Rotary Baseball All-Star List

There’s a story in today’s paper about this year’s 14th annual Rotary All-Star Baseball Game rosters, which were recently released. Here’s the list in case anyone missed it. The senior-only game is scheduled for Wednesday, June 9, at York Field in Whittier at 6 p.m., following the all-star softball game at 3.

The blue side is made up of 18 players and four coaches from California, La Habra, Schurr, St.Paul, Whittier and Whittier Christian high schools.

St. Paul (5)
Gabe Encinas
Chris Willson
Nick Oddo
Tim Gonzalez
Andrew Chico

California (5)
Fernando Pinedo
Bryan Barragan
Jared Garcia
David Marquez
Jon Sicairos

La Habra (3)
Christian Salinas
Chris Gonzales
Robert Cavazos

Schurr (2)
Christian Madrid
David Aguilar

Whittier (2)
Andrew Gomez
Diego Frausto

Whittier Christian (1)
Vince Marinacci

St. Paul coach Casey Morales heads the blue team and is assisted by Patrick Cappasola, Rene Chico and Tim Jimenez.

The red team also has 18 players from El Rancho, La Mirada, La Serna, Montebello, Pioneer, Santa Fe and Sonora.

La Mirada (4)
Daniel Poncedeleon
Karl Perez
Nick Mandry
Kyle Harper

Sonora (3)
Garret Levsen
Jimmy Litchfield
Bryan Jew

Santa Fe (3)
Chris Esparza
Ryan Garcia
Javier Mejia

Montebello (3)
Walter Aguilar
Dennis Cisneros
Michael Maldonado

El Rancho (2)
Michael Espinoza
Roland Hernandez

La Serna (2)
David Guerrero
Andrew Lopez

Pioneer (1)
Art Fernandez

Montebello skipper Ralph Gutierrez is in charge and will be assisted by Luis Meza and Manny Arana.

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