Hoops News – Van Duyne Deal

California High School athletic director Jim Arnold confirmed that Jason Van Duyne, an assistant under former coach Brian Barber, recently accepted the boys basketball head coaching position at Cal-Hi.


Arnold mentioned the job was flown within the district and that Van Duyne was the only candidate to apply.

The good news is that his quick hire doesn’t really break up the continuity after Barber’s resignation a few weeks back.

Good Luck Condors.

Editor’s Note: There will be a full story in Saturday’s paper.

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  • Anonymous

    What’s this musical chairs, nothing will improve.

  • high school sports fan

    This is the best possible hire for Calhi – Coach Van Duyne is a good young hard working coach who is excited about getting this opportunity. There really wouldnt have been any decent in district candidates – certainly no one with the work ethic of Coach Van Duyne- there was no open teaching position open so no experienced coach from out of the area that could or would take this job. Give it some time condor fans and be patient-this is a good positive move for Calhi Basketball- I told you weeks ago that this would happen.

  • Del Rio League Fan

    Too bad they didn’t post the job on CIF website. I think Arnold jumped the gun on this one. There is defenitly some coaching talent out there that would of been optomistic @ the opportunity @ Cal. They defenitly need a new voice in there to compete with La Serna and now Whitier and Pioneer doing well with their new coaches respectively.

    Good luck to the young coach. Expectations are gonna be high.

  • Swordsmen

    Say what!!

    Good luck to the young coach. Expectations are gonna be high.

    Up is always higher then the bottom, no talent in 30 years or maybe more. So anything will be optimistic @ the opportunity @ be great, lol. Wikipedia could open your eyes, check it out.

  • sports fan original

    DRL fan: not many teaching job openings these days for teacher/coaches. Many coaches looking for Varsity jobs must now put up with the economy affecting teaching positions and be patient.

    And as High school sports fan said teacher/coaches from other districts would probably realize that this is not the best time to switch districts. Too much of a gamble to move to different districts, especially if you own a house and have children.

  • Anonymous

    yawns at this thread. Post real sport stories.

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