Prolonged Downturn for St. Paul/DRL?

Over the last few days, we’ve heard about the possibility of a prolonged economic downturn.

That got me thinking about area football.

Do the Chiefs have a run in them?

This upcoming football season might be the best in years with La Habra (Southwest Division), La Mirada (Southeast), Schurr (Mid-Valley) and Whittier Christian (Mid-Valley) all serious contenders for divisional crowns in their respective divisions.

Also, look at the prospects that have surfaced this past year.

You have La Mirada’s High Five, La Habra’s Michael Sparling and Cody Clements, Schurr’s Aaron Cantu, Cantwell’s Adam Aguirre and Whittier Christian’s Jeff Worthy along with others from these schools that will likely receive offers throughout the course of the year.

It should be a great year. But what’s missing?

Notice that St. Paul and the Del Rio League are missing from both the divisional contender and prospect list above.

Is this a trend or just a bad year? Cyclical or endemic?

When I first arrived in the area, the big stars were coming from the DRL and St. Paul? Remember Dwight Tardy (St. Paul) of Washington State, Nic Grigsby (St. Paul/California) of Arizona, Romeo Pellum (Santa Fe) of Washington State/Hampton and Nate Kimbrough (Santa Fe) of Arizona State? Even Tyler Hadden (California) of Hawai’i can’t be forgotten.

This season, however, is there anyone from the DRL and St. Paul that can be mentioned in the same breath as the aforementioned players? Are there any D-1 prospects? Do you see anybody down the line like that in 1-2 years? How about 3-4?

What about the teams? When I got here, St. Paul posted back-to-back semifinal appearances, with the second resulting in a CIF-SS Division 3 title. Santa Fe just missed out on a crown that Schurr ultimately claimed in 2006 and the Terris Jones-led Condors reached the semis in two of the last three years.

Is anyone going to make a run in the next couple of years? The best hope may be Santa Fe. The Chiefs always seem to have talent coming down the chute but haven’t really made a postseason run since 2006.

So, my question remains. Are St. Paul and the DRL just wading through a couple of rough years or is the beginning of a prolonged downturn?

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  • SP DAD

    If you win, they will come. And we haven’t been winning. So they ain’t coming. But, look for SP to have success the following season. A really good group of young players. But not enough experience to compete in their division this coming season.

  • Non-St. Paul Fan

    The reason St. Paul will not win anymore is no more rent a Player. Football Players who transfer into St. Paul leave after football Season and go back to their respective schools. That’s one thing that Mrs. Bar did right by cleaning the cheating at St. paul.


    That’s ok. Everyone can come over to Bishop Amat. I’m sure they can handle all the guys that want to transfer over. Heck, have the girls come to. It’s just a matter of time!

  • Anonymous

    Any school that offers to pay for their students tuition is considered cheating. So Amat is right there also. If you think the school’s are not helping with tuition, then you are in denial. St. Paul is one to get hit hard. Wait until Cathedral, Amat, and Cantwell get caught.
    I have proof. Better yet, post the question as to how many schools are paying for at least one student’s tuition. You will not be surprised by the response.

  • Slow down.

    Slow down Campa. The del rio league is not on a downturn. typically the del rio league has sent an average of about one kid to a division 1 football program every other year. Nothing as of yet suggest a downturn from that average. Don’t forget many of those division 1 kids you were mentioning weren’t even from the area (Grigsby, Pellum, Kimbrough all transfered into the league. The fist two not till their senior years). It’s not a downturn. As a del rio league fan i would have to say the league is right on par with how it always is and that is average.

  • Sports Fan Original

    All parochial schools do it. If St. Paul does not does not, it may very well hurt their chances of competing with the schools who do.

  • Anonymous

    Amat will Shine,

    Better believe it Amat is taking any Tom,Dick and Harry of the street, best believe it. For instance 2 kids that were expelled from a school for academics are now at Amat, NIIIIICE!!!! Win at all costs….

  • St.Paul Ex

    Non STPaul fan,

    The other thing she did was get fired for stealing funds from the school. She was never any good for SP and now that’s the reality..

