Week 4 results: DRL teams take a hit

St. Paul running back Aubrey Haynes picks up yardage in Swordsmen’s
40-7 nonleague victory over La Mirada Friday night

Friday’s games:

California 20, Schurr 7
Jasper Meza averaged nearly 11 yards per carry (11 for 120 yards),
including a 1-yard scoring run to start the ball rolling, but the
Condors’ defense stepped up, again, this time intercepting three passes,
including Drew Harris’ fourth of the season, and recovering two fumbles,
one of them by Blake Barragan, who returned it 45 yards for a touchdown.

Whittier 54, Katella 20
Cardinals’ offense continued to roll. Last week, it was Jonathan Quezada
with six touchdowns; this week it was Daniel Enriquez with four TDs and
170 yards on 18 carries. Whittier finished with 321 yards on the ground.
This has to grab the attention of next week’s opponent, Whittier

St. Paul 40, La Mirada 7
Any questions concerning whether the Swordsmen can stretch the field
vertically were answered on the fourth play from scrimmage when
sophomore quarterback Paul Lopez connected with Ryan Cadwalader on a
49-yard TD toss. Lopez finished with 221 yards that included completions
of 62, 39, and 40 yards with passes that traveled farther through the
air than the receiver ran with after the catch.

Cantwell 36, Villanova Prep 11
Running back Khamari English, the transfer speedster from Monrovia,
scored touchdowns on runs of 55, 36 and three yards as the Cardinals
improved to 4-1. Next up is rival Don Bosco Tech.

Blair 38, Whittier Christian 26
Last week it was St. Margaret’s power ground game with Hunter Steffien
that tested the Heralds’ defense. This week it was the Vikings’ overall
speed and Devin Fuller, who had 143 yards on 23 carries.

Bell Gardens 31, Santa Fe 22
Tough to win if you don’t have the ball. Santa Fe lost two fumbles early
and had only 11 plays in the first half. The loss put a damper on
another strong performance by junior running back Aaron Turner, who
rushed just 11 times for 133 yards.

Cypress 24, Pioneer 20
Fumbles hurt the Titans and allowed the host Centurians to
come-from-behind. Pioneer’s big-play capabilities were evident in an
84-yard, halfback pass play from Ronnie Palacios-to-Tony
Hernandez-to-Randy Palasios to open the game, and Pepe Quinones’ 41-yard
fumble return for a touchdown to start the third quarter.

Arroyo 28, El Rancho 21
Dons came out on the short end of a see-saw battle in which the team’s
traded touchdowns. Marcus Aldecoa led El Rancho with 90 yards and QB
Javier Hernandez was eight for 15 for 130 yards and a touchdown.

Warren 22, La Serna 17
Lancers couldn’t hold a quick 14-0 lead, and speedster Rudy Jordan,
although finishing with 150 yards, was held to three or fewer yards on
16 of his 21 carries.

HH Wilson 42, Montebello 20
Oilers lead, 7-0, but then defense struggles again, giving up 140 yards
rushing and 99 yards receiving to RB Tim Gilmore, and 296 yards passing
to QB Andrew Tomsio (16-for-20, three TDs).

Thursday’s game:

La Habra 49, Villa Park 31
With the Highlanders’ defense having an off night (compared to its first
three games), the offense came alive on the arm of QB Chris Morales
(12-16-292-4TDs) and RB Jason Davis, who rushead for 72 yards and a
touchdown and caught a touchdown pass.

Any surprises here?

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  • bgpride67

    the santa fe score was 31-22 not 26

  • Anonymous

    So much for St. Paul not being able to throw the ball. Funny how all the so called experts haven’t thrown in their two cents on how good the Del Rio League is getting. You know why? Because they are emberassed at the performance of the Del Rio League. Never post anything until you win something. period.

  • anonymous

    its kind of a surprise that santa fe lost but then again they got a few inexperienced players.

    it was a shock to hear that schurr lost to cal high…

    la serna could’ve beaten warren but the refs seem to have favored warren with a lot of bad calls and calls that shouldve been called on warren…but eh doesnt matter now

  • san pablo

    i believe st. paul’s Paul Lopez is the real deal.

    he’s athletic, has a strong arm, can scramble, throw on the run.

    did anyone see his reggie bush-esque touchdown friday night?!

