Area Upgrade

Is it me or does the greater Whittier area badly need its own baseball recovery act in terms of stadiums?


California’s Cozy Condors Stadium

I’ve been to every home field in the area and the facilities are in need of some sort of upgrade. Think about it. How many stadiums are lacking proper seating or a scoreboard or a decent snack stand? It’s kind of sad really. Here’s the list of area high schools and areas of need, at least according to one reporter.

Cantwell – Can use an entire overhaul that includes new seats and a scoreboard.
California – Not bad. Actually pretty cozy.
El Rancho – Where’s the visitor seating? Also, how about a less distracting announcer.
La Habra – Needs more seating and a decent snack stand.
La Mirada – Somebody tell the football program to quiet down between 3-6 p.m.
La Serna – They actually removed seats??? C’mon Gonzo. Don’t fade em.
Montebello – Great little stadium. Just needs more seating.
Pioneer – I’m more concerned about the program than a stadium.
Santa Fe – Needs more seating.
Schurr – See Cantwell.
St. Paul – Great snack stand but needs more seating. When’s that scoreboard coming again?
Whittier – More seating and a real snack stand. Overall, not a bad venue.
Whittier Christian – Good field. Great scoreboard. Just lacks seating unless you put chairs on top of Costco.

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  • Delrioleague watcher

    Nice post about area baseball fields. Probably say the same thing about softball venues.

  • Anonymous

    Seeing my kid play in most of those stadiums, I thought of that all the time. You attend games at say Esperanza HS and you come out wishing your kid played at a stadium similar to theirs. At Cantwell, I believe they had a fence up for a couple of years. My understanding is that the football program comes first and they get all the extra cash flowing up their way.

    I agree with that annoying El Rancho announcer who doesn’t know the difference between an error or a hit.

    I like Montebello’s stadium, just get rid of the annoyin mutts behind the visitors side.

  • sports fan original

    Orange County programs can raise a lot of $$$. Gonzalez built a nice stadium at Cal. Whittier needs to work on keeping a coach. Knocking off La Serna Wednesday was a big win….keeps them in it. Their park is nice and cozy. Pioneer….needs more kids. Santa Fe’s new staff: so far so good. Outdoing Hendry, but that is easy to do.

  • Anonymous

    sports fan original
    How is it that OC can raise a lot of money? Does anyone know how to do it so that we can help out our own programs. Any suggestions>

  • sports fan original

    In general, there is more $$$ in orange county. People make more money! I would think it is easier to raise money in Yorba Linda, Villa Park, etc than it is at Pioneer High School. ????

    Am I wrong? Go check out Glendora. Pretty nice. Lots of $$$ San Dimas!! $$$ No suggestions, just the basics.

    And maybe some of those locations have School Districts that believe athletics teach plenty to the youths. Maybe they are right. And maybe they help.

    I have not seen much money put into Whittier HS, or Pioneer, or LS, etc. I mean baseball. I have not seen those fields this year, but in the past they were far from special. Of course LS is beautiful..the hills the green the houses.

  • HS Sports Fan

    Andrew nice blog.Many know it’s tough for Baseball programs to have a field maintenance budget. Many administrators don’t understand how much time, money, and care must be put into a field so it can look nice. Coaches normally get very little help from their district. You need to realize that you never see coaches from other sports put in the time that baseball coaches put on their facilities. Removing the tarp on the pool, sweeping the gym floor, or putting up nets is a piece of cake. However, some baseball fields in the area look as if grass seed, fertilizer, and water has not seen their field in years. A little pride and hard work on your field can be great for a team. Cantwell, Schurr, and El Rancho’s infield definately need to ripped-up (outfields will always be in bad shape with football and soccer use). Some of the top fields that I have seen in the area are Alhambra, Montebello, Cal, La Serna, Downey, and La Mirada.

  • area fan

    you are right about the programs you mentioned, Pioneer is in the worst out of all of them, they can barely field any lower level teams. the open enrollment for a freshman is killing schools like pioneer where the kids go else where. I hope that cif can really look into this cause it is killing the competetion cause certian schools loose out and great athelets.

  • baseball fan

    Its funny how people complain about the way baseball fields look but no one wants to put any money or effort into them looking nice. The fields in the area that are nice are the ones that coaches have pride in and take the time and effort to maintain them.

  • white man

    I agree with you Campa on the annoying El Rancho announcer who doesn’t know the difference between an error or a hit. Andrew my man, you are so correct on that black idiot who is as stupid as a box of rocks, I seen you laughing at the game, I was laughing with you remember at todays game. I have to agree with you Campa. Autistic Disorder or Generalized Anxiety Disorder is bull shux, right Campa! That black xxxxx should be run out of town right!

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