  • Ffan

    Campa i guess u can say the same thing about whitter blogs…(No disrespect to you)If u look back when this blog started in 06 everyone blog to support each other and to get info…now everyone talks smack and its getting old…just take a look at other blogs, its nothing like this one…I’m sorry but being from the area its pathetic…u have a couple of punks that are bringing down this blog…before u had 70 to 90 comments now ur lucky to get 20! just look at the archives…

    All you have to do write about St.Paul good or bad then everyone comes out to blog just think of it. Why is that? I’m not defending St.Paul they don’t need help…they have the best football history to back it up…look at their schedule for the past 10 yrs campa do the research…no one in the area comes close at what they’ve done…they beat amat back to back LB poly Mater dei,bosco,alemany,notre dame,crespi,chaminade,banning,and the list goes on…
    Their down right now so what…they’ll be back.

    I here enrollments down naturally,look at the economy, people are losing their jobs, why pay if u can send ur kid to school for free(tax payer money)because parents care and sacrifice for their kids…I here people say well they stole them from us and pay for them to play football, sounds like ur jealous, get over sure no one force them to go to St.Paul…and to amat, shut up already ur not that great…the only reason u have a better enrollment than St.Paul is because where ur located ur the only decent school around…Parents from Whittier area have Cal, la serna, La habra, St.Paul,la mirada to choose from…Whittier too I guess. That makes a big differents.

    Anyone who straps on the helmet on Friday nights deserve all our respect…good luck to the kids…

  • SP DAD

    Sports Fan Original… Your absolutely right! All parochial schools pay for players to attend their programs. In order for SP to compete in “league”, they have to do the same thing. These other public schools in this area complain about it. But they don’t uderstand that the teams SP plays are doing the same thing. St. Francis, Gardena Serra, Cathedral, that’s just to name a few…

  • NonSt. Paul Fan

    Yes st. paul Dad every Private school has financial aid. Most other Private school’s have Integrity and don’t let kids in for Football season alone,and let them go back like St. paul use to do. There are a hand full of Catholic school’s who have no morals, St. paul,Cantwell,Salesian and Gardena Serra.

  • xSP Dad

    NonSt. Paul Fan ,

    I keep reading your posts regarding players coming for football and then leaving. Can you please identify players that have done this at SP? I have been around for a long time and hav never heard of this.


    I just have one question for all of you who think AMAT is giving away all this tuition money to transfers. Where does this money come from . Enrollment is down at all parocial schools from elementary to high school . sp people should know this as well because Msgr used to be principal of sp and we all know how tight he is with our money and for him to give it up for all this free tuition for football just isn’t going to happen. Also if you sp people want to drag yourselves down on that issue fine but don’t bring us down in the slime with you . And to you Ffan you shut the hell up . st slime will never hold a candle to us and the tell tail sign is sp refusing to play us this season for fear of the whipping they would get . I never in all my years thought I would see the day when the slime would refuse a chance to get AMAT in a game but I guess that is a sign of how bad it is at the slime pit these days.

  • Ffan

    Think Twice…

    Ok, I’ll shut up as soon as you guys win a championship…you bring up a good question about St.Paul, maybe its the same reason why u stop playing Servite…u got ur butt kicked 35-7 in 05!!! U haven’t played them since. Amat u have a good football history too ok I admit it, but their was time u guys were in a slump just like St.Paul…you both have similar football history,both should be proud.

    I’m just saying…let me know

    Have good day!

  • Area Observer


    Please stop with the blinders. Amat at this point in time allows anyone to enroll for the sake of winning. Alumni scholarships are being distributed to transfers, stop kidding yourself. I could care less about SP but for the talent they get at SP compared to what Amat gets you should be able to win every game against them. I am a believer that once Marijon retires and they hire a coach that has ties to the local area things will turn around immediately at SP. Interesting thing is to see if Ancich will retire after this season. I wish Amat would play La Habra so that they can get a taste of the best team in the area, which coincidentally has strong ties to the SP program.

  • Anonymous

    SP dad are you kidding us? hahahaha! talk about turning the cheeck. LOL


    You should know that when the oc trinity league was formed we were on the outs because they claimed the travel was too much for them . We have no problem facing Servite or any other oc school as you can see how we took care of O Lu in pre league and MD in the playoffs last season . Yes we did go thru some tough times a few years back but it had more to do with coaching ( I know you know the feeling on that dealing with Ancich ) then not having the talent. You are right that we haven’t won a championship and even you have to admit winning one in the Pac-5 is much tougher then winning one in d-4 or lower, but with Hags we are now on the right course.