  • Anonymous

    Hats off to P. Lopez, Rosenthal, and the St. Paul running game

  • Titan Observer

    Tough loss for the Titans from taking the lead to losing it, then retaking it by ten points only to loose it again at the end of the third quarter.

    Turn-overs and penalties did them in. These mistakes are correctable. The fumbles were not strips and the penalties came from a lapse in discipline. Titans will learn. And they have two weeks to do so before they open league play against a very strong Cal team.

    Congratulations to both Cal and Whittier, with Cal having the most impressive win over Shurr (not taking anything away from WHS).

    Like Pioneer’s loss, both La Serna and El Rancho were impressive in their defeats. La Serna holding the lead for more than half the game to El Rancho trading TDs with Arroyo.

    Must have been a tough game for Santa Fe. They’ll rebound. They always do.

    Titans: 212!!!

  • satna fe hater

    pioneer finally plays a good team and look what happens

  • Anonymous

    “did anyone see his reggie bush-esque touchdown friday night?!”

    That was a great run. Although I swear he must of run 30 yards in the backfield alone!

  • Swordsmen Pride

    P. Lopez WOW!!!!! this kid can play… I heard La Mirada’s DL was going to stop St.Paul’s running attack, that didn’t happend…

  • Anonymous

    This place is usually loaded with Del Rio supporters. Where are they now? Same for the St. Paul bashers. I didn’t read any haters this week. Way to shut up your critics St. Paul. I love it when they can’t say anything now.

  • Anonymous

    Of course SF is gonna rebound! they play Downey… they should win that one, right??! then the Del Rio League starts, i highly doubt the Titans will keep winning like they are…

  • Hey Anonymous,
    Are you kidding me? Pounding your chest about a win over a horrible La Mirada team who is now 1-3. I don’t remember what comments you had after you got destroyed by Servite. St. Paul has no speed or size and you really don’t believe that you now have a passing attack because on of your 3 qb’s threw for 200+ yards against a hapless La Mirada defense. I agree a win is a win but I wouldn’t be making your plans to the CIF finals just yet. Win something in this decade and you can talk.

  • Interested Party

    Hey Murray!

    Someone posted that they were disappointed by the number of entries in our blog topics. But in Fred Robledo blog site, your comment goes up immediately and conversations can then take place.

    How come this blog site is not set up the same way? There would be many more entries and both sites are run by the same newspaper.

    Just wondering . . .

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if any of you could answer this. Maybe Murray could. Does this years Pioneer team look as good as the Titan team of ’98 that went 10-2(5-0 league, 1-1 playoffs) and won the Del Rio league?

  • Ryan

    Hey anonymous i would hardly call santa fe over downey a guaranteed victory. Downey is no push over and Santa fe has struggled this year. And just to mention the entire del rio league is not sad. Whittier blew out Katella and Cal Hi beat defending c.i.f. champion Schurr I would hardly call that a dissapointment. I don’t think these teams really care if the other teams struggled or not. I don’t think it bothers Whittier that they beat Bell Gardens and Santa Fe El Rancho lost to Bell Gardens. That just sounds like Whittier can definetly compete with those teams.

  • What a week. Aside from Whittier and Cal the DRL took a hit … totally unexpected, but hey – this is football.

    I’ll say it again for the benefit of Spartan, who confidently suggested I wouldn’t be back. Schurr has an enemic defense that will continue to prove their downfall.

    The Titans have a bye week to prepare for the DRL opener against Cal. It’s Pioneer’s Homecoming. We can hope that the extra prep time and and influx of alumni will give the Titans added incentive against the favored Condors. We shall see. Meanwhile we will begin setting up to track DRL football at pioneer-hs.com/drl.

  • LM Bones

    There is nothing impressive about La Mirada’s performance so far this year. Poor play calling and poor execution. Our once proud and respected football program is now laughable. Perhaps we should consider looking for a new coach.

