St. Paul Coaching Update

I know there are a few of you dying for some St. Paul info. Thankfully, coach Marijon Ancich obliged and announced his coaching staff.

38126-St. Paul logo.jpg

This was a hot-button issue earlier in the year when coaches were coming and going and it wasn’t sure whom would be on the Swordsmen 2010 staff.

Here’s the 2009 list                                                            Here’s 2010:
Rick Avina Jr. (DBs)                                          Visko Ancich (OC/QB/WR)
Rick Avina Sr. (WRs)                                         Rick Avina Jr. (DBs)
Ben Baca III (OL)                                               Lou Cabral (Offense & Special Teams)
Lou Cabral (RBs, WRs, Special Teams)             Oliver Cepeida (WRs)
Greg Governale (TE)                                         Rich Estrella (DL)
Cliff Heidrich (general help)                                Mike Jones (OL)
Casey Morales (OL)                                           Frank Quattrocci (TE/Tackles)
Jeff Reyes (DL)                                                  Anthony Wilson (LBs/Defense)
Chuck Willig (DC/LBs)
Greg Willig (QBs)

My commentary: Ancich spoke to the paper Friday and said there was some initial hesitancy to discus his staff early in the year because of his coach’s roles. While the coaching staff hasn’t changed much since January, each coach has a more-or-less defined role now, even though he said not every role position was set in stone.

I also had the fortune to speak with a few Swordsmen on Friday and came away impressed with our conversation. St. Paul has always had this institutional confidence (some say arrogance) about its football program that trickles down from administrators to teachers, coaches, fans and players.

The young men, however, weren’t arrogant at all. They understand the challenges of the new Del Rey League and know they’re in for a battle this year. They also know this season presents a rare chance for a couple of local teams (La Mirada and Schurr) to assert their own area dominance at the expense of St. Paul.

There’s also mounting pressure on this team due to back-to-back seasons without a playoff appearance. Yet, none of those details seemed to bother those players. Everyone seems focused with summer preparations.

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  • Anonymous

    who cares about St. Paul? If you hate St. Paul comment I hate St.Paul. This way Campa will finally stop promoting their sorry program

  • Coaches Corner

    Bishop Amat Lancer
    Class of 1990


  • La Mirada 09

    I hate st paul, and they are going down again

  • Anonymous

    I hate st. paul for their arrogance.

  • Cal Hi, i hate st paul

    Look it is obvious that no one respects sp, they are the clowns of the area, just look at every comment on every topic posted, they are like a third world school. They sp celebrate a new restroom being restored (basic requirements for any school) and a new baseball scoreboard but no scholar athletes, only a little over of a 100 kids so-call graduated. Not only will we kill them, so will everyone, easily!

  • We ARE St.Paul 91

    To my brothers and sisters, please don’t respond… Everyone loves to hate us, and that’s OK. Without us Whittier(area) football wouldn’t exist, and they know it…and it makes them angry because they don’t have what we have at St.Paul. They just don’t get it, how strong a family bond is, and that’s core of St.Paul.

    Good Luck Swordsmen, we have ur back and remember to hit and hit and hit!!!

    To everyone else go ahead and talk ur trash…We ARE St.Paul!!!

  • wow

    how could you say that st paul has a family bond and looks out for each other. Looking at the coaching list of 2009 a lot of Family members where not asked to come back and coach for the family.

  • Anonymous

    Played for Alemany 1998, and now coach there and i hate St Paul and not because of wins or losses but because they bring down the respect that people have for Catholic schools. That is why their alumni do not send their kids there. The Archdiocese should consider cutting them off completely, heard they will not help them with their school that is falling apart. Mrs. Barr found that out soon enough and ran.

  • SJB

    did we not destroy that Sp family bond and after a mass exodus. we hate Sp

  • Chaminade

    St paul is classic ghetto we went easy on them last year, the word pity. A regrettable thing or a feeling of mercy.

  • Ex Cal Parent

    Visco Ancich: Excellent addition.

  • http://yahoo Just Curious

    Does anyone know why 8 out of 10 coaches are not back in one years time? Also I thought the Willig’s were quality coaches. Why aren’t they back?

  • Anonymous

    We want what you have? So you are telling me that I want nothing. Your school is nothing, your alumni are nothing, your future is nothing. THANK GOD Coach A opened up this can of whoop ass on their own sorry school. So thank you Campa, keep supporting the sorriest program in all of so cal.
    To all the fake fans: these are not the 70s or 80s, this is now. Get over it!

  • SP Grad

    Yeah no one respects SP because everyone gets smacked by SP in this area, in any sport. The rest of this area shouldn’t say anything because they don’t play anyone to begin with. The Del Rio has the weakest competition possible. SP would run that league every year! Amat i really can’t say much because as a SP Grad i show respect to because they’re a great school and well coached in every sport! La Mirada, im not even going to get started with that! All i got to say is you won CIF against a weak school like Garden Grove. I mean I didn’t even know Garden Grove was even good, o yeah that’s because there not. The only sport they have over there is baseball! So don’t talk football and act like your coming up, because your not going anywhere!

