Montebello Finalizes Coaching Staff

I know there were some people here who were interested in the coaching changes for Montebello football.


Head coach Pete Gonzalez was gracious enough to give the paper a second finalized list of his coaching staff for this year.

Gonzalez lost a couple of coaches recently to other programs but has a complete list here.

Pete Gonzalez – Head Coach/TE/Special Teams Coordinator
Jerry Chou – Defensive Coordinator
Chris Barrios – Linebackers
Peter Gonzalez – Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers
Michael McKay – QB Coach
Rafik Tmorossian – Running Backs
Esia Martinez – DB Coach
Butch Rodriguez – Defensive Ends Coach
Mike Dezire – Defensive Line Coach
Daniel Marquez – Offensive Line Coach
Gary Canales – Offensive Line Coach

Fresh Staff
Alfred Gomez, Christian Saenz, Warner Fowlkes, Derrick Gomez, Felix Angulo, Richard Aparicio, Frank Sivigny

Elizabeth Gonzalez, Chelsea Rendon, Alissa Rubio

Film Crew
Eric Gonzalez

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  • Anonymous

    just the way he brought st. paul down he is doing the same to mhs

  • SP

    You got that right!

  • LOL

    Congrats Pete, you found another sucker where you can suck the blood out of!!!


    Some of what you SP & Warren people LOL, are right in some of the things you say about pete. I didn’t hear those things when he brought you that championship, or when you were coaching with him. Lies and deciet ? how do you SP people think he got those players to come to SP. No players no championship. Him and that guy from los altos, were bringing in kids like that when coach A was still there. Is he a good football coach NO, can he talk to a kid and get him to go to montebello most likely. It does look like he picked up some good ex coaches from Eagle Rock better than what he had there last year.
    Just like at SP Gill will carry Warren and the staff to good things.

    Were you one of those suckers last year.

    I do not coach or have a kid who plays at montebello. I don’t have petes phone # don’t want it.

  • DRL Watcher

    To all the SP fans. Please, find the cover to the hole you came from, put it back on and seal that hole, so we wouldn’t your that hole of yours speak about NOTHING.

  • Anonymous

    Eagle Rock coaches good? LOL! They were the joke of their league. Marshall owned them. Pete should go back to the MTB Indians. Better not because then Pico will still own them.
    As for recruiting, he has the good players going to Schurr. The only thing good about the oiler program is their field. PERIOD!

  • Oilerville


    Why do you take away post when people defend Coach Gonzalez? It’s very clear what your agenda is. At least Roger Murray let people express themselves.
    Don’t let the truth take away from certain facts. Like how a certain coach left and went to Warren. People in our community don’t want that guy around there kids. We want him to resign as his post as President of Grant Rea park. We feel that it is a conflict of interest to do both. I will most certainly bring this up at the next city coucil meeting. As a matter of fact , I will start a petition at the park to have him removed. Is that better? I won’t use names so you don’t have to take it down this time. Or how another coach quit during the year and is now at Warren as well. Your quitting services are no longer needed.
    Campa, don’t forget why you became a journalist. To be non-biased and write all opinions. I hope this serves you well…….

  • Indianville

    Oilerville: I will petition to keep him aboard. He is exceptional, outstanding leader. You stick to your oiler program and we’ll stick to our Indian program.

  • DRL Watcher

    Please don’t the ugly rule by CIF (all sports- all the time) make start doing football stories in June.

  • krama

    Now the shoe is on the other foot. The Same guy you are trying to get out of the park was doing the same thing last year when he was on the montebello staff. He was calling and begging kids to go to montebello and some kids that do not know better and believed
    in him transfered and then he turns around and bails on them classic. Do not like rivas personally. Im just saying all of sudden it is unethical for him to run the indian program because he not directing the kids to go to montebello. Conflict of who interest.

  • 88 Oiler

    Hope this staff can restore that old OILER pride we once had? I’ve been a fan of and around H.S. football for years, and know a few and have heard of other coach’s on the current staff. But WHO is this DEZIRE guy? Where is he from?…And is that really his name?

  • Peter Gonzalez

    straight up the only reason that st.paul one a title was because i was calling the plays.hopefully i can take over for my dad next year and turn montebello around like i did at st.paul.your looking at the real GONZALEZ in cali yo.matter of fact i was callig the defensive plays too..gil jimenez who?

  • Oiler pride

    You SP people are a joke. Coach Gonzalez brought you a championship after a decade for crying out loud. Don’t care about your opinions I know SP is in big trouble. As far as the coaches who left my son says its for the best. I personally know Kevin Rivas from the Indians and thats all he is, a pop warner football coach no tears on our end. Good luck Oilers from your true suppporters.

  • saladays

    Oiler pride you are a Moron.

    If it weren’t for Rivas there would be no football teams in montebello winning anything.

    He was the best coach on their staff.

    Oiler pride

    Did you get fired because you were too lazy?

    Putting on sunglasses, cussing, and wearing a straw doesn’t make you a football coach. It just make you another idiot.

  • Oilerville


    Get real dude! Kevin Rivas Is nothing more then a Pop Warner coach. To imply anything else would be a bad judge of character. I don’t remember him ever doing anything at any level including Grant Rea park. Coaches are remembered by what they have done and I don’t remember a thing about Rivas. You will see how fast he comes running back as soon as Gil Jimenez starts to pull rank. Go watch them plactice and really see how much of his input in taken into account. Big flat goose egg! Zero, none. It is what it is…..Grant Rea park is where he shall be.

  • saladdays

    Oilerville you were supposed to reply as oiler pride!

    Can’t keep your screen names straight. Thanks for validating your idiocy.

    You bring up character but don’t even understand what it means.

    Instead of demeaning people who win and have done something.

    Enroll at ELAC and take some english classes.

    Your lucky to have Rivas running your Youth League.

  • Oilerville


    Wrong again guy. I only post as Oilerville. Get ur facts straight. You must be or related to Rivas because no one really cares about him as a coach. You make your own bed. Don’t blame me for his or your inability to coach. You or him are no- namers. Don’t make it bigger then it is because you act like were talking about a well known coach. He’s not. Just a little leaguer that jumped ship. I’ve seen it before.
    As for going to ELAC, no thanks. I already finished school. Grow up and thicken up that skin because like I said before, you will need it…

  • Anonymous

    Oilerville is either Peter or Snitch Joey….

  • Oldschool

    Anonymous ?

    Anonymous is a local idiot who cleans pools. Always second best. You were never any good. Things haven’t changed much for you as I can see. Get on with it Mr. Buttersworth.

  • 88 Oiler

    Ummm…I just want to know who this Dezire guy is and his coaching background. Anybody out there know anything about him? My boy is a year away from H.S football, plays the line, just want to know his (Deziers’s) experience.

  • saladays


    Your post makes no sense.

    Obviously you care about him or you wouldn’t be talking crap.

    I am neither him or related to him.

    I just get tired of people who do nothing like yourself bad mouthing people who are making things happen in the community.

    Rivas will be a fine head coach one day while you will just be you pathetic.

  • dezire is no coach

    Oiler 88,

    Mike Dezire was the freshmen D-line coach last year. The midget brougth him up, because he had no body else. As for how much he knows, I think you can see for yourself. I have to say he is a nice dude, but lacks experience on the Varsity level. So there you go. Make your decision regarding your son.

  • MTB football


    Please try and stay on topic. MTB football is all that’s important. Who cares about Kevin Rivas? He’s gone and already forgotten. He will never be a head coach anywhere. So stay on topic people …………

  • Seriously!!

    Who the heck is Kevin Rivas? Who cares!

  • alex




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