  • DRL Observer

    good call anonymous.. the officiating in the warren game was terrible especially when the game was on the line and the ref didnt call a PI on a warren defender to keep la sernas drive going. Lets see how la serna will rebound and take on league

  • Swordsmen Pride

    Interested Party,

    Please post something with some value, When will Servite ever win at least 1 game against
    Mater Dei (last I remenber pervite has not won a title since 1983)

  • Chief alum 85

    Het Rodger, or anyone else,

    I heard that Santa Fe lost another player to SP? Viramontes, 6-1′ LB on the JV team transferred over this week

  • loveshsfootball

    to swordsmenpride=dont be too hard on the servite fan- st. paul would have no chance even staying on the same field as mater dei or anyone else in that league. dont brag too much considering the weak teams that st. paul has beaten-and if st. paul played servite 10 times they would get killed evey time. BEAT SOMEONE DECENT FIRST BEFORE YOU BRAG TOO MUCH

  • Anonymous

    Pounding chest for a win? A win is a win. Who do you support? Who is your team? You don’t even want to admit it because they are probably some lame team. Win something this decade? Winning record year in and year out. Win lose or draw we support our swordsmen no matter what. Just take a look at the following that St. Paul has. We out number every home team we go to. Thats how you support a team.

  • Old Titan Alum


    Just to answer your question, I have been attending Pioneer High School football games since the early 80’s. And that 98′ team that went 5-0 in league was by far the best Pioneer High School team that I have ever seen. The combination between Culpepper, Serrato, and Mendoza on offense and the ridiculous defense that had Sanchez, Escobedo, and J.Holguin made them a complete team. If it wasn’t for the CIF pairings then, and the 98′ Pioneer team was able to compete against only area team for the CIF title (Like it is now) they would have been hands downs CIF Champions – but back then when you made the playoffs you had to contend with teams like Charter Oak, Los Altos, Harvard Westlake (who had players like Steve Stevenson, Sean Cody, and Alex Holmes). Could you imagine if they have played someone for the CIF title from the Almont League like Santa Fe did last. It wouldn’t even be close. And if you forgot Coach Joey Jordan from La Serna & Schurr was the the Co-Offensive Coordinator of that team. And that year Pioneer beat everyone from the Almont league except Keppel and San Gabriel. Not to take anything away from the Pioneer team this year that is doing a great job right now, but I just don’t see them at the level of the 98′ Pioneer team. That game would probably be 35-7, or maybe worse. I hope I answered your question.

  • meh


  • Interested Party

    Hey Swordsmen Pride:

    I couldn’t figure out your response to me until I realized that you read the blogger’s name wrong–the name below the grey line is who posted the comment.

    I was asking about changing the site so we could have a quicker addition to the comments.

    Good luck to the Del Rio teams!!


    Interested party
    I agree with you. Come on murray can you put the entries on faster or more often. You only post entries 2 or 3 times a day.

  • no name

    old titan alum,

    Yes that team with culpepper and those guys were good…this years team is not nearly close to that team in my estimation…and that ’98 pioneer team never played Los Altos and Sean Cody, that was actually Santa Fe’s team in 2000 which had 9 or 10 shut outs that year, granted they lost to Los Altos 16-8…my point is get your facts straight that was a great team in ’98 for Pioneer but they never faced the really strong teams of Charter Oak and Los Altos that produced NFL pros such as Jason David and Cody, that ’98 team could have won CIF but they didn’t and dont make excuses for them they blew it…and dont take anything away from Schurr that beat many good playoff teams to get their championship…who has Pioneer beat this year that is quality= NOBODY..

    Good Luck to Pioneer this year, but they are no where near Culpeppers team

  • no name

    old titan alum,

    I was wrong in my comment when i had thought you said that this years team was better than the ’98 team

    I agree with you that they are not

    As far as everything else i commented those were facts

  • The Question

    Just a question?? Do u think la mirada will win in the next 3 weeks? They play 2 straight road games (at mayfair, at norwalk) and then come home to a very much improved and staunch Bellflower team..

