Baseball Playoff Correction

I apologize for a bonehead mistake in today’s paper. Both the St. Paul and La Mirada baseball teams are not playing in “Thursday’s quarterfinals” because the quarterfinals are on Friday.

Only softball is on Thursday. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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  • Anonymous

    Typical WDN. Second class paper.

  • WDN fan

    Then why are you reading here idiot. And taking time to blog!??

  • Anonymous

    second class paper not second class blog you idiot.

  • Dan

    Campa – Thanks for the correction.

  • Anonymous

    WDN fan:
    you got put in your place. Ha ha ha. You should read before you type.

  • dummy

    What the hell are you talking about??
    Then why are you reading here idiot. And taking time to blog!?

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