More on CIF-SS Blue Book Rule 313 …

Overheard a conversation between two high school basketball players (not from Daily News area) discussing how they would handle the summer practices. Both apparently also play baseball and it seems that while the basketball coach didn’t say it outright he implied (or at least they inferred) that the number of team’s “get togethers” this summer will be increased and might overlap some baseball workouts/games.
Both players were wondering if they would have to choose between the two.

Now that coaches have pretty much unrestricted contact opportunities in coaching their athletes, is the plight of these two athletes going to become the norm. Most coaches talk about sharing their athletes with other sports, but some of that charitable attitude may have been because the rule limited the amount of time and when they could coach their athletes.

With the restrictions lifted, it will be easier to place more demands on the athletes’ time.

The newly adjusted “association” rule: Good idea, or bad idea?

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