    Mayfair may be down but im guessing with the pathetic offense and defense la mirada has, will lose big (4+ touch downs) this friday, and if norwalk can continue to run the ball as they have (over 1300 yards this season) with that huge OL, im pretty sure Norwalk can run over the matadore defense…and i think the morale will be low enough to allow bellflower to defeat LM by 2 TD’s….

    can anybody from la mirada or ANYWHERE please tell me what happened to this team?

    just 6 years ago this school was one of the best in the S.S., now they are just a laughing stock in the AREA

  • Pit Man

    I am concerned about the # of penalties we had friday. Once we are done with El Sancho we have to be ready for Crespi. They are very much like Servite. They are big, fast and athletic, this will be another true test. I will not know what to think if we get beat handily once again by another Pac-5 team.



  • JGHS


    I see your talking all that junk, at least Swordsmen Pride has the guts to represent his team…we do’nt even know what team you like…I think your just a hater…

  • the difference

    santa fe sucks… there going downhill… and they lose the del rio league

  • Titan Observer

    no name,

    Pioneer’s ’98 team never played against Shaun Cody and Los Altos. They played against him and LA in the ’99 playoffs.

    Pioneer’s ’98 team lost to Harvard-Westlake that included former USC/Miami Dolphins (has since been released) TE Alex Holmes.


    P.Lopez run on fridaY. Ya i saw it, unbelieveable. he swept right, had nothing, made 4 guys miss him then reversed field got some keys blocks, then dove in from the 4 yad line DOVE in, he is a true swordsmen

  • just another comment

    the differnce,

    Santa Fe does not suck….they are a very young team learining to got better and those coahes will have them ready for DRL play…imagine losing all your starters from a CIF Final team, they are gettin better a game at a time, I dont know what school you are associated with but im sure it is not near the program SF is

    The only reason the DRL is wide open this year is bc SF is young if not it would be like it is every year with everyone else competeing for second, but its not and it will be an exciting year for the DRL, bc finally the other teams and coaches feel like they got a shot

  • Ryan

    In regards to Just another comment I agree with you that Santa Fe will compete this year come league. And I know that Santa Fe has won the last six league championships but I find the comment about the other teams just trying to compete for second place. Santa Fe did loose on the field last year to Cal Hi. Although they had to forfeiit the game because they cheated. But there has been close games throughout the years. If Santa fe keeps on giving themselves the young excuse and putting themselves on a petistle then they won’t win the championship. Seniors graduate from every league championship team every year. The young guys either step up or they don’t. It’s not a new thing I know santa fe has been through it before.

  • Old Titan Alum

    No Name,

    Can you please read my post better before you start mouthing off non-sense. I never said that the 98′ Pioneer team played against Los Altos or Charter Oak (who had D1 and NFL caliber) I meant that in order to win a CIF title you had to go through those teams to be number one and win the ring. Right now who do you have to go through in D7? La Habra, Troy, Schurr, La Serna – These teams aren’t even close to athleticism and talent that back then those other teams had. And for that Santa Fe team in 99’that lost to Sean Cody and Los Altos if you were at that game then you wouldn’t even bring that game up, because Los Altos kept them in the game by late hits and personal fouls (when they were killing the santa fe players and the refs were giving them the calls all night) they only scored that one TD because of a late hit on a receiver on a 3rd and 20. Los Altos even had 2 td’s and one long run to the 5 yard line called back on BS calls. So don’t even try and believe that in 99′ Santa Fe was even close to the caliber team that Los Altos was. Don’t let that 16-8 score fool you, eveyone at that game and both teams know that the score should’ve easily been 35 or 42 – 8. Those are the real facts NO NAME. Get it straight next time you just talk non-sense. And I’m not making any excuses for that team, and I’m glad that D7 is being matched up the way it is supposed to be – I was so happy for Schurr High School and their championship. It was great for the school and for the area. I was just saying that it’s unfortunate for teams that were extremely great in our area in the recent years that clearly would have been the legitimate favorites for the CIF Title and back then it was pretty impossible, but now it is very possible. Just for an example the 98′ Pioneer team with Culpepper and Serrato, the 2000 Cal Hi team with Gonzales and Le Vier that lost to Los Altos 28-27. I’m positive that if the pairing were the way they are now, both of these schools would have CIF Titles. But hey, the players now have that chance, hopefully they can take advantage like Schurr did.

