Week 4: It looks like this …

Roger Murray: Last week: 10-1; Season 35-5
Andrew Campa: Last week: 9-2; Season 29-11

Today’s game
Villa Park at La Habra, 7 p.m. Murray (La Habra), Campa (La Habra)
Friday’s games
St. Paul at La Mirada, 7 p.m. Murray (St. Paul), Campa (St. Paul)
California at Schurr, 7 p.m. Murray (Schurr), Campa (Schurr)
Whittier Christian vs. Blair, at Pasadena CC, 7 p.m. Murray (WhChristian), Campa (WhChristian)
Bell Gardens vs. Santa Fe, at Pioneer HS, 7 p.m. Murray (Santa Fe), Campa (Santa Fe)
Arroyo at El Rancho, 7 p.m. Murray (Arroyo), Campa (Arroyo)
Katella vs. Whittier, at California HS, 7 p.m. Murray (Whittier), Campa (Whittier)
La Serna at Warren, 7 p.m. Murray (Warren), Campa (La Serna)
Pioneer vs. Cypress, at Western High School, 7 p.m. Murray (Pioneer), Campa (Pioneer)
Montebello at Hacienda Heights Wilson, 7 p.m. Murray (Wilson ), Campa (Wilson)
Cantwell at Villanueva Prep, 7 p.m. Murray (Cantwell), Campa (Cantwell)

Some toughies this week: Cal/Schurr; Arroyo/El Rancho; Katella/Whittier.
Have you any upsets in mind???

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  • Look for the California Condors to to give Schurr their 2nd loss as CalHi exploits the holes in Schurrs defense.

  • El Rancho

    Villa Park vs La Habra – LH
    SP vs LM – SP
    Cal vs Schurr – Cal
    WC vs Blair – WC
    BG vs SF – SF
    Arroyo vs ER – ER.. close game
    Katella vs Whittier – Whittier
    La Serna vs Warren – Warren
    Pioneer vs Cypress – Pioneer
    Montebello vs HH Wilson – Wilson
    Cantwell vs VP – Cantwell

  • fan

    st. paul will destroy la mirada!!
    they will not be able to stop Haynes/Garcia/De dios “THE RUNNNG GAME”


    MY PICKS….








  • no name

    La Habra wins

    St. Paul at La Mirada, St. Paul’s running game and dominating defense too much for LM

    California at Schurr, this one is hard but i’ll take Schurr in a close one…this is a statement game for Cal but it means more to Schurr

    Whittier Christian vs. Blair, WC

    Bell Gardens vs. Santa Fe, at Pioneer HS, if Whittier can beat BG imagine what SF will do.

    Arroyo at El Rancho,

    Katella vs. Whittier, Whittier

    La Serna at Warren,
    If Warren controls the clock they will win.

    Pioneer vs. Cypress, Pioneer once again goes undefeated in non-league games, YAY!!
    Too bad they have been beating scrubs, they falter when they get to the DRL every year.

    Montebello at Hacienda Heights Wilson, Wilson

    Cantwell at Villanueva Prep, Cantwell

  • spartan

    Too Bad for Cal High, that they can’t play Basset every week !!!!! we’ll see if your still posting on Sat….


    Just a little note for Friday night, our boys play with alot of heart and I hope all fans can appreciate it that. Were all very proud of our young men. Go St. Paul. Good luck on Friday night.

  • randthaman

    El Rancho beats Arroyo with a solid running game. The transfers ER got from St.Paul(Marus Galan,Marcus Aldecoa) have seemed to rejuvinate this team from thier 0-10 season of a year ago.

  • Joe

    no name

    I think you got some teams mixed up, if Pioneer wins this will only be the second time I could remember them going undefeated in pre season, I think your thinking about La Serna, they always go undefeated in preseason and end up 2-3 in league

  • Titan Observer

    HIGH SCHOOL FAN: Since when has Pioneer been cocky?

    no name: Tell us, when was the last time that Pioneer went undefeated in non-league games? Last year Pioneer lost to Cypress and tied with Alhambra. Are you talking about Ricky Reyes’ year which was about 4 years ago? Or the 1997 season?

    CHS v. SHS = SHS: Until someone knocks the champs down, continue picking the champs.

