards, in a close game…

    I’m a homer, but I do like La Serna this year. New vibe, offense, Jordan, maturity, etc. The great thing is, anyone from Whittier and PHS, to LS, Cal and SF can make a run at CIF and being ranked at the end. Gotta love that. Del Rio rising!

    Good luck to all of the teams.

  • cant stop servite

    Del Rio? too bad any of these teams will never rise to the top ala Servite, Edison, LB Poly, Hart, Amat, Mission Viejo, St. Bonaventure…even SO Notre Dame, and St. Paul. When they win something then post something..until then, nothing wrong with dreaming. Oh and when Jordan grows at least a foot and a half mention his name until then keep that dwarf out of the spotlight.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Hear that Servite faithful! This jerk just called a kid with the heart the size of Texas that was instrumental in helping his team to a CIF title a dwarf. So according to cant stop servite everyone on the teams roster under 5-8 should just turn in their gear. Sorry #1 Gregory Portis, you are listed at 5-6 and I only mention you because you are first on the roster. You probably fall under this fn morons definition of dwarf so turn in your gear and pending a growth spurt dont bother coming back out for your senior year.

    And all the other dwarfs of the world like David Eckstein, Sam Mills and Barry Sanders to just name a few. I guess you just got lucky!!

    Why dont you just do us all a big favor and go post somewhere in the OC and stay behind the Orange curtain! In OUR division as mandated by CIF the DEL RIO LEAGUE will be very tough this year as I am sure that teams that have already been beaten by one of us already in higher divisions can attest to.

  • La Serna Parent

    cant stop servite;

    You are one very sad excuse for a human.

    Are you Friar Guy trying to make disparaging remarks under another name?

    Enough is enough- I’d really like to witness you talking this trash to the players or their parents in person.

    Get off the Blog, we don’t need people like you wasting our time.

  • N-ON-E-MUS

    Kudos to Coach Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State. You may not like the way he delivered this but listen to his message. To all of those that are criticizing players, coaches or teams-listen to his message. Listen closely! Parents with sons that are playing football understand the emotional ‘peaks and valleys’ of the season.
    Working through Spring and Summer for only 10 games (+ playoffs) and experiencing the disappointment of not being able to play on Friday Night (not even one play)…the coaches lambasting them for miscues…or players blaming themselves for missing a field goal or dropping that one pass….of not getting to start when they felt they deserved it….even in victory they can be demoralized.

    To see the criticisms in print is shameful.

    Please view Coach Gundy lambasting the writer of a negative article about one of his players.

    If anyone can relate to this I challenge you to comment.

    The article can be read on the left side of the attached page: “Reid is still the most talented signal caller….”

  • Ryan

    Hey Servite. Last time i checked you weren’t in the area so of course we don’t talk about you. Second I know you play in the toughest division but i don’t see u winning anything in your division latley either. Stop giving Servite a bad name with all your negative comments. I realize your so excited about beating St. Paul that you have to write about it week after week after week. I know there are a lot of good people that play and cheer for Servite. Stop giving them a bad name. I guess if Rudy Jordan gained a foot and a half he would be 7 feet tall and that would make him a good running back. What on earth are you talking about. Are you just a complete moron. Since when does height have to do with being a good running back. Barry Sanders was listed at 5-8 and was probably shorter. But hey he would of been a lot better if he taller ha ha. Get a life and stay off our area blogs and go write on the Orange County Register. Oh you can’t do that because Mater Dei would laugh you off of it because you haven’t beat them in since no one can remember.

  • Coach D

    PLease dont talk about Rudy Jordan!!!! You do not have to be 6’4 to be an outstanding football player.

    Jordan is a stud and plays like he is 7ft tall. Rudy is one of the best (maybe the best) football players in the area. Rudy will have his picture in the paper every week because he prepares himself like a football player should.

    Its a shame that people get on here and talk crap about 17 year old young men.

    Rudy, wish you were wearing green and gold but keep tearing it up!!!

    Once A Spartan Always A Spartan!!!!

