Saturday’s Scores and Wrestling Qualifiers

Here’s some info on Saturday’s girls basketball, girls water polo and wrestling action.

Girls Basketball

Division 2AA

Ventura 64, Whittier 34

Division 5AA

St. Paul 62, Providence 24
Brentwood 54, Cantwell Sacred Heart 44

Girls Water Polo

Division 2

Agoura 12, Montebello 9


Coastal Division Finals


Richard Rios, Santa Fe, 125 pounds
Joey Davis, Santa Fe, 135 pounds
Dimitri Crouch, Santa Fe, 145 pounds

Other Masters Meet qualifiers

Nigel Villalobos, Santa Fe, 140 pounds (2nd Place)
Anthony Zepeda, California, 130 pounds (4th Place)

Central Division Finals

Masters Meet Qualifiers Qualifiers

2nd place
Gary Miranda, Schurr, 125 pounds

3rd place
Alex Barrera, Schurr, 275 pounds

4th place
Miguel Perez, La Mirada, 112 pounds
Martin Saldana, Montebello, 130 pounds
Darren Garcia, Schurr, 135 pounds

5th place
Jeremy Christensen, Montebello, 125 pounds

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  • whittier college bb fan

    Why doesnt the Daily News cover whittier college sports?? we just had our final home game of the season and not once did the Daily News have a reporter at any of our games. We have 2 players on the team from the Whittier area and one of them has been a consistent starter and one of the best players in the conference. I cant believe that the sports department doesnt think our program needs any coverage, Please Andrew tell me why you never made it out to our games and cover our team?

  • Anonymous

    Because you are irrelevant to my life.

  • Look in the Mirror

    WC bb fan:

    I think your SID and coaches need to develop more of a relationship with the WDN. It is a 2 way street.

    I’m not speaking for the WDN but based on my experience at the HS level and with local press, they only have so much time and so much staffing. Sometimes you have to reach out to them.

    Look at the local newspapers, the WDN does as good as job as anyone covering the local small colleges.

  • whittier college bb fan

    I know that our SID could have done a better job of getting in contact with the Daily News but it works both ways. Its not that difficult to make a call to the athletic dept. or check the website. I dont expct every home game to be covered but maybe at least the saturday night games when there are no high school games to cover. And by the way David Hayashi had a very good season for WC- he is a La Serna graduate and he was one of the bright spots for the Poets. Its just too bad that he didnt get covered by the Daily News- he is a great kid and deserved some recognition-well maybe next year we can get some of our games in the paper.

  • Look in the Mirror

    Local papers such as the WDN go where the news is and for sports, that is at the prep level. Covering the Montebello, Pico Rivera, Whittier, La Mirada and parts of La Habra doesn’t leave room for much else.

    Most of us who follow at the prep level do so because of the personal connection to either an athlete or the school. Outside of Ricky and David from Whittier HS, what local players are on the Poet roster? So, outside of WC alums and parents of the players, quite frankly most of don’t care about WC.

    I’m the exception because I will go and support the local college teams including WC, Biola and Rio Hondo.

    If we are going to argue about coverage about local colleges, Biola has a better story than you guys and they don’t see very little coverage. I’m sure the paper checks the website but c’mon, you guys didn’t even have a winning record in league….I’d rather hear about the Montbello Oilers going 27-1 or La Mirada HS soccer going unbeaten or where some kid is going to play college ball.

    Trust me, the coverage of local colleges than it has ever been but in a competitive market the school with the best stories are going to get covered. Do you think all those stories just show up at the paper?

    Tell your SID to spend more time with the paper.

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