    SFHS v. BG = SFHS: Although the loss to WHS proved that Santa Fe is beatable, the last two wins only reminds the rest that it will take an excellent game plan from an opponent to do so.

    ERHS v. AHS = AHS: El Rancho will have their hands full against an always competitive Arroyo team.

    LSHS v. WHS = LSHS: La Serna should capitalize against a Warren team that has struggled after their win over SFHS.

    WHS v. KHS = WHS: Continues momentum from win over SEMHS.

    PHS v. CHS = PHS: This will be Pioneer’s test before bye and then opener against CHS.

    Good luck to all Del Rio league teams.

    Titans: 212!!!

  • Anonymous

    on the line LM to big doe SP running game stopped!!!!!

  • Spartan:
    No reason for me not to still be posting even if Schurr manages to plug their enemic defense and scratch out a win. I don’t have a dog in that fight. It’s just an observation. As a former PHS Titan I’ll leave my serious cheers for their 5-0 efforts after Cypress.

    I don’t know that Pioneer will stay effective once DRL play begins but one can hope. The Titans are young and growing so we shall see.

  • Anonymous

    LM is to big for SP running game stopped!!!

  • fan

    sp better start to look at other players for all there teams and stop utilizing just a few transfers that dont care about a team -…in it for themselves. that it is going to be there downfall. teams no who the ball goes to all the time…transfers and a few others.

  • N-ON-E-MUS (Anonymous)

    This is the best speech you will ever hear.

    Please listen to Dr. Randy Pausch’s last lecture. He is approx. 40 years old, a professor at Carnegie Mellon and dying from pancreatic cancer.

    He had a few dreams in life, including playing in the NFL. He addresses many issues including overcoming the many ‘barriers’ or “brick walls” in life. Obstacles, such as being too small and criticisms from other people. Again, it’s the best speech you will ever hear.

    Listen to it with your child.




  • DeVaughn Egans


    Look at there schedule it was not an easy task. There are only two teams in the Del Rio and that is WHITTIER, and SANTA Fe, and I’ll give Pioneer some credit because of Coach Juarez. Good luck to all Del Rio teams tonight, continue to show the press that this league is a multi team contender!

  • Anonymous

    “LM is to big for SP running game stopped!!!”

    That is what Redondo said to.

    By the way, if LM is so big what happened with Fullerton and Charter Oak? I was at the Fullerton game. They were running threw you guys like a hot knife through butter. Score should of been worse than 13-0 but then again Fullerton wasn’t all that good of a team either.

  • Anonymous

    hey fan, did a transfer take your son’s spot or something? Stop being bitter. You give the ball to the playmakers, transfers or not.

  • Anonymous

    Can you know it alls stop calling the regular season “preseaon” it’s not preseason. These games count. They should be referred to as non league games. You guys make non football fans looks smart.

  • Julie Tracy

    What a come back from #22RB-Devin Tracy. Check out the rushing yards 202 LM Keeping the spirt!

  • Football Fan

    Hey randthaman,

    Is there a reason why El Rancho is not playing Marcus Aldecoa? You are saying that they are making a big difference in the team; yet, the coach is not playing him. WHAT IS GOING ON? Marcus is too talented to be sitting on the bench. WAKE UP COACHES!!!!

  • sp fan

    If st.paul’s jv coaching staff has anything to do with the future of the program, then the traditionn and program will fall soon..Coach pete gonzalez has his 19 year old son calling the plays wich his play calling is worse than his dads and i didnt think it got any worse than that.The foundation of strong programs are built at the freshman and jv levels , coach gonzalez needs to put a little more pride into those levels and not just hope every year that he’ll get some transfers.. Some advise for coach Gonzalez surround your self with good coaches , not family and friends..

  • Anonymous

    stope picking on the st. paul coach. yes his son is on the team, but they’ve been succesful on all levels of play. Transfers or not. The man knows what he is doing. If you have something negative to say, then that’s because he took your boy out of the lineup..in that case tell your boy to stop eating twinkies. Go St. Paul. Just like last year…NOBODY believed! And you showed them…..

  • Anonymous

    dont say the foundation of the team is built on jv and freshman teams..not when st. paul has their jv team playing agianst freshan teams. LOL. what bullies picking on youngsters like that. If thats what it takes to win, then you belong in the del rio league.

