Week 8 games: read ’em and weep, er …. pick’em

This week’s games:

Santa Fe at California: Tradition says Santa Fe. California’s 7-0 season says upset in the making. The visiting Chiefs (6-1) are not chopped liver and have had more spectacular moments. Condors have been more consistent. Chiefs probably have more talent. Condors have the momentum.

La Serna at El Rancho: 7-0 vs. 2-5. Seems like a no-brainer. Lancers seem to be a bit more organized. Dons often appear to be playing more on heart than by design. ER wide receiver Anthony Ayala says coaches have good game plans, but players don’t always execute. If they get around to doing it, this could be a very good game.

Whittier at Pioneer: 1-6 vs. 1-6. May turn out to be the best game of the three DRL contests. Cardinals’ defense can’t win it by themselves. The offense has to step up. Titans’ offense can produce points, but defense needs to make a stop every now and again.

Sunny Hills at La Habra: 3-4 vs. 5-2. Visiting Lancers had some moments early on, but seem to have lost their touch. It wouldn’t make any difference, anyway.

La Mirada at Bellflower: 1-6 vs. 1-6. Huge, HUGE game for both teams. Playoff ramifications hanging on the outcome. First team to understand that wins.

Schurr at Montebello: 4-3 vs. 3-4. So much more than intracity rivalry here. Big penalty for the loser in terms of playoff possibilities. Host Oilers have the easier road after this one.

Bishop Montgomery at Cantwell Sacred Heart: 3-4 vs. 4-3. Host Cardinals look good on paper, but can they win it on the field?

St. Francis at St. Paul: 5-2 vs. 3-4: Records indicate host Swordsmen should just stay home and save wear and tear on their bodies. However, they’re hoping investments in rugged preleague schedule will pay dividends now.

Whittier Christian, bye

Toughest week to make predictions.
Murray’s/Campa’s will be posted late Thursday p.m.
Step up and take your best shot. Comments encouraged, but be brief, PLEASE be brief.

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