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I’m going to debut a new feature for the blog and haven’t yet come up with a snazzy title. However, on Mondays I’d like to feature a mini podcast to break up all this text.

So, every Monday, there will be a podcast with a different coach or athlete giving their thoughts on the either past, current or upcoming season.

I couldn’t think of anyone better to start this process with than with St. Paul football coach Marijon Ancich.

With so many questions swirling around the program, I sat down with coach Ancich for a five-minute interview.

Please forgive my poor verbal performance, I’m not a radio guy. If there are suggestions for whom to speak with next, this is the place to list them.


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  • fan

    we want mata

  • Anonymous

    Chat it up with Eric Reta Head Coach Montebello Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary HS Varsity Baseball. After a dismal season last year. The club that was loaded with sophmores are now seasoned Juniors waiting for redemption. Tough league with St. Paul and Amat lurking around.

  • LAME

    Campa, you have a chance to ask Ancich about his coaching staff changes especially Coach Wilson and you dont ask anything about it!


    Now thats what Im talking about new ideas great job. Iam sure it will get even better.
    PS. What hat is coach A wearing

  • Andrew J. Campa

    Come on Murray: Ancich is wearing a Cerritos College hat during his brief stint with the Falcons.

    Lame: Unfortunately, there were no updates on Wilson. Ancich confirmed his hire but said that since he had not completed his coaching staff, he could not comment on what position(s) he had for Wilson. He also would not announce coaching changes until the staff was finalized. Sorry, I tried.

  • Anonymous

    He should of explained why St. Paul knocked off Amat from their schedule. They need to open the eyes of the followers that their team is weak and can not compete with the big dawgs.

  • SPS

    we have to schedule schools we can beat, amat is too strong for us.

  • Anonymous

    “We only schedule schools we can beat?”

    Whatever happened to anyone, anywhere, anytime?

    Have we slipped that far?

  • Anonymous

    good stuff, Campa. thanks for updating this blog to the 21st century…

    next time make the interview all 1 file, though. it was kind of annoying going back and forth to find the next question…

  • swordsmen

    Hey anonymous I’ll bet we could beat your school, maybe that’s why you wont post the name of your school. Remember were rebuilding our program.

  • Whittier

    SP has not been competitive since the middle 80’s with schools like Amat, even Amat’s best year was this last year. Two years ago when SP won a championship Amat killed them and Amat was struggling that year. Talented kids are going to any school because they can and the scouts we still find them, because you have the talent or you don’t. Parents don’t waste your hard earn money.

  • Anonymous

    whittier people i have always hated you lost no good schools!!!!!! SP is the Dynasty of area football! look it baseball is almost here and we will kick some a$$ and if you whittier schools want to play than sign up!!! and that go’s to you AA sport fan originally come and watch your whittier school go down!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Whittier….

    While SP has not given Amat a competitive game in the last 2 years, you are completly wrong about 2007, SP’s championship year. Amat beat SP by 1 point in a 4 OT thriller.

    If you are going to comment at least get your facts right.

  • Who knows?

    Where is David Flores going to play next year in football? He is done at Cerritos after two years. He said he was going to the Pac 10. Is that true?

  • SP alumni

    From all the meetings taking place, you would think we might have some kind of direction, we are going to go. With all the coaching changes, the old man is confused and is not sure on what direction to go. Wow!