Cantwell Going In a Different Direction

In what has to be one of the more commonly used sports phrases, Cantwell Sacred Heart athletic director Omar Villalta confirmed the Cardinals are “going in a different direction” with the baseball program.

That means second-year coach Eric Reta is out and the position is open to suitors.


There’s more on the subject in today’s baseball notebook (Burke Plans to Attend Washington) that leads off with La Serna’s Connor Burke committing to Washington.

Age and experience were big factors as Reta is only 25.

However, the main reason was simply that the Cardinals just weren’t competitive as they won only four games over the last two seasons.

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  • cshm2009

    Cantwell is a joke. What school comes up with rules like If you have a son/daughter in the school, you cannot coach an athletic team ?
    The principal comes up with these things to get rid of some people.

    The whole sports program should just take a hiatus and rebuild for a couple of years.

  • Anonymous

    Coach Reta had the uneviable task of coaching a JV squad and disguising it as a Varsity squad. His hands were tied from he beginning. He was used as the scapegoat. Fire the AD.

    The AD and Principal care much more about football than baseball which is why the prior coaches left. Take a look at their school website all sports come second except football. This would be okay if their football program wassn’t a joke. If anything girls softball should get priority, then baseball.

    Whoever the coach is going to be will have a decent squad because 95% of them will be seniors. Well maybe not because they still have to know how to pitch and field.

    Good luck Reta and Lopie where ever you go.

  • Anonymous

    ATTN: Omar
    Hire Jesse the one who coached JV Roosevelt to dominance. Dont listen to your softball coach. He doesn’t have the experience you are looking for. You saw the mess he made of the softball team. If you want mutiny on your baseball team then go that direction, if you want experience hire Jesse.
    vote Team Jesse

  • http://msn,com baseball observer

    Hire worthington, he’s baseball alumni, plus parents want him out at sp


    Salesian is looking for a game in baseball. We would like to renew the rivalry. Hit us up via games wanted.

  • Anonymous

    Whats this? Campa actually posted something on Cantwell! WOW!


    to the second anonymous person, the football program isnt a joke for ur information, this season we lost 5 star players. We needed to find 5 other players to take the spot. The baseball program AND softball program is a joke. Wasnt the softball team dominant in 06 or whatever? what happn? and the baseball team was getting spanked every game. at least the football program is competitive. so before you call the football program a joke, look at baseball and softball.

  • Anonymous

    way to go Campa you have the cardinals fighting one another.
    to CSHM football
    Wasn’t your football team dominant in 06? What happened? The difference is they were getting spanked by St. Paul and Amat.(tough teams) You guys were getting by on the likes of Salesian and other weak guys. But when you faced big bad St. Paul you forgot how to tackle. By the way when you face Schurr next year, you’ll remember this blog. Schurr 45 Cantwell 3. LOL!
    You guys need a QB that won’t run at the first sign of trouble, a secondary that can tackle, and a field goal kicker who can make the kicks.
    No wonder Smolin left you guys. He knew what was coming to them.

  • Anonymous

    st paul will kill schurr or whoever! next year!

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad to see what has become of this school’s athletic program. It’s quite evident that none of the coaches are producing decent records. I believe that CSHM maybe needs to move down a few divisions to be more competitive because it’s embarrassing. The guys at the top also might need to re-evaluate how they go about hiring coaches. By the way, I think not being able to coach a team if a son/daughter is on the squad is great. It gives all of the players an equal opportunity.

  • Anonymous

    how did cantwell football manage to stick their nose in the baseball blog. Besides everyone knows Softball is the real thing going at Cantwel, Cross Country Second, then any girl sport, then comes baseball, and last the sport with the least banners is football.

    Just compare the number of CIF titles in all sports. EXACTLY!

  • Anonymous

    If you have a son/daughter at the school in which you are coaching, there is nothing wrong with that if you are producing. At Cantwell the one producing college athletes was let go (CC), JV baseball team was a joke and the football ones are on the bubble. If you get kids to the next level then so be it. If you are there just to play favoritism, then it will be evident and the AD will see it. If the AD doesn’t see it, then fire the AD.

  • Anonymous

    Wow..softball a joke? Please..what division is football like 10?softball is in what 4? Competition way HIGHER! So before you start saying softball is not competitive..check the division first..THANKS! And yes why does EVERYTHING need to be about football? This article isn’t even about it! So all these football people relax..

  • Anonymous

    And it’s funny that people say that football is all competitive when yet they don’t even know what their sons are saying! All the boys wanted to lose this season they were complaining the entire time! Saying they did not want to play anymore..yeah not a joke? Haha yeah right..take this from a student who had to listen to them complain all the time.

  • cantwell alumni.

    Cantwell football is a joke. You guys are worthless and small. It’s like OMG when you make playoffs…but its OMFG when you win a game.
    But ohhh man, I forgot, you guys are gonna win CIF this year!
    I’m happy that CIF is bringing back flag football.
    Fire the AD, fire the football coaches, close down the school for awhile. Cantwell is the bigggest joke.

  • Anonymous

    Cantwell Alumni:
    Sounds like you played there before. What were you the waterboy? The kid who no one invited to the dances? The one who stalked the homecoming queen? You are a bitter little one.

  • Cantwell Baseball 01

    How did the program spiral out of control? Look at all the banners at the school. Make no mistake about it, Cantwell is a baseball school. Why would the AD let this happen. That is where it starts. Let the AD go. Bring in new blood and start from the top. Let him stick to basketball.

  • Coach Taylor, Head Football Coact at CSHM

    Hey people grow up and get a life. If you have a problem with me, I am here at the everyday my # (323) 887-2066, ext. #31.

    If you guys are so real and bad, give your name and quit hiding behind (Anonymous said).

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad to see how we are regressing in football. It is hard to believe that Cathedral is a power house in football. Back when I attended Cantwell we would destroy them. It is sad that no one cares. Salesian built a nice stadium and field, what have we done, nothing. Do we have a booster club, does anyone care. Can we hire an AD that understands his job and produces results.

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