Area Upgrade

Is it me or does the greater Whittier area badly need its own baseball recovery act in terms of stadiums?


California’s Cozy Condors Stadium

I’ve been to every home field in the area and the facilities are in need of some sort of upgrade. Think about it. How many stadiums are lacking proper seating or a scoreboard or a decent snack stand? It’s kind of sad really. Here’s the list of area high schools and areas of need, at least according to one reporter.

Cantwell – Can use an entire overhaul that includes new seats and a scoreboard.
California – Not bad. Actually pretty cozy.
El Rancho – Where’s the visitor seating? Also, how about a less distracting announcer.
La Habra – Needs more seating and a decent snack stand.
La Mirada – Somebody tell the football program to quiet down between 3-6 p.m.
La Serna – They actually removed seats??? C’mon Gonzo. Don’t fade em.
Montebello – Great little stadium. Just needs more seating.
Pioneer – I’m more concerned about the program than a stadium.
Santa Fe – Needs more seating.
Schurr – See Cantwell.
St. Paul – Great snack stand but needs more seating. When’s that scoreboard coming again?
Whittier – More seating and a real snack stand. Overall, not a bad venue.
Whittier Christian – Good field. Great scoreboard. Just lacks seating unless you put chairs on top of Costco.

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