  • Ffan

    You Should Know

    Ok, I can’t agrue that…I’ll be watching, best of luck Amat.

    See people that is what a blog should look like…

    Campa would do you think? Clean house!!!


    You are absolutely correct. This is the way the blog should be . Yes I kind of went off a little with the st slime but you know that’s the Lancer in me . But I must say it would be nice if we could just keep it on track on the blog . I normally am on Fred’s site but man it’s like WW III sometimes over there with the insults flying around . I thought Aram’s would be better but a lot of bull slinging there also . Let’s just talk football and give one’s opinion on teams but in the proper perspective and it would make blogging a whole lot better. One good thing I can say about this side is there is not too much bagging on the kids as there is on the other 2 sites. On that aspect Campa does a great job.

  • The lineman at SP average about 5’9 200 lbs, but these kids will still be able to compete. Sure most SP fans wish things were different,but lets face it, you play with the kids you have. There’s no youth football program that feeds into the school nor the usual transfer. This season may be tougher than the previous season, but don’t give up on our kids. Never mind what others say about the team, come out in big numbers and support the team. Every school in the area has had down years, but they don’t last forever.
    Go Swordsmen!

  • Non-St. Paul Fan

    To SP Dad, I will give you 1 name Aubry Haynes Diamond Ranch. St. Paul left him High & Dry.


    In the day when St.Paul was a top tier program things were way different, than now. They had the best coaching and played the beast teams and regularly beat them. Long Beach Poly, Carson, Banning, Servite, Mater Dei, Bishop Amat etc. were all programs St. Paul had success with and, also lost too. The economy was good and parents could afford to send their children there. Since then the programs in the are have upgraded themselves, considerably. Santa Fe, La Habra (SP connection)even Cal Hi.are all much better than before. You can go to a public school and get coaching and a chance to move on, for free. This economy only makes matters worse for private schools. That’s the way it is out West, in the big city. Any young man who straps it on Friday nights deserves our respect and the men who sacrifice their time and energy deserve the same. Some DO, others criticize.

  • Anonymous

    Non-St. Paul Fan,

    Wait Aubrey graduated from SP. I understand Pete didn’t do anything for his players, but don’t come on this blog fabricating stories of players playing and leaving after the season.



  • Ffan

    Once a swordsmen…

    I don’t think the coaching should be blame entirely,St.Paul been around since 1958…Coach A took over in 1960 and left in 81…then it was Walker,Ready olmedo,henke(he was horrible)and Coach A return. Coach A is the one that put SPHS on the Map. The problem I see is st.Paul doesn’t have the resources (players) like they did in the past. You have kids on the Team that are going both ways now,sophomores playing key position, that was unheard of back in the days no sophomores would Start on Varsity unless you were a stud…its not the kids fault who’s only 15yrs old going against a senior who 17 or 18…big difference. I remember St.Paul freshman team in the 70’s 80’and 90’s you had at least 75 to a 100 kids that would come out to play. now 30??? maybe.

    I’m not saying St.Paul doesn’t compete, they have tremendous heart (that’s is why Im a loyal FAN) and they’ve earn the respect of the area …well at least the old school fans. Younger generation has no clue of SPHS. But what that said SPHS can’t keep up w/ Amat, Servite, their just to strong(They better kick La mirada ass)

    The only way St.Paul will get its old glory back if enrollment increase period.

    I remember the day when u would see a swordsmen walking to 7-11. you can always tell because of their shaved heads, I always like that about them…they didn’t look like thugs they caring themselves respectfully.

    …increase enrollment and were back…Amat watch out!!!

  • Andrew

    Dont be stupid once a swordsman said;

    St Paul could never say they beat Long Beach Poly regularly, SP could triple their wins in CIF Championships and quadruple by ten times of kids who have went to the next level, not to mention the over 50 players that have played in the NFL from Poly, you are a fool!

  • thanksforpostingthiscampa

    You wanted some football?
    Well here’s something from the desk of our ace reporter in Whitter, Andrew Campa, about the upcoming East Los Angeles College Shootout, a three-day passing league tournament at ELAC. The tournament, which concludes Saturday, will include local teams Baldwin Park and Rosemead. The tournament kicks off with a coaches’ social tonight at ELAC’s Ingalls Auditorium at 7 p.m., and it will feature former USC and Los Angeles Rams coach John Robinson as a guest speaker.
    The tournament will feature CIF-Southern Section teams and Los Angeles City Section teams. It will open with pool play, with City Section teams playing on Thursday, beginning at 4 p.m., with the CIF-SS teams meeting on Friday, also at 4 p.m. The bracket portion of the tournament will be on Saturday, beginning at 8 a.m. The championship game is scheduled for 2 p.m.

