Patience a virtue when selecting a new coach

Montebello and St. Paul high schools are looking for head football
Sounds simple enough.
Place some ads seeking applicants, do a little paper screening,
couple of interviews and presto, you’re in business.
It would seem in some local circles that the only criteria for
consideration is how well did the guy do on his last job?
Folks posting on the blogs seem bent on criticizing/praising
perspective candidates not so much on whether their teams played hard
and were competitive regardless of the outcome but rather on how many
CIF championships have they won?. And how recently?
Apparently content to ignore the theory that coaches coach and players
play, it would appear that the school’s talent pool had little to do
with it.
This approach could cause some some talented and otherwise qualified
applicants to be overlooked. Fortunately, the selection of the
replacement coaches isn’t up to the bloggers, several of whom have their
own agenda.
Rest assured, the folks in charge of making the decision in these
situations are experienced in such things and the responsibility is in
good hands.

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