St. Paul Leads the Way

Don’t look now but the area is down to only (5) local playoff teams remaining and St. Paul boasts two squads — in girls soccer and girls basketball.

38126-St. Paul logo.jpg

Here are the rest of the survivors

Boys Soccer – El Rancho; La Mirada
Girls Soccer – La Serna

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  • Anonymous

    All of the sudden you turn in to Roger “I only adore St.Paul” Murray. It looks bias pal.

  • Brush off.

    Bias? It’s a FACT. He’s doing what he’s supposed and that’s reporting high school sports. Stating a FACT that there’s 2 St. Paul teams still in the playoff hunt shows NO BIAS. Don’t be mad that your little Suzy and Joey’s seasons are over, bub.

  • Anonymous

    to brush off:
    I play for La Mirada football. The same team that dominated your sorry squad! Not mad, just calling it like I see them. How many times do our mascots get an html? like I said BIAS!

  • Anonymous

    Dude….your Boys Soccer team is getting a lot of pub as did your football.

    The paper is only going where the news is.

    You know… when you guys fired your co head coach after you guys won? Whats up with that?

  • Anonymous

    report on how sorry the st. paul soccer team choked

  • sports fan

    Hey Anonymous, yeah you fool! Our ladies didn’t choke. They are a team made up of mostly sophmores and juniors. These girls dont play year round club soccer such as Sierra Vista. There are Volleyball and Softball players that play for the fun of competition.
    Sierra Vista was the better skilled team in the quarter finals. Just ask the other twenty plus teams they have beaten. And with just twelve players on their roster St. Paul held the Dons in check for at least a half. It seems you weren’t at the game.
    Choke is when you are favored to win a game, guess you never played or lost a game.

  • Anonymous

    LOL! CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE! too bad so sad. Another good year down the drain because they couldn’t finish it.

  • Anonymous

    No commitment=bounced from the playoffs. Typical St. Paul fans satisfied with losing. Losing=tradition at St. Paul.

  • sports fan original

    sports fan original “haters”: I believe if you would read (or can you?) you would see many others making negative statements on these blogs!

    Yet, you stay with me….I like that!

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