Linemen: football’s unsung heroes

How many times you left a football game raving about the performances
of the running backs or quarterbacks, or receivers, or return guys, all
high profile positions.

How often have you come away marveling at the effort of a lineman? Better
yet, do you remember or even know the name of someone who stood out in the trenches?

We’re looking for names of returning high school players who
open (or close) holes for the speedy guys toting the ball, or who
provide time for the quarterback, or put pressure on him.

Guys like La Habra’s offensive trio of guards Jake Garvey and Willie
Mayoral sandwiched around center Nick McDermott, or Santa Fe’s up-front,
two-way standouts Nick Finney and Ray Pinedo.

Who else, from tackle to tackle, should be on this season’s list of
must-see candidates along the line? And maybe a short comment of why.


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