More bits and pieces …

Concerning the reported transfer of Loyola linebacker Bronson Green to
St. Paul, it is not true, at least not right now. A St. Paul school
spokesperson said he is not enrolled and is not working out with the
football program. …

Add St.Paul: The report there is “about 45” boys out for football is
either misleading or erroneous. As of Saturday, the Swordsmen have
“about twice” that many. …

At this early point in the season (actually, while interest is year
round, the football season doesn’t begin until August), is it really so
important who is the freshman football coach at St. Paul? …

If you’re going to post unfounded rumors that a coach is seeking
numbers for players from another school (the implication being something
illegal is afoot), identify the players, so it can be checked out. Or is
the allegation merely meant to stimulate interest and controversy? …

Anonymous posted the names and specifics of four large bodied
athletes. Nothing else, other than titled “Prospects.” Should it be
assumed there is some type of dubious implication meant there. If it’s
CalHigh of which you speak, say so. If otherwise, say so.

Add Anonymous: You posted “Cal Hi report; ….. We’re looking to go 10-0. Don’t
see much competition in our league.” Pioneer and La Serna might have
something to say about that. Don’t know yet about Whittier and El
Rancho. And as for Santa Fe, best to let the big dog sleep. Much is
being said about the Chiefs and their staff, not a lot of it positive.
Come late November, some of the more vocal folks might be seeking spices
to put on their crow. …

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