Coin flip eliminates St. Paul from playoffs

Chaminade High School’s upset of St. Francis Friday night created a three-way tie for second in the Mission League and momentarily gave reason for St. Paul to have hopes of a playoff berth despite its 4-6 season record. Alemany (9-1, 3-0) locked up one of the league’s two playoff berths as the league champion. Athletic directors from St. Francis (6-4, 1-2), St. Paul 4-6, 1-2) and Chaminade (2-8, 1-2) had a coin flip late Friday night to determine positioning teams in second, third and fourth places. St. Paul was the odd team out in the coin flip, and according to league bylaws that list head-to-head competition as the first tie-breaker, Chaminade’s win over St. Francis gives the Eagles second place and the league’s second automatic playoff berth. St. Francis will be listed as No. 3 and St. Paul No. 4.

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