In Case Anyone Missed it — Rod Barajas Signed

Earlier this week, former Santa Fe High School and Cerritos College standout Rod Barajas inked a one-year deal with the New York Mets.

Here’s the story link – Barajas Making Most of His Opportunity

Which begs an interesting question.


The Del Rio League had (5) players that played in the Majors last year including El Rancho’s Randy Flores and Cesar Ramos, Santa Fe’s Mark Kotsay and Barajas and California’s Anthony Reyes.

If you had to pick which player has had the best career up to this point, who would it be?

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  • El Rancho

    What happen too ER’s Ronnie Flores is he not in the Majors anymore?

  • poet

    Kotsay. Solid starting MLB outfielder for a lot of years. I remember reading and hearing about him when he was at Santa Fe. He was also a great QB as I recall. The kid had a huge heart and a strong arm. I saw a CIF game he pitched and saw a scout’s radar catching him at 88-89 mph consistently. Good lefty heat. And what a bulldog competitor! As we know, he went on to star at Fullerton as a outfielder/hitter and best closer in the nation that year. What a stud. Best…so far. The Whittier area has produced some great players forever, and I’m sure some future major leaguer is playing at a local college, high school, PONY or Little League. Dream big guys. It does happen sometimes!

    Andrew, how about this year in DRL baseball? Who do you think will earn CIF spots and why?

  • ERDons

    I agree “Kotsay” was an awesome player at the prep level, QB,Safety, Point Guard at basketball, baseball wow Pitcher and the Leagues Home-run Hitter and the kid was fast and not very big about 5-9 back then. I believe his first year in the Majors he went to the world series and hit a home-run,… You poet have stated other accomplishments as well, for me he’s the pick…….Could be someone else?

  • elrancho

    Kotsay probably has the best career. Randy Flores has had a long career, he has won a World Series with the Cardinals and had one of the wins in that series.

  • annanomous

    out of the 5 you mention none of them has have a great career at this piont in time. reyes and flores have been up and down, barajas has been a servicable catcher, never heard of ramos and kotsay well he never lived up to the hype coming out of college. metal bats do wonders for your power and average numbers, his best bet was to stick as a pitcher but instead his a positional player who has bounced around the majors from team to team. besides there were alot of players at SFHS who didn’t play football or baseball cause he got his way over there when he was there. these guys will have a respectable careers in the majors.

  • El Rancho

    Mr. annanomus with all due respect because we dont know each other and even if we did, the question was; If you had to pick which player has had the best career up to this point, who would it be?…… A great career adjacent to each other, I think was the inquiry not against anyone in the Majors? Its unfortunate that any young men would not play any sport because of one player however it does happen. PEACE!

  • anonymous

    To the guy who can’t spell anonymous right lol. How would of Kotsay been better off being a pitcher in the pro’s? In what way? I think his 30 plus million dollar contract he signed in the prime of his career would say otherwise. He’s played for many teams but always started. I would say thats a pretty good pro career. Who are you camparing him to Barry Bonds? Mark Kotsay is the pick by far. I would say a career starter who takes home over 50 million dollars in his career playing baseball and a national title as well as competed in the olympics is the easy pick for this area. Although Nomar Garciaparra is from Whittier but played a St. John Bosco.

  • Wow

    Montebello said:
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    February 26, 2010 5:37 PM
    Anonymous said:
    Do we add;
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    February 25, 2010 7:00 PM
    Anonymous said:
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    February 24, 2010 10:06 PM
    ST.PAUL 72 said:
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    February 24, 2010 9:11 PM
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    Is it me or does anyone find it odd, almost comical even, that a person who spends so much time pointing out the faults and negative traits of others, can’t bare to be thought of in a negative light, himself.

    I think your need to be heard and need to control (or be confident as you call it)are glaring. We hear you,we just don’t care to, That’s all.

    whine! whine! wimper! wimper! I want attention, I know this and I know him and I,I,I,I……
    listen to meeeeeeeeeeee!

    For someone who claims to know so much about DRL and good coaching, you know nothing.

    I’m sure there’s a team or league out there who could benefit from your all knowing ways…you just aren’t gonna find it in the Del Rio League

    but then again, I don’t think this blog would have 40+ entries without such a varying opinion to the normal fan.

    February 24, 2010 8:37 PM

    Think sport fan original why? is it you can’t see?

  • Anonymous

    Strawberry, Davis, Smith. Hall of Famers who are from the are. Enough said. Dont play the race card either. They are superiour ballers than anyone on the list

  • Lol

    To anonymous: You can’t read.

    “The Del Rio League had (5) players that played in the Majors last year including El Rancho’s Randy Flores and Cesar Ramos, Santa Fe’s Mark Kotsay and Barajas and California’s Anthony Reyes.

    If you had to pick which player has had the best career up to this point, who would it be?”

    Key word being the del rio league, or at least whittier area lol. Daryl Strawberry went to Crenshaw high school. Where did you think he went Pioneer? Race card please. lol. Crenshaw is not the del rio league. Learn to read please.

  • poet

    To anonymous: the fact that you’d never heard of Kotsay shows how little you know. From Baseball Cube, Kotsay’s stats:
    11 years in MLB so far;
    .281 lifetime average;
    313 doubles;
    113 HRs;
    632 RBI;
    hit for Cycle; and
    played 119+ games per year for 9 straight seasons.

    I’d say that is a pretty darn good good MLB career. Not HOF material, but anybody who plays that many games in the bigs has got serious game. Period.

  • Anonymous

    it was area you dumb looking guy!

  • Rod

    Add Rev. Michael Torphy to the list on sport fan oroginal!!!!

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