  • fan

    get the whole team involved not just 1 or 2 ….please its a team effort win or lose but you have to use the team not a few people.

  • Anonymous

    Santa Fe got killed



  • sp

    who said we had no passing game,????great game lopez….running was a little tuff, but way to keep working Garcia!!

  • El Rancho

    Aldecoa is not on the bench, he just doesnt get as much carries as many of us would like him to get. A big reason for him not to get that much carries is because we have alot of very good capable backs, Galan, Aldecoa, Madrid, Gonzalez, Mendoza, Toscano etc. Tonight vs Arroyo Aldecoa was moving the ball very well, he had a good amount of carries and he had one awesome run in the 2nd half. He also plays Safety on defense all game. Right now we are spreading the ball around to many different ball carriers but during league look for Aldecoa to start getting the rock alot more, he is going to make a big impact in this league. This league is wide open, like LaPreps once said, the league champ can be 3-2 this season. El Rancho has played some very good ball this season and still no one in the league or anywhere in the area seems to be giving them any respect or expects much from them. This league is going to be a war zone and look for the all the teams to beat up on eachother. Top to bottom, anyone in the del rio league is capable of winning league this season. One more week to go, its almost time, lets get ready to rumble del rio league.

  • Ryan

    Just some notes on the del rio league teams. Santa Fe got upset for the second time this year. But believe me they will still compete for the league title. Cal Hi got a big win over Schurr. Despite a weak schedule the win over defending c.i.f. champion Schurr and a 4-0 record would have to put them as the favorites in the del rio league although by a small margin. No shame in La Serna loosing a close one to a solid Warren team who blew out Santa Fe in it’s opener. Whittier continued to rack up points scoring 51 against Katella. But the defense has it’s question marks. But the league better notice that the Cardinals defeated Bell Gardens which defeated both Santa Fe and El Rancho this year. The Cardinals have turned their program around the last two years. Pioneer suffered its first loss of the season but they also played well and maybe it will serve as a reality check and Pioneer can use this bye week to be well prepared for league. Although El Rancho has been struggling a bit. It sure won’t be a push over this year. Overall through 4 weeks I think we have just established that the del rio league is up for grabs and no team has a distinct advantage at this point it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

  • g10


  • And then there was one!

    With four teams in the Southeast’s top ten and three of them undefeated, expectations of a dominating DRL were running high. The operative word here is WERE, as CalHi emegred from the weekend as the only remaining unbeaten DRL team; thanks to the impressive thumping they laid on a much overated Schurr. Did you get that … Spartan? (wide grin).

    The PHS loss to Cypress, while disappointing, was not surprising. The Titans suffered the same disappointment last year at the haands of the Centurions.

    But then, there’s Santa Fe. The pretender to the DRL throne falls again. See the pattern? Upsets were plentiful and remain and exciting staple of Friday night football.

  • calfan123

    And California comes out with a big win!!!

    Go CAL!!!

  • LT

    well, it looks like all the la mirada trash talking can now for the rest of the season cease….Another embarassing display last night left them 1-3, in the cellar of the local teams, and a good possiblity of being 1-6…

    next week vs. mayfair will be like the rest of em, a flat out beating…even though this is the worst mayfair has been in years.

    then for the first time in DECADES, Norwalk will run all over the so called “defense” of la mirada, and win their homecaoming game…

    then, the good news keeps coming…Bellflower rolls in who gave mayfair all they could handle, (who also beat the matadores for the first time in 28 years), and will sucessfully eliminate the “powerhouse” la mirada used to be from the playoffs in one of the weakest divisions in southern california..

    on a high note, Congrats to cal high for a big win over schurr, and st. paul for a great game last night as well..

  • no name

    St. Paul showed why it is the best team in the area

    Cal Hi made a huge statment

    Santa Fe got beat up physically in the first half

    Pioneer got brought back to earth, so now its time for their 1-4 or 2-3 del rio season and there might be a couple of 3-2 season with 1 or 2 playoff appearances

    La Serna played a quality opponent and lost

    Whittier won

    El Rancho better play the game of their lives next week against St. Paul, especially since they have players that tranferred from SP to ER

  • Anonymous

    Where was the almighty Jordan at last night? averaging 6 yards a game doesn’t mean anything if he can’t punch it in for a score. What a poor perfomance by what some think is the best all around player. Don’t give me the speech about having a big heart. Having heart from one player doesnt win championships.


    no name
    you said “if Whittier can beat BG imagine what SF will do”
    Well we heard what SF did maybe you should see Whittier and give them some credit.

