Area’s Top 5 QBs could be a Top 7

No statistics involved here, but taking a look at arguably the area’s top five quarterbacks.

1. Paul Lopez, St. Paul, 6-3, 200, senior. Perhaps not the most skilled physically of the group, but has been doing his thing against the area’s toughest schedule. His biggest question marks are his receivers. Can any of them go deep, and can they catch it when they get there?

2. Steven Del Villar, Pioneer, 5-11, 195, senior. Easily could be ranked No. 1. Has perhaps shown the area’s most improvement over his three seasons of high school football. The Titans will go as he goes.

3. Daniel Poncedeleon, La Mirada, 6-3, 190, senior. Has toiled in a program that has struggled, with performances that have been both impressive and questionable. Needs to be more consistent, but reported improvement in the Matadores’ overall program may be the catalyst to bring out his best. Clearly, the potential is there.

4. Alex Flores, Santa Fe, 5-9, 165, senior. Like Del Villar, has grown into the role of a team leader. Like Poncedeleon, has been both impressive and questionable. His priority will not necessarily be to win the game for the Chiefs, but rather not to lose it.

5. Joshua Perea, El Rancho, 5-10, 165, senior. The question here is how much of his big numbers last season were the result of his efforts or were they due more to the performance of receiver Anthony Ayala. In any case, he’ll have a chance to answer that because Ayala returns to form one of the area’s most explosive offensive combinations.

Others who could cause a change in this ranking are La Habra’s Cody Clements and Whittier Christian’s Stephen Anderson.

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