And the Del Rio League favorite is …?

One game into the Del Rio League season, it is easier to get a line on how the teams might fare.
Looking for comments and projections/predictions.
From here, it’s
1. El Rancho, until another team steps up.
2. La Serna, better pitching that expected and a handfull of hitters.
3. California, Condors will go as far as Tyler Leibert can take them.
Now, it gets a little sticky.
4. Santa Fe, gives the appearance of a good team; now, just has to play like one.
5. Whittier, Cards beat somebody to be 8-4, but can they beat their DRL opponents?
6. Pioneer, nobody works harder than Paul Magallanes; can this be the year it pays off?

Comments wlecome, but please be brief.

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