  • La Serna Fan


    Say your name you girl, Sorry Rudy Jordan only had over a 170 yards and set up his team to score on every single drive. That’s what a team is all about your don’t know crap about football, everyone one knows that Jordan can score(doesn’t he already have 7 seven TD’s in 3 games and hasn’t even played a full game yet cause he’s out at halftime), but once the rest of team comes around and scores too – they will be unstoppable just like Schurr last year, and Coach Jordan knows exactly what he’s doing. So shut your mouth when your don’t know what your talking about and heart will take you along way. You’ll see come league time. Ask any coach in the DRL league or even this area if they would want Rudy Jordan on their team it’s a no brainer. You tell me who is a better all around player then Rudy Jordan? Give me a NAME! No one! That’s what I thought.

  • Big Unk

    Tough loss for the Dons.The offence looks impressive at times but the D is going to have to start making some stops on third down.Fri. game vs SP could define this team.The keys to the game will be ball control,turnovers and most importantly coaching.SP is definately not the same team they were a year ago.A loss to ER would be devistating since the rest of their schedule is loaded with teams that are playoff bound.Will the Swordsmen roll for a third straight W? or maybe just maybe Appalatian St. pulls the upset.

  • LAPreps

    No one expects El Rancho to beat St. Paul. The Dons are in the drivers seat in this game, they are expected to lose and lose big. If St. Paul loses by less than a 14-point margin, consider it a morale victory for El Rancho. If the Dons pull off the upset, it will devastate the season for the swordsmen. Could also cause an exodus of Pico Rivera players back to El Rancho (hey isnt Paul Lopez from Pico?), given the team is filled with underclassmen that will contribute next season, add to that the freshman team that is destroying opponents, I believe they have scored 50+ points twice this year. And if El Rancho can get running back Kyle Williams back from St. John Bosco…WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck Dons!

  • La Serna lost because of poor tackling. The offense had to have over 350 yards total. Burke had to throw for around 150 yards and run for around 50 yards. Although La Serna did not get it done, they should learn more from this loss than from beating up on some crappy teams like Glenn and Montclair. Jordan is a good back who had diffuculty running between the tackles. If they spread the offense they seem to be able to move the ball better and it didn’t allow everyone to key on Jordan and also allowed alot of holes for Burke to run and throw. This team is good and they will adjust and allow athletes to make plays. That is how you win games.The Del Rio league is wide open and the best team will win and we will see who can coach. If they don’t learn to tackle then teams will run all over them.

  • elrancho

    I sure hope we can play St Paul tough friday night, I believe we have what it takes to play em tough. Look for Aldecoa and Galan to play with a chip on their shoulder, I hope things stay clean on St Paul’s side. Lookout for that freshmen team at ER, its looking like the best ER freshmen team I have seen in years, last years team had some great individual talent, this team seems to have that but they seem to be more of a team and dont rely on just one or 2 players to take over games. I was really in shock to see that in 6 offensive plays in the first half against Arroyo the freshmen team came away with 4 touchdowns. I cant wait to see where this ER program is in 2 years, things look bright.

  • no name

    BIG RED, good job by whittier beating BG and SF just plain out did not show up in the first half…

    BTW LaPreps,
    what is a morale victory???
    Is that what is taught at schools like ER?? That morale victories are a goal…wow, last time i checked a morale victory was still a loss!!

    The St. Paul vs ER should not be close, but hey if the game is close ill ask Murray if he can make a morale victory column for ER

  • SP 90s


    You are truly delusional. Rumor has it if Williams leaves Bosco he is headed to SP has been to some SP varsity games. Exodus of SP players to El Rancho that is a joke. Do you fail to recognize that the school is a terrible enviroment full of tag bangers and gangsters? Who in their right mind would want their kids in that enviroment? SP by 4 tds. Paul Lopez is a SP legacy by the way his parents met at SP and he is a St. Hilary kid.