  • LBpower

    Looks like St Paul will their hands full the three games after El Rancho with Amat, Crespi, Chaminade. Big games, Hopefully they stay healthy…

  • no name

    Wow, you must have been in the stands wishing you played that far into the playoffs…Well i agree with your comments except for the fact that you said SF would have gotten blown out…Since you know your H.S. football sitting from the stands, Did you forget that Santa Fe defense had over 9 or 10 shut outs that year including playoffs, they played hard and well enough to win that game if not for 3 turnovers and that Los Altos only scored on one big play and on a drive where Cody pounded the ball…
    and btw I was at that game on the field so I know that I would have a much better view than you sitting in the stands like Pioneer fans and players usually do during playoffs…

    So good luck to this years Pioneer team and lets see if they can do something that has not been done since ’98 is actually beat Santa Fe at your own school, which everyone in the area including other DRL school know as Cheiftain Stadium aka “titan stadium”…maybe you will do it or maybe SF will win, here is your chance since SF is having a down year so farm you might be able to say that beat SF, and if you do good for you, you beat them in a down year, if you do….
    Im sure you will be watching from the stands

  • LM Bones

    The Question,

    I don’t know what happened to La Mirada. The only thing that has changed in the last six years is the coaching. Good quality athletes with a well respected and successful youth football league to feed the school. The city poulation is 50,000+ people with only one high school. Are all of our best athletes attending other schools such as La Habra, Servite, St. Paul?

  • blue pride


    after el rancho…st.apul is going to have a tough time with the running game of el rancho…so its more like the next 4 games

  • Interested Party

    Hey Ryan:

    Regarding your comment of “Santa Fe did loose (btw: it’s ‘lose’) on the field last year to Cal Hi. Although they had to forfeiit the game because they cheated.”

    That statement is misleading, CalHi (players)didn’t ‘cheat’; they got caught up the unfortunate mess that the administration and staff created. The AD is supposed to verify transfers and without an active AD at that time, they were forced to forfeit games because of a secondary–if that–player wanted out of SF to see if he could get any playing time–which he didn’t at Cal either.

    And Old Titan Alum:

    Your comment of “Right now who do you have to go through in D7? La Habra, Troy, Schurr, La Serna”–are you kidding?!?

    La Serna?!? EVERYONE knows they back into the play-offs EVERY YEAR by having a weak non-league schedule to build a winning record and lose in the first rounds. Come on! Give some credit to SF who are in the race every time!

  • Anonymous

    can’t stop laughing at the way you people think your team (especially pioneer, and santa fe) is the best. asking whether your team is as good as those of the past. the answer is NO. The only are teams worth mentioning are St. Paul, La Habra, and Cal. If you don’t have anything to say of these schools don’t post anything at all. Your teams are worthless. And if you bad mouth the schools mentioned, then you are full of jealousy because you can’t be part of a winning team.

  • tom cullen

    Your are right, we are the joke of the area.The coaching at La Mirada is a joke. JV won league 4 straight yr. Frosh. lost 7 games in last 5 yrs.Then they reach varsity and never improve, many get worse.All coaches there need to go.Do the right thing don’t let your egos get in the way, resign.

  • Class of 1990

    Wow Roger,

    I hope this year when W.H.S. beats W.C. you put that on the front page of Saturday moring paper, like you did last year, when W.C. beat W.H.S. I don’t know how long Coach Scott been at W.H.S.as a Head Coach, but when are you going to give him and his staff some RESPECT.

  • Anonymous

    St.Paul will beat Amat and Chaminade this year. Crespi on the other hand….

