Week 3 football: Read ’em and weep …

Last wee’s results: RMurray 11-0; ACampa 9-2

Records to date: RMurray 22-5; ACampa 18-9;

Thursday’s game:
Pioneer vs. Cypress, at Western HS: RMurray (Cypress); Campa (Cypress)

Friday’s games:
San Clemente at Santa Fe: Murray (San Clemente); Campa (San Clemente)
La Habra at Downey: Murray (La Habra); Campa (La Habra)
Paraclete at St. Paul: Murray (St. Paul); Campa (St. Paul)
La Serna at La Mirada: Murray (La Mirada); Campa (La Mirada)
California vs. GG Pacifica, at Bolsa Grande HS: Murray (Pacifica); Campa (Pacifica)
Montebello at El Rancho: Murray (EL Rancho); Campa (El Rancho)
HH Wilson at Schurr: Murray (Schurr); Campa (Schurr)
Santa Clara at Cantwell: Murray (Cantwell); Campa (Cantwell)
St. Margaret’s vs. Whittier Christian, at Whittier College: Murray (St. Margaret’s); Campa (St. Margaret’s)
Whittier at LA Roosevelt: Murray (Whittier); Campa (LA Roosevelt)

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