  • Big Chief ~ and I HATE St Paul

    We ARE St.Paul 91 – How funny you said that we are all angry because we don’t have what you have but yet SP had to go out and steal away what others had to win their ring.

    Open mouth, insert foot!!!!

  • GWM

    To: Cal Hi
    St. Paul is a private school and relies heavily on the tuition it charges for the pupils. Those who desire to, and those who can afford it, pay the tuition. St. Paul is not blessed with the influence of tax dollars you and I pay. In this tight economy existing today, a declining enrollment occurs and improvements in the facilities get tougher to handle. Why do you think hundreds of teachers in our schools are getting their “pink slips”? The scoreboard was generously donated and much thanks go to the donor.

    You are dead wrong to imply that there are no scholar athletes at St. Paul. I know of them and I know some others personally. One individual scholar athlete I know received a scholarship to a major US university. The ones I am familiar with completed their classwork in a demanding college preparatory program. You should investigate the facts before you state untruths. It is also interesting to note that close to 90% of the 2010 graduating class is enrolled in college this fall. That is a wonderful thing. If you are interested in this kind of statistic and how the other schools stack up, I suggest you seek college enrollment statistics for the other area schools.

  • Sp parent

    To echo what GWM said, my kid at SP is a national scholar athlete in two sports. SP is going through some down seasons in athletics, but this is not why my kid attends St.Paul.Furthermore, some of my buddies whose kids attend other area schools would like their kid to attend SP, but because of finances, it’s not possible. Some parents last football season some parents were upset at the school administration for sitting out their kid. I commend the school for taking this stand and I would do the same to my kid.

  • GWM

    This is a correction to my previous entry. I stated “….close to 90% of the 2010 graduating class is enrolled in college this fall.” I was mistaken. I should have stated that close to 100%(actually 99%) of the 2010 St. Paul High School graduating class is enrolled in college this fall. This very high percentage of our young adults going on to college from St.Paul is a statistical tribute to the academic program they possess.

  • Anonymous

    Wow I hope you don’t teach basic math at SP.

    GWM said:
    This is a correction to my previous entry. I stated “….close to 90% of the 2010 graduating class is enrolled in college this fall.” I was mistaken.

    Its Ok GWM, just exhale; ten years ago SP was at 1500, maybe more in enrollment. Hope and faith will happen.

  • The Scoop

    *The Willigs were let go because Coach A wouldn’t let them open up the playbook. Coach A wanted to take the team in a direction different than the Willigs. Cryin’ shame if you ask me.
    *Casey Morales is now the AD and won’t be allowed an official coaching position. Coach A, Ms. Barr, and Mr. Crawley made this happen.
    *On a somewhat different note: Barr and Crawley were fired from their positions one week before graduation. Computers were seen being taken from their offices by agents. Beyond this, I can not speculate why. Although SP sent out a donation request letter to current parents a month before school let out saying “not enough funds were collected and funds are needed asap.” Even I can put 2 and 2 together!
    *Oh, and to clear up the asinine comment about the Archdiocese: funding provided to SP is a ratio based on enrollment vs. tuition charged and collected vs. need.

  • SP

    I love SP but I have to say this but we have seen the best of SP graduate. The class of 2010 is the last of the SWORDSMEN, football and everything else.

    When area schools are winning and sending their kids to Div.1 why send them to SP

  • Never lost to La Mirada

    Coach A has to go but the playbook must stay. Oh and by the way that was one of Saint Paul’s WORST TEAMS EVER in 2009 and the C.I.F champs La Mirada barely beat us…… Congrats on your first win EVER vs. the Swordsmen. Lets talk about all the years you ran from playing us you cowards.


    I thought st.paul was folding, heard enrollment was way down. I wouldnt send my kids to that school if it was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • SP parent

    While recently watching a St. Paul practice I’ve noticed alot of young new talent. The future for SP looks bright, I’ve heard around thatt some of the top incoming sophmores from the del rio league are transfering to SP

  • Anonymous

    I doubt there lots of new young athletes at St. Paul, Im an SP Alum, I blame people like Him&Her for the demise SP has been suffering, looks like the termination is here. No one wants to upgrade the school; not even educationally, if so we would start to draw at least the alum kids. However they look the other way as Him&Her, cessation, is in the works.

  • 10-23

    To Lancer for life > Your kids probably could not get in to St. Paul plus you don’t need prescriptions At La serna

  • Darron Veksler

    Funny you mentioned you don’t want to take creatine…it’s a natural occurring enzyme in the body, so is protein, and L-glutimane….but if your in an intense routine what the body makes isn’t enough to help you…I use all three because I quickly use up what the body produces daily…Protein is the basis for building muscle fibers….you’re born with all the fibers you’ll get. As you grow, they grow and you get bigger. If at a point in time you begin a program that pushes the body to make those fibers larger, what your body produces won’t be enough…Roids is a whole different world of processing…So far I haven’t had the need to go in that direction…

  • Martin Munz

    Can I quote you in my report for school?

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