  • rich mcintosh

    I will tell you what happend to la mirada. they lost there tradition. i played at LMHS from 99 to 02
    im the class of 03 does anyone remember the game we beat newport harbor in the semis. on a field goal. does anyone remember how many scholarship players newport harbors team had? 11 starting. how many did la mirada have 0 . we were scrappy back then. it seems like these kids dont care anymore. la mirada was great for about 25 to 30 years. i would have to say my senior year was the last good year for la mirada. when i watch no desire no tradition. i mean the got the crappy new uni’s la mirada has always had the same uni’s forever. then they change em whats up with that. like i said no one cares the kids the coach’s the parents. its like the fall of every great city its tragic. they need to do somthing quick. maybe like beat mayfair. i was on the last team to beat them and that was six years ago.

  • B. Vermont

    LM Bones

    The answer is:

    Look at youth football record.
    Look at Freshman record over the past 15 years.
    Isn’t it obvious…Varsity COACHING !!

  • Ryan

    Interested party I’m glad your there to point out my grammatical errors for me. Are you an english teacher? Or it just makes you feel smarter by grading peoples blogs. What grade would I receive a D. I’m not a uneducated person and I do not need you to point out the grammar mistakes I have in my blog that I take about thirty seconds to write. Second Cal Hi did cheat last year it’s not misleading. It is illegal to play, players that are not cleared by c.i.f. Also by the way it is also illegal to recruit players in the c.i.f. which coach Ancich and his staff did constantly. Trust me Coach Ancich was not asked to resign after a successful season for no reason. He was asked to resign because he does not follow the rules. He is a good coach on the field, but Cal Hi had a horrible reputation amongst del rio league coaches because of cheating ways. Make no mistakes Cal hi cheated.

  • H.S.FAN….


  • just checking


    I agree with your comments about La Habra, St.Paul and Cal they have proven this year so far to be the top 3 teams in this area,
    but please do not put Pioneer in the same class with SF,
    SF will be ready for league and make playoffs for like the 20th time in 21 years,
    who is SF jealous of??? hmmm. cant really think of any teams they would be jealous of,

    Teams in DRL are jumping on SF bc they lost a couple so what, the fact is people post bad stuuf about SF bc they are jealous of SF, JUST LIKE YOU

  • Old Titan Alum

    No Name,

    I think that everyone in the league and all the fans and players affliated with Santa Fe are tired of always winning league and representing the DRL in the playoffs every year and GOING FAR! WOW! GOING FAR! Will you ever win a CIF Title? Hard to say all of the good teams recently that had a shot seemed to find a way to lose in the playoffs – and last year Schurr just destroyed an over confident Santa Fe team. So say all you want about Pioneer or any other teams in the area, but league titles don’t mean CRAP. It’s all about winning the RING. And guess what Santa Fe doesn’t have one – just like Pioneer doesn’t have one.

    Interested Party,
    I do know that La Serna does play a softer schedule than most teams, but this year it seems to be a lot different they have an offense now with Joey Jordan calling it, and his son which is one of the most dynamic players in the area. They’re gonna be tough to deal with in the DRL. So I would say that they aren’t a push over this year. Everyone will see the difference come league time between last year and this year. Just look at the Montclair score from this year to last year. Montclair was horrible both years and last the score was 10-9 La Serna won, and this year with an offense the score was 63-14 – Big difference, so sorry you don’t see it now – but you will, this team isn’t the same La Serna team that backs into the playoffs. And by the way La Serna scrimmaged La Habra this year and neither team scored a TD.

    What are you talking about… Cal is a great team now, what have they done since the year 2000, nothing! Last year was joke and who have they played this year – besides an overated Schurr team? Bassett, El Monte, please! No one would ever consider Cal Hi to be a dominating powerhouse in the area. So get over it. And La Habra is a good team, but I think they were better last year and they still didn’t win the title. So that’s why I feel much isn’t said about them. But they have an okay shot this year. And for St. Paul since their in a different division and get to recriut – why even talk about them. It’s a waste of time, just like mentioning Semi-Fe, oops they finally made to the Championship last year, and lost!

  • Anonymous

    C/O 1990,

    Why would Roger put them on the front page? Whittier beating them is what they are supposed to do and the fact that they got smacked around last year by WC was news worth. They have nothing to lose. If Whittier wins it proves nothing!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs.Lopez

    LOL LOL LOL…..silly child has no clue what it’s talking about.
    Please excuse it!!!!


