Camp Cantwell

I recently attended a Cantwell Sacred Heart passing league and walked away with a few impressions.



I’ve heard a lot about soon-to-be junior receiver Adam Aguirre and saw him in action against Bosco Tech and Cathedral last season.

Even in the summer passing league, Aguirre hasn’t failed to impress.

Aguirre is listed at 6-1, although he looks a little taller and he recently hit a high jump of 6 feet, 4 inches during the track season.

He hauled in an impressive 25-yard touchdown slant in Cantwell’s recent four-way passing scrimmage against the City Section’s Lincoln High.

He was most impressive against Pac-5 power Compton, however.

Aguirre dropped a perfectly placed lob from quarterback Christian Espinoza in the end zone after beating his receiver on a post-corner route.

Even though Aguirre was chewed out by coach Kim Taylor, he was undeterred.

He scored a touchdown versus Compton on Cantwell’s second drive and even got into a little healthy trash-talking with his defenders.

I anticipate he’ll learn to let his game do his talking.



Taylor speculated Espinoza added around 15-20 pounds of muscle during the offseason.

The 6-1 senior quarterback looks his fittest ever in a Cardinals uniform and it showed in his improved arm strength and distance.

“He put the work in during the summer,” Taylor said. “He’s improved a lot mentally and with his game understanding. It’s nice to see he complemented that knowledge with additional size and strength.”



While Cantwell has had decent to below-average defenses for a while, this unit easily looks to be the strongest under Taylor this season.

At the passing scrimmage, the Cardinals forced nine interceptions while allowing only five scores on seven drives.

The defense looked most stout when it kept Division 1 Compton out of the end zone in its opening 10-play drive.

Jonathan Mesa had two interceptions while Jacob Alaniz had back-to-back interceptions. James Becerra had three deflections while flying all over the field.



Taylor, who once was an assistant at Bassett under Pete Smolin, said he was pleased with Basett’s hire of Aubrey Duncan last month as head coach.

Taylor admitted that inquiries were made by sources close to the school about his availability before the bizarre hiring and resignation of Craig Cieslik, who was at Basset this summer for about a month before leaving.

“They have some talent over there, it’s just a matter of coaching,” Taylor said. “For years, the school has lost kids to other area programs like Bishop Amat. But I like Aubrey; I think he can certainly get it done.”

Editor’s Note: It’s on to Santa Fe for the next football camp article.

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  • Just a Fan

    Hey Andrew Cantwell is throwing against Lincoln. Compton is way down the past two year’s . Cantwell would get killed in a real game with Compton and they might lose to Lincoln who is a bit weak. Again it’s only passing league. Hiw come Cantwell isn’t in the Santa Fe Tourney with the big boys. You know why, because they will get destroyed.

  • Anonymous

    Cantwell isn’t in the santa fe because they are superior

  • Anonymous

    Oh yes, lol. Cantwell is superior to crespi, loyola, redondo, mira costa, lakewood, st. john bosco, san clemente and muir. Those are just some of the teams that participated that werent too superior. Cantwell grow up and beat just one team in the area. Which i don’t think you’ve done in my lifetime and then talk.

  • Just a Fan

    I forgot to mention Compton D1 is a double wing team and they do not pass. I guess that’s why Weak Cantwin looked good

  • Anonymous

    just a fan..
    you need to learn how to spell.

  • Anonymous

    Get your facts straight. Compton is not a double wing as of three years ago. They are a passing team. Cantwell looked awesome versus a passing team. PERIOD.

  • Just a Fan

    To Anonymous Cantwin Fan, Compton does not pass they are a Double Wing Tee Team. Call St. Paul Bishop Amat or Cathedral and see what they would do to Espinosa and Aguirre. Oh I can Spell Cantwin Cardinals.

  • The Truth

    Just a fan… Dude, get you head out of your ass. You are making statements without knowing your facts and talking about young men who are in H.S. For an adult, you’re behaving rather childish. Check your facts. Compton HS is a pass first run second offense with speedy athletes at every position. Lincoln is a very physical team and bowed down to Cantwell when they saw that Cantwell was more physical then they were. Both schools play in a hiher divison than Cantwell and yet Cantwell competed and were up to the challenge. Lastly, you want to talk about what Cathedral would do to Espinoza and Aguirre. Why don’t you ask Cathedral what those two did to them. Espinoza went 13 of 21 for 219yrds and 1TD. While Aguirre caught 4 passes for 45yrds. Pretty good numbers for some HS football players. How about you get a life and behave like an adult as oppose to bad mouthing teenagers. One more thing billy bad ass, why don’t you make yourself know instead of hiding behind your dumbass statements. Just a little food for thought.

    The Truth!!!

  • Just a Fan

    To Truth common man Cathedral could have killed you guys just like the year before when Cantwin had a better team. I am a St.Paul Grad and I don’t hide behind the posts. My cousin played for Cathedral and They had 7 starters out for Cantwin and they bdid not want to show Serra or Harvard Westlake anything that night. You Cantwin guys came to play but you saw as soon as the Phantoms went D-wing they scored 3 TD’s in less than two minutes. Cathedral could have beaten Cantwin by 80 if they wanted too. You guys are the kind of team anybody can put 3rd stringers in. You girls at Cantwin call anybody up from the Mission league D3 Cathedral,Serra,Harvard Westlake,St. Francis,Chaminade,St. Paul and see what would happen to Cantwin. I heard You Cantwell Girls even pulled out of a game with D13 Salesian. What a joke you Cantwin girls are.

  • Anonymous

    just a fan:
    Cantwell had a winning season last year. Did St.Paul? Thats right! They sucked

  • Just a Fan

    Look at the League St. Paul is in Mission D3. look at the Division Cantwell was in D11 Camino Real. If You are an Athlete why would Parent’s send their son’s to Cantwell,Bosco tech Salesian. Those school’s are in the bottom of the barrel and the Academics are a joke.

  • 10-23-

    To just a fan. What division are you in? If St. Paul was in it 23 or something. We would be the Champs every year.

  • Just a Fan

    The bottom 3 #1 Bosco tech Horrible Sports programs but Good Academics. #2Cantwell Weak Sports program except for the Girls Academics are below par. #3 Salesian Academics are a joke they let anybody in,their sports programs are good for Division 13 and they cheat by letting anybody in. If You as a Parent can afford Tuition, send them to a School with Great Academics and Great Sports. I can name a few of those school’s Loyola,Notre Dame,Cathedral,St.Francis,La Salle,Bosco Tech only for Academics but that School is not the same after the 5 year program is gone.

  • mr.

    to just a fan: you went to st paul?
    yeah i can tell, ; HATER, IMMATURE, and of course A SORRY ASS PUNK… where u the waterboy? or where you the immature ass whole nobody talked to

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