Week 6 Pick’ems: DRL openers add spice to predictions

Last Week’s results: Roger Murray 7-2; Andrew Campa 6-3
Totals to date: Murray 46-16; Campa 42-20

Week 6 picks:

Friday’s games:
California at El Rancho:
Murray (California); Campa (California)
Sonora at La Habra: Murray (La Habra); Campa (La Habra)
Santa Fe at Whittier: Murray (Santa Fe); Campa (Santa Fe)
La Serna at Pioneer: Murray (La Serna); Campa (La Serna)
Mayfair at La Mirada: Murray (Mayfair); Campa (Mayfair)
Bell Gardens at Montebello: Murray (Bell Gardens); Campa (Montebello)
Schurr at Alhambra: Murray (Alhambra); Campa (Schurr)
Loyola at St. Paul: Murray (Loyola); Campa (Loyola)
Cathderal at Cantwell: Murray (Cathedral); Campa (Cathedral)
Paraclete at Whittier Christian: Murray (Paraclete); Campa (Paraclete)

Just for fun:
Murray’s upset pick:
Campa’s upset pick: Bell Gardens

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