This is Getting Lame

There are certain bloggers who just sap any fun out of blogging. And you guys know exactly who you are.

Here are the infractions sucking the life out of this blog.


Posting as Other People

Do I really have to go over this? C’mon. Let me make something clear. You will be banned if you post under the name of another coach, player or blogger. This is so childish and yet the number of people doing this has gone up. There were multiple comments yesterday of people claiming to be head or assistant coaches. This ends now. Let’s grow up here.


Multiple Posts by the Same Bloggers under Different Names

This infraction is not as bad as the first but it’s annoying because it kills conversation. I created a post two days ago about St. Paul football and had the same two bloggers posting under several different monikers “La Mirada, Cal, Alemany, SJB and Chaminade” and spewing the same garbage. This has happened on the Cantwell and El Rancho posts and several others. There are about 6-8 bloggers who continually attempt to hijack this blog and post several times under different names because they have no life. This isn’t a freedom of speech issue. This is a quality assurance issue and you guys are taking down this blog. If you don’t like an issue or a team, fine. Make your point and move along.


Profanity, Racism/Bigotry and Rumors

I’ve deleted some pretty good comments because the blogger chose to swear. Why? I have no idea. But let’s clean up the language. And using *** to block out one or two letters isn’t going to cut it. Just don’t curse and you should be fine. As for racism/bigotry, do I really need to say anything? As for the last point, I’ve also had to delete some fine posts because people continue to spread rumors that either aren’t true or haven’t been confirmed. If you allege someone has been fired for a reason that hasn’t been proven, your post will be deleted. If you allege some wrongdoing that hasn’t been proven, your post will be deleted. To be honest, I’m not going to catch everyone of these posts. If there’s a rumor that I missed, email or send me a comment.

Thanks for your time.

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