  • ER fan

    Dont forget SP isnt BG, Cerritos, Arroyo or Montebello. Trust me when I say the Er freshman are in an uphill battle. Last year Sp beat our frosh soundly. If we stay close it would be a moral victory.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm….all this talk by Ranch fans is sounding familiar. we in the drivers seat, we can stay with them, exodus of kids, etc etc.

    That’s right…sounds like last week and the week of the Cantwell – SP game. How did those games end up? 34-0 and 40-7. And where are those bloggers now?

    So…Ranch fans….take your shots now why you can because next week you won’t have much to say.

  • Joseph Gonzalez

    Sp Fan?

    Are you for real? How could you say those types of things if your a fan? I will go out on the line and say that Pete jr. is by far one of the most intelligent young football minds around today. Call him up and talk football and see if your on the same planet. I promise you one thing, he wont talk about you after you realize you have no clue! Piece of advice, be part of the solution and not part of the problem! If you have something to say , say it and stand behind it with your real name. Be a true swordman!

  • Swords

    St Paul is going to spank the dons. Aldecoa and Galan are nobodies, some of you El Rancho people swear they are gods but they really wont do anything friday night except get smacked. I’m glad Aldecoa left, that kid doesnt deserve to don the sword on his helmet. My prediction 42-0 St Paul, Aldecoa and Galan get completely shut down just like Salerno did against LM. Aubrey Haynes is going to run all over that weak defense. The ranch is garbage just like Pico Rivera, just like all its players and delusional fans.


    LA Preps
    There you go again. If this, If that, If this guy, If that guy. Come back to earth. Did you go to ER. Because I have never heard of a DON talking about a morale victory, and you must not think the varsity is any good because you are already talking about next year, underclassmen and the freshman.

    To all you ST.PAUL FANS
    I like St.Paul and wish them well, but you don’t have to act like your the best team in the state. After you beat Cantwell div-10, La Mirada div-6, and will beat ER div-7. You would think you fans would be a little humble after the Servite game. I wish the football team well, and hope they represent the area like champions.

  • SP X-fan

    Joke of the Day:

    “Are you for real? How could you say those types of things if your a fan? I will go out on the line and say that Pete jr. is by far one of the most intelligent young football minds around today. Call him up and talk football and see if your on the same planet. I promise you one thing, he wont talk about you after you realize you have no clue! Piece of advice, be part of the solution and not part of the problem! If you have something to say , say it and stand behind it with your real name. Be a true swordman!”

    Never heard of a “intelligent young football minds around today” be 0-4 with some real ball players on that jv team. Joseph, you need to come to terms in acknowledging that your nephew has NO BUSINESS coaching highschool ball. He is more suited for a peewee flag team where he can run as many reverses as he wishes. Big difference in being a genuine football coach and someone who thinks they know the game. I have never witnessed a game so poorly managed than that of the Redondo jv game and that of the La Mirada jv game. The kid is funny he is 5 foot nothing he wasnt much of a player and now it has carried over to his coaching. Anyway it will be nice to see when he and his Pops turn SP into Cantwell.

  • Anonymous

    For once I have to agree with Big Red (that really huirts to do that!). As Swordsmen faithful we’ve got to realize that while our wins were impressive we still have a ways to go as evidenced by the Servite and Redondo games.

    Besides if we are going to show SP is the best team in the area at least lets do it with some class.

    Winning with Dignity

  • no name

    well said BIG RED
    SP Fans should relax on all the talkin they have been doing
    SP is the best team in this area this year, but your completely right that they should not be talkin so much until they compete against Crespi and I believe they got Bishop Amat or St. John Bosco after that i’m not to sure, but you get my drift

    and i know im gonna going to get some SP fan responding to this as a insult, ITS NOT, just beat the teams you are supposed to beat like LM and ER and compete and possibly score against an Elite team like Crespi.

    we are only stating the truth not talking smack and we didn’t bash your team we did state that you are the best team in this area.

  • elrancho

    call me a dreamer, but the ranch is going to stun many people friday night.

  • swords


    I totally agree with you. I will be stunned if ER scores….LOL

  • Anonymous

    I lived in Pico Rivera when it was nice. But then all the East La and Bell Gardens people came and destroyed it. Thank god i left. The good citizens left just like the good football Teams back then. Stop living in the past. El Rancho has no more tradition than any other school and there is nothing special about Pico. So all this talk about how Reyna Messed things up beacuse he wasnt a Ranch guy and he wasnt from Pico. All the decent people there send there kids to private schools because Pico is turning into the hood.

