It’s scary, but how about this senario …. ?

Last week of the regular football season.
How’s for a possible scenario?

California (5-0) defeats La Serna (2-3);
Pioneer (2-3) defeats Santa Fe (2-3) ;
Whittier (2-3) defeats El Rancho (2-3).

La Serna defeated Santa Fe, Whittier; lost to Cal, Pioneer, El Rancho.
Pioneer defeated La Serna, Santa Fe; lost to California, El Rancho, Whittier.
Santa Fe defeated Whittier, El Rancho; lost California, Pioneer, La Serna.
Whittier defeated El Rancho, Pioneer; lost to California, La Serna, Santa Fe.
El Rancho defeated Pioneer, La Serna; lost to California, Whittier, Santa Fe.

California defeated everyone.

You figure it out.
Is it a double coin flip to determine the league’s second and third place entries for the playoffs.?

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