Ladies, Gents, time to chill. At least a little.

Yo, good folks, it is time to step back and take a deep breath.

This blog is meant to be a source for exchanging ideas and opinions,
an opportunity for creating dialogue with others who share same or
different interests.

It is understandable there will be issues about which some
participants will harbor more interest than others and be more vocal in
expressing it.

There will be some whose passion for a subject is greater than
others, causing them to be more direct with their language as they
communicate their feelings.

Many who post comments participate just to inform or to be informed,
and there are those whose involvement is meant merely to enjoy the
online experience.

It is natural to use the blog for sparring with others who express
opinions perhaps at the end of the spectrum opposite from your’s. But
sparring is one thing, attacking is something else.

It is becoming more apparent lately that many of the posts are based
upon personal agendas, and that the subject matter is merely an
opportunity to get something off one’s chest.

Even that is OK so long as the post doesn’t become a personal,
vitriolic attack on someone. Name calling and offensive, off-color
language, often seemingly used for emphasis, doesn’t fit the bill.

It would be nice if everyone would agree to disagree, and then do so
sans the vindictive overtones.

Just a suggestion.

Sort of.

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