A couple of things ….

Following its very successful Tournament of Champions passing and
linemen competition won by Lakewood two weekends ago, Santa Fe High
School held its “Young Guns” passing tournament Saturday for junior
varsity and freshmen programs. It was passing only, with no linemen
competition. Twenty schools participated, with St. Bonaventure defeating
Banning for the title. Santa Fe’s freshmen’s only loss was to Banning.

St. Paul’s three-day youth football camp drew 425 participants, a number
that surprised/pleased some observers and helped make the endeavor a
rousing success. Cantwell’s “full contact” camp for boys and girls ages
10-14 drew 150 registrants for the first session and more than 100 for
this week’s second session. The National Football League’s Junior Player
Development program provided the equipment.

While there are some observers who choose to suspect ulterior motives
and personal agendas by those involved in the administration of youth
athletic camps, it must be acknowledged that from the athletes’
standpoint, there is much to be gained.

And that makes the events worthwhile. Accept them for that and be

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