  • Dan

    Servite poster,
    You must still be in highschool. Another thing, nobody here is claiming that the Del Rio is on the same level as the powerhouses from the Pac5.

  • can’t stop servite

    thats just what i wanted to read. del rio is no where near an elite league. period. and it’s called a blog for a reason. you don’t like my blogs, then don’t read them or re post to them. And Yes I realzie Servite is in Orange County but in case you didn’t know. This is the WORLD WIDE WEB, I could be anywhere in the world reading and writing about football. got it? thanks.


    Stop responding to this guy and maybe he and Friar guy will go away.

  • #10 SCHURR CIF CHAMP 2006




    Jordan family,

    Dont worry about what people say! That all stems from pure jealousy. The true football people know what your all about. Congrats for your kids success. Hopefully your son will have the great football experiences that you had. We all root for all the local kids. Good luck to St.Paul on friday. And to my big brother Pete, Keep proving everyone wrong!WE all know where your hard work is going.

  • T-Time

    Hey can’t stop servite, The WORLD WIDE WEB also has a dictionary!

  • blogger

    Too bad none of us care about Servite. I care about our area highschool football teams. Yes, we do know the great almighty Servite beat St.Paul but we don’t care anymore. I care about La Mirada, Cal, Schurr, El Rancho, Santa Fe, etc. So go badger your own fans.

  • Ryan

    Hey can’t stop Servite you know what else you can do on the world wide web is look at the size of the starting running back for Servite because he is listed at 5-6 on maxpreps even shorter then Jordan. I guess when your running back gets a foot and a half taller maybe you will have a chance to beat Mater Dei Maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • el rancho

    Del Rio? too bad any of these teams will never rise to the top ala Servite, Edison, LB Poly, Hart, Amat, Mission Viejo, St. Bonaventure…even SO Notre Dame, and St. Paul…

    This is a whittier area blog, go to talk on, no one cares about servite around here, week 0 is gone, move on. Hey the ranch or any of these del rio league schools will never rise to the top again, but servite will never reach what el rancho has, win a national title and then come talk down to the ranch or any of these del rio league schools, until then shut your mouth before daddy “mater dei” spanks you.

  • can’t stop servite

    Nice to know I get so much attention. I’ll be seeing you guys in the California state playoffs..OOPS, no I won’t. hahahaha. later midgets.

  • Friar Guy

    I would never make derrogatory remarks towards a 5’6″ high school running back. I can’t say the same for a 5’6″ coach with no morals or integrity, right Pete G?

  • DeVaughn Egans

    SERVITE is still living in the day’s of Steve Burlein! Well remember Servite fan Loyola, Mater Dei, Bishop Almat, and St. Paul all own you! You’ve won what NOTHING! Stay off our BLOG and try talking trash in the OC “NOT” because you are a mid level D1 team. Trying to make a name for yourself just like everyone else in all the Area’s!

    WHITTIER will be one of the standing RANKED teams at the end of LEAGUE PLAY! Then they will get there RESPECT that is deserved! Give publicity to all of the area school’s, this area play’s some good footbal just promote the LEAGUES!

    DeVaughn Egans

  • chieftain alum 85

    If the other teams in DRL are talking about how great a player Rudy Jordan is that tells you what a great KID he is!! DRL is going to be TUFF 1 loss will determine DRL champs this year, SF,Cal Hi,LS,and PI, I feel have a shot good luck to all BE SAFE.
    GO CHIEFS!!!!

    P.S. I think as alum we (DRL Teams)should push to take ST. Paul’s offer and play each other it will be GREAT to finally see SF vs. SP!! DO IT COACH !!

  • Friar 00

    hey El Rancho did u know that Servites starting running back Richard Gonzalez was From Pico. haha look how far they are willing to go to leave the Ranch

  • elrancho

    I could care less if he doesn’t want to play for the ranch. Just keep your servite crap on the oc boards, this is a whittier area blog. Dont come in here talking down to del rio league teams which you dont even play against, go try talk trash to mater dei, ya thats what i thought.