On rumors, rants and reasons …

Your opinions are greatly appreciated, but …

Why are so many performance evaluations of high school coaches based
upon how many CIF championships their program has won? Even worse, teams that get to the finals but don’t win, forget ’em! Teams that have
CIF titles, good for them. But not having a championship ring does not
mean that a coach or his program is not worthy of positive
acknowledgement. A committment to working hard in practice and playing
hard in games should be the basis for all evaluations, regardless of the
event’s outcome and not influenced by personal agendas. …..

Truth be told, the area is blessed with many outstanding coaches, some
of whom are being unjustly vilified for things such as not winning
enough, or not using the right players, or not winning big enough, and of
course, the personal agenda thing. Sometimes, it must be considered that
the other team just had better players who performed better. ….

When and where has it been announced that wherever recently removed St.
Paul football coach Pete Gonzalez lands with a new job his staff will
land there, too? ….

About where St. Paul’s outstanding defensive coordinator Gilbert Jimenez
will wind up, has anyone considered that his real passion is basketball?
It is said by those in a position to know that as good as he is in
football, he is even better in basketball. ….

High on the list of enticing football coaching openings is South El
Monte’s. Has it been made public why head coach Erick Escamilla decided
to leave? His will be a tough act to follow. ….

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