Not Quite Ready to Hang It Up

I know it’s news that’s slightly out of the area, but the Almont League would be interested to know that long-time Alhambra High School football coach Gil Ruedaflores will return for another season, which may very well be his last.

Ruedaflores had told the Pasadena Star-News in February of last year that the 2007 season would be his final. It appeared to be so up until about a month ago when Ruedaflores had begun to ponder returning for a 21st season (the Star-News has him as coaching for 20 years while Alhambra AD Lou Torres said 2008 will be his 20th season).

With both him and his family in relatively good health, Ruedaflores is back for a final year (of course he’s been saying that for a while) and will make a formal announcement soon.

Does Ruedaflores’ return shake anything up in the Almont League? Given that Alhambra, San Gabriel and Schurr all sustained heavy losses, who’s the favorite returning next year?

Personal Note: Having seen the way Alhambra lost the Almont League No. 1 seed against Schurr in the season finale and how they lost to La Serna in the first round, it’s good to see coach come back for one last year.

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