    Posted by: Anonymous | October 3, 2007 08:03 PM
    can’t stop laughing at the way you people think your team (especially pioneer, and santa fe) is the best. asking whether your team is as good as those of the past. the answer is NO. The only are teams worth mentioning are St. Paul, La Habra, and Cal. If you don’t have anything to say of these schools don’t post anything at all. Your teams are worthless. And if you bad mouth the schools mentioned, then you are full of jealousy because you can’t be part of a winning team.

  • Anonymous

    Titan Alum/no name, Thanks for answering my question regarding PHS ’98 team against this years team. Titan Alum, I do agree with you about the competition a team had to go through to win CIF then. We lost to Harvard-Westlake by 8 (who went on to win CIF that year and then got bumped to Div. 3, which was a huge jump from Div. 6. They were a private school in a public school division.) Til this day I think the lost came from bad offensive calls at the end of the game. Not to take anything away from Coach Juarez’s coaching but being down and PHS having a 1st and goal on the 8 with its last chance to score, he called the same play on all 4 plays. A pass play intended for Holguin everytime. The offense not to thrilled that Juarez wouldn’t put the ball in the hands of the player who carried the team the whole year, Culpepper. And Serrato wouldn’t audible the play to get him the ball.

  • LT

    this weeks picks/predictions, last week i was 6-4 (some major upsets in hs and college fb)lets see how we do this week…

    La Serna 38 El Monte 14

    Cantwell 21 Bosco Tech 7

    La Habra 31 Brea Olinda 17

    Cal High 41 Buena Park 7

    Mayfair 38 La Mirada 7

    Downey 28 SF 21

    Leuzinger 21 Schurr 10

    Whitter 24 WC 14

    St. Paul 42 El Rancho 14

    Potential upset game: Santa Fe over Downey

    Potential Blow Out Game:
    Mayfair over La Mirada +40 points (Last seaon 56-7, 42-7 at half)

  • Anonymous


  • Old Titan Alum

    I know exactly what you mean, but I had a close family friend on that team and they said that Juarez called those plays because Alex Holmes (former USC Champion) was shutting Culpepper down. He could be on the left side and Pioneer would run a toss right to Culpepper and Holmes would make the tackle. So I think Juarez had the right idea, just the line could protect the pass rush of Alex Holmes either. Which caused the incomplete passes.

  • Interested Party

    Hey Ryan:

    Honestly, the only impression that one has of you is the way that you write on these blogs–so yes, it does matter, regardless of how quickly you perform it (double entendre applied).

    Your comment of “Also by the way it is also illegal to recruit players in the c.i.f. which coach Ancich and his staff did constantly.”

    What other players did Coach Ancich recruit while at Cal? Cal was penalized for the illegal transfer of Tony Rivera–a third string QB from SF–do you really think that Ancich recruited him?!?

    Nick Grigsby was cleared by the CIF, regardless of what anyone can say about it. There are several other schools in the district that have high profile transfers and charges of recruiting have been mentioned. Nothing has ever come from any of these allegations.

    Don’t be so naive–Ancich was not asked to resign once the school board met and saw that they could not force out a winning coach. The resignation request was not formally given because Cal parents stopped it before it happened.

    The Cal players didn’t cheat and even SF players don’t care about the win off the field–they wanted the CIF title, not league.

  • Titan Watcher


    I don’t think you know football very well, cause if you were at that game between Pioneer and Harvard Westlake you wouldn’t audible to a run either. They had 8 guys in the box, and yes Culpepper helped that team get to where they were… but they were a TEAM that year. And you can blame the offensive calling all you want, but the only two stops the defense got that game were because the half ended and a fumble between the QB and center of HW – So I don’t think that helped their chances to much either.

  • Ryan

    Okay Ancich didn’t recruit Grigsby or Munoz or none of the players that came there joke. Santa Fe did care I’ve heard Santa Fe coaches talk about it personally have u? They cheated you don’t have to forfeit games when you play by the rules. And if he wasn’t forced to resign why isn’t he there come on. You shouldn’t be naive. Do you really think he likes it at cerritos. If he did he wouldn’t have left in the first place.

