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Some days, you just can’t make a nickel.
Pioneer football coach Ramon Juarez, whose season has been frought with injuries to key players, said Tuesday that quarterback Ronnie Palacios will not return to the field again this season, effectively ending his high school football career.
Palacios, the Del Rio League MVP a year ago and in many circles, described this season as arguably the league’s best quarterback, has been trying to rehab from a bulging disc in his back.
It was thought he would be able to return to the field after a period of rest and inactivity, but doctors finally determined that should Palacios receive another blow to the area, he risked having the bulge move out more and while not life threatening, it could have negative after effects later in life.
Health willing, Palacios plans to play baseball, his first choice between the two sports, for the Titans this spring.

Questions of the day: Where will St. Paul Principal Ms. Lori Barr sit for Friday’s Loyola-St. Paul football game? And which team will she root for?
The answers may not be as simple as you think. And then again, they might be no brainers.
Ms. Barr’s son is Anthony Barr, Loyola’s 6-foot-4, 225-pound junior running back who reportedly has already received offers from Notre Dame, Sanford, UCLA and USC.
One report gently reminds that Ms. Barr “is St. Paul’s principal, and she will most likely be in her usual spot in the bleachers, probably somewhere around the 25-yard line.”
If so, good for her. But which side will her heart be on?

Wide receiver Dont’e Webb has enrolled at West Covina High School. This is brought up again only to explain that he did not transfer because he had been “expelled from St. Paul due to behaviorial infractions.” His transfer had nothing to do with football, it was his idea and it was done for personal reasons.
Enough said.

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Week 5 results: Locals ready for league action

Thursday’s result:
California 33, El Monte 14
Condors take command early on Stern’s 57-field goal, don’t look back.

Friday’s results:
Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary 33, Don Bosco Tech 7

Cardinals fly high behind QB Hernandez’s 12 for 19, 219 yards, 3 TDs.

La Serna 21, Los Altos 6
When ground game struggles, QB Burke steps up (13-20, 181 yards, 2 TDs).

St. Paul 42, Pioneer 0
Swordsmen take advantage of offensively-challenged Titans.

Santa Fe 21, Downey 16
Chiefs, Turner (23-169, 3 TDs) run past visiting Vikings

Schurr 7, Whittier 6
Cardinals waste late defensive stand and Schurr gets help to win

Whittier Christian 34, Kern Valley 7
Heralds recover from frustrating loss behind Camarillo’s 121 yards.

St. Francis 45, El Rancho 7
Visiting Golden Knights score big early, breeze rest of the way.

San Clemente 28, La Habra 21
Highlanders lose early lead, late rally snuffed by Tritons’ defensive stand.

La Mirada, Montebello, byes.

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Week 5 pick’ems: Is it getting any easier?

Last Week’s results: Roger Murray 6-5; Andrew Campa 5-6
Records to date: Murray 39-14; Campa 36-17

This week’s games:

California at El Monte: Murray (California); Campa (California)

Cantwell vs. Don Bosco Tech:
Murray (Cantwell); Campa (Don Bosco Tech)
St. Francis at El Rancho: Murray (St. Francis); Campa (St. Francis)
La Habra at San Clemente: Murray (La Habra); Campa (La Habra)
La Serna at Los Altos: Murray (La Serna); Campa (Los Altos)
Pioneer at St. Paul: Murray (St. Paul); Campa (St. Paul)
Downey at Santa Fe: Murray (Santa Fe); Campa (Santa Fe)
<strong>Whittier at Schurr: Murray (Schurr); Campa (Schurr)
Kern Valley at Whittier Christian: Murray (Kern Valley); Campa

Just for fun:
Murray’s upset pick:
Whittier Christian
Campa’s upset pick: Whittier

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Week 4 pick’ems: Read ‘em and weep

Last week’s results: Roger Murray 9-2; Andrew Campa 9-2
Up to date: Murray 33-9; Campa 31-11.

Thursday’s game:
Schurr at California: Murray (Schurr); Campa (Schurr)

Friday’s games:
La Mirada vs. Cerritos:
Murray (La Mirada); Campa (La Mirada)
Cantwell vs. San Marino: Murray (Cantwell), Campa (Cantwell)
Los Alamitos vs. La Habra: Murray (La Habra); Campa (La Habra)
Warren vs. La Serna: Murray (La Serna); Campa (Warren)
HH Wilson vs. Montebello: Murray (Wilson); Campa (Wilson)
Pioneer vs. Bolsa Grande: Murray (Bolsa Grande); Campa (Bolsa Grande)
Santa Fe vs. Bell Gardens: Murray (Santa Fe); Campa (Santa Fe)
St. Paul vs. St. John Bosco: Murray (St. John Bosco); Campa (St. John Bosco)
Whittier vs. Paramount: Murray (Paramount); Campa (Paramount)
Whittier Christian vs. Mission Prep: Murray (WhChristian); Campa (WhChristian)
El Rancho, bye

And just for fun:
Murray’s upset special:
St Paul over St. John Bosco
Campa’s upset special: La Serna over Warren

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