  • swordtime

    aLdEcOa AnD gAlAn ArE GoNnA gEt SmAcKeD.

  • Ranch Man

    SP is supposed to beat us. They got 25 transfers and they pull from different areas. SP is pretty good again average/below average football programs. SP gets smoked by teams with athleticism. They continue to beat up on the little guys because they cannot compete with the big boys.
    I have seen the SP frosh and jv play. They are small, slow and poorly coached. They need the transfers.
    Pete G. is an average coach and his son is…well his son, enough said.

  • 3nout

    it seems most of the saint paul people on this blog talk a bunch of crap calling out players aldecoa galan last week salerno why didnt you call out dj week zero call out some of the crespi boys

  • Anonymous

    3nout and Ranch Man:

    If you are going to post at least come out with something interesting and useful and not the same old hater crap. And Ranch Man, at least get your facts straight.

    Yes, SP got transfers, 7 of them not the 25 you claim. How about the 5 you guys got? And calling out Aldecoa and Galan? I think not. Just a couple of loose cannons. The rest of us don’t feel that way. We wish them the best just like we did Salerno. Our kids grew up with these kids and they are all friends so why would we call out our kids friends?

    We beat up on the little guys and not the big boys? Last I checked doesn’t ER have close to 5000 students, LM close to 3000 and Redondo close to 2000? SP only has 700 students (350 boys). Cantwell has 600 and Servite has 700 boys (double SP).

    SP have never been bigger or many cases more athletic than the teams we play. For example did you see the size of the tackles from LM? 6’5″ and 6’6″. Redondo has boys that big and Cantwell matched up with us pretty good size wise.

    What SP has is heart, desire, pride and a will to win. They find ways to win….athletiscm alone doesn’t win games…so does coaching. We have to be better prepared and want it more than the other team.

    Succesful programs are always the subject of hate and venom. Jealousy is not a pretty thing. It comes with the territory. Look at how Santa Fe gets trashed by the rest of the Del Rio.

    You guys should spend more time supporting your teams than worrying about the other teams. Why does SP constantly outdraw the home teams when we play on the road? Because we support our teams and put our efforts into that support.

    Your kids need your support, so quit worrying about us. I expect your side of the field to be full this Friday, but I know it wont and that in itself is a sad statement.

  • Swordsmen Pride


    You really dont know what youre talking about; St. Paul is a private school! Of course there are going to be students from across the area. I will not talk about what happened last year when no one expected us to make it to the quarter finials. Let just stick to current facts. JV has not been impressive, they dont have a QB, Paul Lopez moved up to Varsity and play selection has not been great. As for our freshmen team these kids are making a lot of noise, there running back has been running over people..and defense has been a force, especially the D line.
    Dont get frustrated because your kids have mention to you that they would like to attend SP.

  • When, where, at what levels and how long have you played and coached?.

    Hey ranch man & 3nout;

    Just wanted to bring some clarity to your post. First never assume what’s “supposed” to happen. St. Paul as a Team and Program will never take any School lightly.
    Next the current Swordsmen probably have about 15 transfers including those coming over prior to last season, with about 8 in this year and 4 or 5 out in that same time frame, there are not 25. Yes the Players come from different areas, as do most Student-Atheletes who attend other private college prepatory schools, however the majority are local e.g. Whittier, Santa Fe Springs, Pico Rivera, La Mirada and other surrounding cities or suburbs.
    Agreed that St. Paul is preety good again, but definately not below average as a Program. They are proving why their existence in Div.III is valid, and should be well repected.
    SPHS will continue to schedule teams from all Divisions including I for non-league, as many competative rivalries have formed for years. This is one of the many reasons Players attend be it for one, two, three or four years. Perhaps you can grasp that any Team at any level will find it hard to overcome four or five turnovers, especially against on of the highest ranking Teams in all of So. Cal.
    Building on some past local rivalries is always great for both Schools involved. Not to beat on “little guys”. Remember, enrollment at SPHS is around 715 total. Opportunity to play on Varsity for underclassmen may be the reason for your opinion of our Freshman & J.V. Teams, and ultimately the goal is to compete at the highest possible level weekly towards the finals.
    Taking over from the State’s most winning Coach is no easy task. Along with assistant head Coach Gil Jimenez and the remainding Staff, in leading the Team in his first year as head Coach to the CIF SS Div.III semi-finals probably is why Pete Gonzales was named Coach of the year in 2007.
    I just read “Anonymous'” blog and found it to be enlightening, informative and very right on.
    “GO BIG BLUE”. Beat ERHS!

