Rio Grande Game

While this is a prep sports blog, the local area colleges deserve some space too. Rio Hondo College has a couple of big games today, starting at 5. Don’t forget to support the locals.
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Newest Feature


I’m going to debut a new feature for the blog and haven’t yet come up with a snazzy title. However, on Mondays I’d like to feature a mini podcast to break up all this text.

So, every Monday, there will be a podcast with a different coach or athlete giving their thoughts on the either past, current or upcoming season.

I couldn’t think of anyone better to start this process with than with St. Paul football coach Marijon Ancich.

With so many questions swirling around the program, I sat down with coach Ancich for a five-minute interview.

Please forgive my poor verbal performance, I’m not a radio guy. If there are suggestions for whom to speak with next, this is the place to list them.


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