What am I missing? ER vs. SF — Pretender vs. Contender???

Over the last week, I’ve surveyed six Del Rio League baseball head and assistant coaches to get their opinions about both El Rancho and Santa Fe.

Let me begin by saying I think both clubs are evenly matched. I don’t see much of a difference. In my opinion, Santa Fe boasts more of an explosive offense while El Rancho has a stronger relief corps (I recently wrote a notebook on the subject – Top Del Rio League baseball teams meet).

However, when I spoke to these coaches, whom I will not mention by name, I was surprised how overwhelmingly they thought one team was a serious contender and the other a pretender.

Thoughts on Santa Fe –

Coach #1

“They’re an excellent team with the most talent in the Del Rio League. If they only stopped tripping over their feet, they could win this league.”

Coach #2

“You’re looking at the second place team in this league. They’re just missing one or two pieces but they’re solid. I wouldn’t want to see them in the playoffs.”

Coach #5

“You have to give some credit to their coaching staff. They seem to have figured it out over there. Everyone wants to blame those guys but they’ve done a good job. They should make the playoffs.”

Thoughts on El Rancho

Coach #2

“How long can they do it on smoke and mirrors? They’re an okay team that built confidence on an easy (preseason) schedule. Let’s see how they do in league.

Coach #3

“I’m not sold on them. I think they have talent but so does everyone in the Del Rio. Coach Llanes deserves credit for getting the most out of his guys. But c’mon, they’re not a DRL top 3 team.”

Coach #4

“I think El Rancho is dangerous but that’s more about your team making mistakes than anything. They have some mashers on the team. Just don’t give into them and you should be okay”.

Okay. I understand Santa Fe won the season series but is there that much of a difference between these teams? Is this a consensus among league coaches? Only one DRL coach I spoke with felt El Rancho was as equal, if not more, of a challenger than Santa Fe. Again, what am I missing?

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  • Anonymous

    sounds like a lot of bitter coaches. good ball clubs rise to the top. bring back this blog at the end of the season so that we may prove them wrong.

  • D. Hartman 70

    you are missing it campa who cares about these guys, SP is the King of the area.

  • elrancho

    That is the same that is said about the El Rancho baseball team every year yet ER baseball has been the most consistent program in the DRL. Name a team in the DRL that had more titles than ER this past decade….

  • Anonymous

    el rancho nobody cares about drl its private schools who dominate. who’s beter than SP?

  • Cal Hi

    I agree, that ER announcer is a retard you Campa have peg it right. What is he stupid? WOW!

  • What

    Coach #4

    “I think El Rancho is dangerous but that’s more about your team making mistakes than anything. They have some mashers on the team. Just don’t give into them and you should be okay”.

    yeah, aren’t good teams supposed to take advantage of their opponents mistakes? Coach 4 is obviously an idiot.

    Bad Teams makes mistakes, Good teams take advantage. It’s a philosophy that applies to every sport.

  • elrancho

    Obviously you care if you are posting in a DRL blog topic..

  • Anonymous

    sp cant beat bishop..and most of the time they play drl teams like cal la serna and el rancho they lose

  • Sports Fan Original

    To my haters: “What” just called Coach # 4 and idiot!!

    Now I will act as you…..Why dont you go and apply for the job, What? If he is an idiot then maybe you can get the job and they wont have an idiot coach!!

    Blah, Blah, Blah

  • Del rio leager

    is any one else tired of arrogant st. paul fans posting in these del rio league blogs, getting old.

  • GUARANTEED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Ranch will lose 4 straight.

  • Delrioleague watcher

    Plain and simple; St Paul shut up.

  • Anonymous

    santa fe has a good chance of winning league! like all the coaches say in this league. They are scared to face them

  • HoW!

    Yeah, sure SP hasnt beaten Amat yet. But not alot of teams could even say that they have. Amat is number 1 in the state this year. So everyone just needs to stop using the whole they still havnt beat Amat. Cuz the bottom line is, none of these teams in the DRL can beat Amat or SP in a game. SP has swept the DRL teams for the past couple years. So I dont know why Anonymous is saying SP loses to those teams. When SP could play their C game and still beat the DRL teams A game.

  • D.R.L

    Sp shut up ur getting annoying if u guys were so good u guys would beat amat but u dont! Im pretty sure that la serna, cal high, and santa fe will beat u!

    big upcoming games for cal. they play the top teams(santa fe then play la serna). lets seed if they can get passed by the hot santa fe chiefs who can beat cal high with their outstanding talent


    Delrioleaguewatcher….Thank you!!!

  • sports fan original

    I do not like a lot of the blogging from St Pauler’s. But I do give them some credit in baseball (and also in football as I remember them winning CIF by beating a previous Champion, Dominguez).

    It is not that easy to beat Amat, even one time in three. Amat is one heck of a baseball team. Great pitching; I believe one pitcher is going to USC; Very good hitting and solid defense. I am sure they are coached well enough to have solid baserunning also.

    In baseball there is a solid concept: “Win 2 out of 3 and you win the game”. The 3 are pitching, defense, and hitting. I consider baserunning a 4th very important aspect of good baseball (as I was schooled by Scolinos, a master).

    They may have all 4 consistently. I have not seen them this year, but I will probably attend the next St. Paul vs Amat game.

    No I do not want to meet anyone and talk. And…I do not “know it all”. I state that because someone will blog back and remind everyone on here that I believe I am a “know it all”!! Maybe that person or persons can read a book and learn it if they did not learn it in a legitimate place like the field.

    Noone though can convince me that I am not experienced enough in baseball to make such a suggestion about Bishop Amat. Heck, in the 80’s and 90’s they won Division 1 a couple of times.

    St. Paul could have possibly won the game I saw last year but Encinas got no help, with St. Paul defense costing the team a couple times and strikeouts in the clutch with runners on base.

  • sports fan original

    Guaranteed: so far so good on the prediction

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