Football Notes (05/27/10)

I’ve strung together a few items from today’s football notebook here just in case anyone missed them. Now, in today’s notebook there were no comments from new Warren High coach Gil Jimenez, who spoke with the paper after deadline. I hope to post snippets of the conversation tonight or by Friday morning at the latest.


St. Paul High School senior Adam Padilla, a 5-foot-9, 163-pound wide receiver/defensive back, confirmed he’s opted out of his commitment from Division II West Texas A&M to attend the Big Sky Conference’s Weber State of Ogden, Utah.

Padilla inked a letter of intent with West Texas A&M on Feb. 5, two days after national signing day.

However, two weeks later, Padilla had a change of heart and asked West Texas A&M for permission to drop out of his commitment.

Somewhat to his surprise, West Texas A&M obliged.

Padilla will take a “preferred walk-on” status at Weber State in the fall.


Schurr senior Angel Sanchez confirmed he and fellow Spartans receiver Carlos Arredondo are both heading to Cerritos College this fall.

Sanchez was a punter (36.35 yards per punt) and wide receiver (nine touchdowns) for the Spartans this past season.

Arredondo also had split duties on offense and defense but earned Almont League Co-MVP honors as a receiver by hauling in 79 receptions for 1,191 yards and 12 touchdowns.


La Habra linebacker Trevor Phillips and defensive end Eric Padilla will compete in more than one all-star game this summer.

The duo was selected for the June 5 605 Classic and also recently nominated for the 51st annual Orange County North-South All-Star Game at Orange Coast College on July 16.

Phillips led the Highlanders with 96 tackles while Padilla was right behind with 95 tackles and 6 1/2 sacks.

For more info and quotes on each topic, check out the full football notebook here – St. Paul’s Padilla changes college plans

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  • football fan

    Congrats to all kids but Trevor Phillips really impressed me the most. Work hard and never give up on your dreams.

    Hey Andrew who cares about Gil Jimenez really? He’s not in our area you never report on St. John Bosco so why are you so interested in Warren? No one cares so drop it.

  • Anonymous

    Trevor didn’t impress at all. He is too weak and fragile. He plays scared.

  • San Pablo

    Sr. Campa
    1. Heard the Swordsmen lost Ms. Barr this week, too bad, she did a great job seeking donors in the surrounding Whittier and Santa Fe communities. 2. Does anyone if they are bringing back their softball coach after neglecting first-aid to an injured player.
    Finally, because St.Paul is small in the interior line, I would like to see the Swordsmen run the double-wing next football season,what do you think?

  • SPFootball

    San Pablo,

    I”m am so glad that they FIRED Ms.Barr! She was nothing but a self centered horrible person. The rumors going around the school is that she and someone else cleaned out the cookie jar. Hope none of this true. Criminal charges may be pending.

  • SP DAD

    Why would we (SP) want to run the double wing if we’re small in the interior line. Not a good suggestion. Yes we are small, and very young. Look for us to struggle again in league. But, hopefully we can hold on to our players after next season. It looks like we have some very good athletes, but still not enough experience at the Varsity level. We would like to thank coach Mazzotto for taking Drake, Zack and Ratliff from SP. Those were returning players who were going to have an impact on next seasons team.

  • NORTH OC 411

    Congrats on Eric & Trevor—They both worked hard and deserve it.
    Obviously ANONYMOUS doesn’t have a clue, AND most likely hasn’t been following Trevor at all. He’s been one of the best, if not the best players on every team he has been on, going back to his Pop Warner days.
    So, unless you know him well enough to say what you said, WE DON’T NEED THAT CRAP ON HERE….!!!!!
    aND OF COURSE, hide behind the name “anonymous” of course…

  • Area Fan of big hits

    Here’s a clip of one of the biggest hits delivered during the 2009 H.S. football season….

    Compliments of OC All-Star Trevor Phillips – La Habra HS

  • FBFan

    SP Dad,

    Are you kidding me? I can’t believe that a St. Paul supporter threw a backhanded complaint about another program stealing kids. St. Paul has doe for years. Just ask El Rancho, Whittier, Alemany, Montebello, Los Altos, and yes La Habra Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • Swordsmen 83

    what happened to Ms. Barr? and how many players did LH recruit/steal away from SPHS?

  • SP Dad

    Yeah, I’m sure we’ve pulled in a few kids here and there. And believe me, we hear about it. So now it’s time for you to hear about what LH did. So don’t be fooled and think that they win from within their program. Just doesn’t happen like that FB Fan.

  • Anonymous

    SP Dad…did you ever ask why those kids left to go to La Habra. Or why other kids are leaving as well to go to other area schools?

    We do have some talented kids but they will be ill prepared to face the schedule we have in front of us. Our coaching staff has to get over itself.

    We are in the position we are now because of our blind devotion to our past. We can’t see why our program will struggle for years to come or if we can see it…we don’t want to acknowledge it.

    We should be proud of our heritage and our past…but we got to stop living in the past.

    I’ll be there to support our boys…but it will be a long year.


    I normally try not to read comments left on this blog site, as they are often very far from reality.

    SP DAD,

    Not to sure what you mean by ‘win from within’….come check out the 605 Allstar game and support the 9 players on the East squad whom where all freshman at La Habra four years ago and reside in Whittier or La Habra. Three other players that were nominated to play in the game, but couldn’t due to college commitments, were also on that freshman team.

    You won’t get any mud slinging from me,,,,only facts.

    See ya at the game.

  • Anonymous

    Clan Dad,

    You won’t see SP Dad at the game. All our guys had to pull out because of college committments.

    As far as SP Dad goes, he is a bit delusional. The reason LH is consistently successful is that they have built their program from within. Sure a few guys may have transfered in but they went their by choice because they wanted to be part of a winning program. I also know for a fact that a couple of our kids that did go over went because 1) they live in LH and 2) they couldn’t afford a private school education anymore.

    Looks like LH is going to have another strong team this year. Good luck!

  • highlander dad

    Hey All you St. Pauler’s,

    The only legitmate player to come form your school was Elkington(center)- and he left after frosh year. and I heard it was for academic reasons…apparently your academic program was not challenging enough. Elkington is a HIGHLANDER all the way. Last year a senior(who transfers in their final year???) transfered over and he was useless…he couldn’t even complete a workout. Who would recruit him. As for Drake Griffin….he came to watch a playoff game and knew he had to leave St. Paul…but,he still has to earn his spot.

    So your argument about LH taking ST Paul players is invalid.

  • Anonymous

    Highlander Dad-

    It was only one guy making that accusation so don’t lump the rest of us with him.

    Elkington is a smart kid but he left for financial reasons so get your story straight.

  • sports fan original

    La Habra has earned the right to accept players that want to play for them.

  • SP Alum

    Dear San Pablo,
    You Softball parents kill me, the last 2 predecessors to Coach Worthington were dimissed because groups of parents like yourself filled out petitions to get the previous coaches fired. Guess what it worked !! Coach Centeno and Coach Cassie Morales were excellent coaches. Now enjoying success at El Rancho and Palo Verde High School. I went to SP game this year and I heard our Varsity wouldn’t win a single game this year. The Game I went to thise year the girls seemed prepared and played very well. As I was watching I overheard a group of parents talking about getting signatures together to get Coach Worthington fired. So the cycle continues. I bet you anything you nightmare parents won’t like the next coach either.

  • SP

    Thats whats wrong with SP when someone goes to greener pastures they get all green with envy

    Gil brought a championship to SP 2007 so be happy for him

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