Tradition: Just how important is it?

The subject of high school tradition was discussed here about this
time last season, and while folks talked readily about the strengths of
their high school football programs, only El Rancho and St. Paul seemed
really adamant about including tradition as a major part of the program.

This week, El Rancho first-year coach Rick Zepeda was asked if he was
aware of the strong feelings the Dons’ faithful expresses about “Blue
Pride.” His reaction was as much realistic as it was idealistic.
In no way was it to be interpreted as disrespectful or uncaring as he
smiled and acknowledged it, but then he spoke mostly of laying a
foundation of fundamentals and execution and motivation and
participation in building the program.

While he didn’t say it specifically, it is important to remember that
tradition is important as a motivational tool, but commitment and
performance in the arena, including talent and coaching, are what
sustain tradition’s legend.

As was Gene Parsons in his brief stint last season as head coach,
Zepeda sounds like he has the Dons headed in the right direction.

While not all schools are as vocal about their tradition as are some,
all schools have some kind of it by which they stand.

Which area schools are the most aggressive concerning their
“tradition?” From here, it looks like El Rancho, St. Paul, Schurr, Santa
Fe and La Mirada.

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