St. Paul’s Medina transfers to St. John Bosco

It is that time of the year, and it comes with the territory. Good athletes with bright futures decide the grass is greener eleswhere and transfer to programs they assume will offer more opportunity to achieve their dreams.
Case in point: St. Paul High School’s Rene Medina, who performed so impressively this past school year in both football (quarterback) and baseball (pitcher) as a freshman, has transferred to St. John Bosco.
There will be the usual assumptions as to why he made that decision, but the most practical reason is this: With at least two QBs ahead of him on football’s depth chart, and probably three quality pitchers returning in baseball, it appears perhaps youthful impatience may have been a major influence.
Apparently it was of little consequence to Medina that the Swordsmen’s quarterback spot will be wide open in 2010, and a year from now, two of this season’s top three pitchers also will be gone, providing golden opportunities for a hard-working, potential-laden young student/athlete such as himself.
Clearly, St.Paul’s loss is St. John Bosco’s gain, but as always in cases like this, the program that lost the player will move on, hopefully as though nothing happened.

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