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Just meandering …

Yo, šŸ™‚ (or what/whomever that is): Why would Dusan Ancich want to leave the head coaching job at a better paying public school to take the position at St. Paul. DO NOT misinterpret that to be a slam on St. Paul’s storied program. The money differential is substantial. …

Speaking of $$, according to a well-placed source in a position to separate fact from fantasy, the rumor that St. Paul would receive a “$1 million gift” from the Willig family if one of their own was named the Swordsmen’s head football coach is bogus. Big time bogus. And does that really surprise anyone?

Yo, yo, Anonymous: The play of Whittier’s girls basketball players indeed is impressive. Notice any similarities between their’s and the boys program’s defensive intensity and execution? Works for one, works for the other. …

Yo, yo, yo, Cal High Parent, er, Paretn: You post in generalities concerning a coach’s abilities or lack thereof, yet you list no specifics with which you are uncomfortable. Just what is it specifically that you think is missing in the program? Even though you may disagree with it, you must assume his game plan is based upon the belief his players’ talents are suited to it. Eliminating innate talent (over which a coach has no control), the next three most important traits for a program are 1. Players buying into the program, 2. Players working hard both in practice and games, 3. Players getting along together (better known as the proverbial chemistry). Your program has all three.

Just curious: If you were the coach, what would you be doing differently?

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Del Rio League hoops: Whittier makes a statement

One game into high school league basketball play doesn’t determine a
championship, but it clearly can send a message.
Friday’s opening game action:
La Serna 44, Whittier 40

It was one of those coulda-woulda-shoulda games for the visiting Cardinals. They led by 14 at halftime, then couldn’t hang. La Serna was typical Mike Lowe-La Serna: Never say die and accept nothing less. Still, Whittier’s aggressive defense created problems for the Lancers. But that won’t surprise the rest of the league.

Pioneer 50, California 36
Coach Joey Mata’s program has been close in recent seasons but hasn’t been able to win the games it needed to get over the top. This may be the year. Michael Crosby on the baseline will be a problem for most everyone, and G/F Michael Saldana can shoot with anyone. California is still finding an identity after major lineup adjustments.

El Rancho 41, Santa Fe 36
The Dons are still an unknown this season, but winning games you are supposed to win is always a plus, and this was one of those games for them. Santa Fe is struggling under new coach Dan Galvan, so look at this as a building year.

Whittier 61, La Serna 39

Whittier’s defense mirrors the Cardinals boys program, quick, aggressive and non-stop.
They key playing them is staying focused on what you do and not so much on what they do. Easier said than done.

Santa Fe 51, El Rancho 42
The host Chiefs trailed at halftime, 18-14, rallied to lead, 28-25 after three quarters, and then pulled away. Another of those “should win” games for Santa Fe if the Chiefs are to compete with Whittier for the title.

California 45, Pioneer 39
The Condors’ pressure defense wanted to push Pioneer away from the basket so the Titans responded with nine 3-pointers. California had an 11-point lead late in the game but allowed the Titans to make a game of it.

First impressions of the league race:
Whittier’s manner of play, both the girls and the boys, will have a huge impact on the outcomes by the end of the season. You may not like their aggressiveness, but coupled with their quickness, especially the girls’, is a style born to disrupt.


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St. Paul football coaching position officially up for grabs

What has been bandied about intensely over the past two weeks became official Friday when Pete Gonzalez met with St. Paul principal Lori Barr and athletic director Marc Hernandez and informed them he had decided not to resign his position as the Swordsmen’s head football coach.
Ms. Barr then took the alternative and relieved Gonzalez from his coaching responsibilities.
Late Monday afternoon, Hernandez faxed a release announcing the final action and informing that St. Paul would begin immediately a search for Gonzalez’s replacement.
The release was short and to the point and included a one-line sentence explaining that this has been a confidential matter and no further details will be discussed.
Ms. Barr has been unavailable for comment.

Anybody else have the feeling this isn’t over … ?

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A bit off the subject, but just wondering …

It’s a couple days early, and Florida and Oklahoma still have to play for the BCS championship, but will that outcome influence opinion concerning the average spectator’s choice for the title of No. 1 college football team in the nation?
Or, …. do you think the question has already been answered by the games that have been played?
Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, maybe even USC … ?
Just wondering …

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