  • elrancho

    All 5 of the transfers ER got live in Pico Rivera. None of them live up to 20 miles away or more. The support will be there, our side of the field will be full. We will not be a pushover, take that to the bank, were comin.

  • Rivas

    The problem on JV is the coaching not the players. They have sophomores at SP that wont play this year they should be playing jv. I heard that there is a freshman on Varsity and he doesnt play. He should be developing on the freshman team that is how superstars are developed arent they? I remember playing on Thursdays and then getting moved up on Fridays.

  • Big Unk

    Memo to myopic SP fans don’t be suprised if bad play calling costs U the game.If the running game is slowed down U can bet the coach is going to put it all on the QB.ERs DBs are every bit as atheletic as SPs so it should be interesting to see on passing situations.This game will be decided by who wants it more!


    Good Job! Couldn’t have said it any better! Its obvious that St Paul is the better football program in the area.
    I think people forget or don’t realize the difference when comparing the enrollment at St Paul with the area schools. I can’t comprehend the remarks that are posted?
    One should reread their post’s and realize that is where the difference lies between these schools. Remarks like, “Picking on little guys”?
    “St Paul is suppose to beat us”?
    It’s this type of mindset that sets St Paul aside from some of the area schools.

  • yeah

    “it seems most of the saint paul people on this blog talk a bunch of crap calling out players aldecoa galan last week salerno why didnt you call out dj week zero call out some of the crespi boys”

    i hope you knew aldecoa, galan, and salerno used to go to st. paul last year and were somewhat part of their success, salerno moreso.

    why should we call out shoemate and some crespi boys when they never attended our school? we just have beef with those three because they left.

    in a sense, they “disgraced” the SPHS sword so revenge must be brought upoon them. so that’s what st. paul faithful would like to think.

    i’m just saying..

  • blogger

    This isn’t major news what going on here, DJ Shoemate is a stud and he never called out these indiviuals this is an inside war between the Swordsmen and ex-Swordsmen. Don’t make this something it’s not. Good luck to all football teams Friday night and like its been said may the best team win.

  • Pico Parent

    Went to the JV SP vs ER Game. Kinda close but the kid that tranfered outta ER to SP ran all over ER’s JV team (#38). The defense needs to be tightened up. Goodluck tomorrow night to all dons and swordsmen.

  • El Rancho

    I went to the ER vs SP freshmen game, it was a good game for 3 1/2 quarters, then ER gave up that Punt Return TD in the 4th and it was over once it was 14-0. ER moved the ball pretty well and should have punched it in at the end of the first half but key mistakes killed us. Final Score was 20-0 but it seemed a lot closer than that. I went to the end of the JV game, Jared played pretty good against us, its a shame he left but ohh well. It wont make up for anything but Anthony Ayala put a pretty dam good hit on Jared Morales on a punt.

  • 3nout


  • once a Chief, always a Chief

    the chiefs will be OK, it will be tough this year but they will get it done. ER your problem is you still live in the 60’s, you all talk about how your Frosh & JV teams are great and wait till they get to Varsity, unfortunately they never make it for grades or just drop out, SP should just be called SF with the amount of transfers they are getting from SF, they just got Marcus Viramontes hard hitting LB from JV GOO LUCK MARCUS Cal Hi stop living in the Chiefs shadow its not a good look for you
    Rudy Jordon, the real deal every DRL team is looking at film to find a way to stop him, stop him you stop LS, Titans probably their best team in long time, I agree with SP fan show your school some support! when SF has an away game we fill up the stands (standing room only) and afterwards everybody goes down to the field to congratulate our kids win or lose. ER SF is what tradition is all about coaches and former players come back and support our school GO CHIEFS!!!!