  • Condor Player

    umm yea coach ancich never wanted to quit…..you have got to be kidding me.

    he was basically forced out.

    if you were thought of as being a cheater and stuff what would you do?

    he said that he is tired of all those dumb faces looking at him like if he really cheated.

    why it seemed like we cheated was because we didn’t have an athletic director to look through the paperwork thoroughly at the time.

    it was some office in cal that messed up because of carelessness.

    isnt it funny how tony rivera slipped through and went through the motions so easily until cal actually beat santa fe?

    im just glad that this year we have a great athletic director that looks over that stuff. and now the only thing that can stop us is a team that is up for the challenge of beating cal.

    dont get me wrong im not counting my eggs before they are hatched.

    it’s a challenge for all teams this year. the league is great this year, and its time for some real football and blood sweat and tears. not some whiner in a office that pulled out the C.I.F. blue book and read the whole transfer rule section.

    but this year will be great coach arnold is our coach now. we welcomed him with open arms and welcomed his view on football.we fell down hard. we picked ourselves up again and now its off to the races.

    people say a phoenix can rise from the ashes.

    i guess the condors can too.

  • Anonymous

    Titan Watcher and old Titan Alum…
    First Titan Watcher, I think I may know a little more than you when it came to the PHS Harvard-Westlake game, I wasn’t a watcher I was one of the starting offensive linemen. And to remind you, we had good success running the ball (Culpepper ran for over a 100 yards and Mendoza had over 70.) Holmes was a pain in the first half, but didn’t have as big an impact on Def. in the second. He consistently had a double team on him. And to also remind you, we scored on 5 of our 8 possessions. 3 of them being run plays and one going for 26 yards by Culpepper, but I guess Holmes must have been out on that play right? Unfortunately for us Harvard-Westlake scored on 6 of their 8.

    old titan alum,
    We knew why Juarez did it, he figured they would expect Culpepper to get the ball, but our argument was that, the pass play to the corner of the endzone he called on all 4 plays had to change, we had good success with that play during the season but after 2 attempts at it, we felt it would have been better to attempt a different play on 3rd down, and being linemen we all loved to run block and felt we had a little more gas left in our tanks that their D-line did at that point. (mainly because H-W had a long drive before that that ate up a lot of clock.) anyways, Titan Alum thanks for your input, Titan watcher..yeah

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Condor Player

    Thats funny because Coach A had the very same C.I.F. blue book. Not to mention a high school coaching legend as a father. I guess he should have taken the time to read it as well. After all wasnt he the head coach of the program?????

    IMO Cal is much better off without him. Good luck to all as we start league play!!!!!

  • The Eye

    Chieftain Alumni-
    What does IMO stand for? I’m Mahlstede’s Offspring? How is it that Cal High is better off? Talk to the players, the staff, the general student population – they did not want to see him resign. You always seem to chime in when he is being discussed. Your personal issue with him doesn’t need to be aired on a blog – go talk to him and see what he’s all about. Or, if you really are Mahlstede’s kid, make some other inane comment on the blog and stay hidden.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Very funny! Well if thats the case it should stand for IMO = Immoral Marijons Offspring!

    How can you teach kids to never give up and to fight no matter the odds only to then turn around and tuck your tail between you legs and run when things get tough for you? People have accused Jack of all kinds of things for years but he is still there. Weak knees or not he is still standing STRONG with the support of the community and city! This year things may not turn out the way the Chiefs want but they will never quit. And should the string finally be broken it wont take long for them to start a new one. Thats what good football programs do.

  • Sikah Urchit

    chieftan alumnut, any illegal palyers this year or will you wait again until you lose to disclose that private info, WAH WAH WAH,drink plenty of liquids i would hate to see you dehydrated and be unable cry i mean blog

  • 3M_TA3

    Go back to the rock you crawled out from under. Go watch your boy over at Cerritos. He looks good in black & gold!!!!