A Couple of Things

Unfortunately over the last few days, I’ve had to delete a number of comments. I don’t like doing that. I feel if someone has something insightful to say, they shouldn’t be censored.

However, the deleted comments have broken one or two rules that I wanted to list.

The first rule concerns vulgarity. Please refrain from using racial or sexually derogatory comments or obscenities. While switching or flipping a letter may fool the computer, it’s not going to fool me. Just please make your point and be clean. Witty comments are usually the best.

The second rule is personal attacks. If you don’t like a coach’s philosophy or coaching style or something along those lines, your comments won’t be blocked. However, when a commenter talks about a coach’s family or his/her extra-curricular activities, those comments will also be turned away.

Lastly, and this is the most common rule broken, is accusations. When a commenter makes a baseless accusation, it will be deleted. If you have something to say, you’ll have to back it up with some proof.

That’s about it. If you’re wondering why your comment hasn’t posted, that’s probably why. Thanks.

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