  • Anonymous

    No;…once a Swordsmen…. when most people, even from the St Paul relatives run into a Swordsmen realize, that these kids are arrogant. Shaved heads or not, they think there are better than the rest of any community they live in, thats what SP teaches. That kind of thinking is the root to all racially prejudice. So once a Swordsmen think!!!!!!

  • Hank

    Joe Morales also graduated from SP and speaks very highly of the school.

  • Anonymous

    What part of this is a St.Paul/DRL blog don’t u understand? Whats wrong with you? Cantwell deny your son’s application? You can’t be a moron to attend that school.


    To Andrew, with all do respect, read what I said again. I was Talking about SP when they were one of the best programs in the state, late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. In those days they competed very well with those teams I mentioned and won often. I was pointing out how things had changed and, obviously, they have not competed at that level for years. Real fans stick with their teams in good times and bad. To Ffan I don’t believe I blamed coaches for their problems. I praised coaches for raising up, some, of the local programs. I agree if SP wants to compete at a high level they have to increase their enrollment. My point was in these economic times that is going to be tough. Sometimes confidence and pride are confused with arrogance. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the upcoming season and I wish the best for all the local program, except when the play SP of course.

  • LS FAN

    La Serna almost just won the marina tournament but fell short to state champions Serra in the championship game 33 to 20, their passing attack looked tremendous…Go La Serna boys!

  • Dan

    I see a lot more arrogance in your post than in “Once a swordsmens” post. Do you really believe every kid from St. Paul believes they are better than their community?
    “Once a Swordsman” is correct, there was a day when St. Paul could have beaten LB Poly with regularity, maybe not every year, but they could hold their ground with any team in So. Cal. in the 60’s and 70’s and part of the 80’s no stupidity at all in his post.

  • Good turn out today at the SP football camp. Even with horrendous heat the kids were pumped up and ready to go.
    Thanks players,parents,coaches,and families for coming out and supporting all the players.
    God Bless all the teams in their upcoming season.

  • Mission Fan

    What is going to happen to St. Paul now that the Mission league looks tuffer than ever. Not only do you have State Champion Gardena Serra in the new league but I hear Chaminade has been recruiting like never before. Also, I heard the Cathedral Phantoms have their best team in year’s and are huge alot of D1 talent but they are young. I believe the new Facilities and Academics have helped Cathedral get alot of kids. Good luck to st. Paul because they are going to need it.

  • Anonymous

    Dan why would anyone care what you think or see? Facts are facts, SP could never measure up to Poly. Voted the best sports high school in a 100 years (SI) and has graduated more students than any school in the Nation. I say stay within yourself when you blog.

  • guru

    Man the Del Rio League has never been able to compare to the Suburban League where all the real athletes are! When was the last time anyone from the Del Rio League was drafted how about last time anyone from St. Paul was drafted????? I mean really the Swordsman last really great team was there 2000 team and the 2007 team was hand picked none St. Paul kids. Guys like Morales, Estrella, Wilson, and Holoway where all guys who where 4 year guys from St. Paul. Either way all I know is we will find out which league is better when La Mirad Crushes Cal High, La Serna, and St. Paul. Grow up Del Rio Fans !! You have always been 2nd Best!


    Anonymous, My son went to Cal High and played football there. I have to tell you I saw a lot of arrogance coming from Santa Fe and La Serna. I worked the chain gang for Frosh and JV games SOME of there fans were very arrogant, especially Chief fans, maybe because they were so successful. I guess arrogance is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Football Guru

    What’s up for St. Paul. Will they be any good this coming season. The New League with Tuff teams Serra,Cathedral,St. Francis,Chaminade,Harvard Westlake is going to be a battle.

  • Just Facts

    Guru: Why do Del Rio fans need to grow up? There is not one on here talking trash like you are. The las time someone got drafted out of the del rio league was probably Adam Snyder La Serna High School class of 2000 by the San Francisco 49ers. To awnser your question. I would suggest facts are facts over the last 6 years the del rio league is 15-7 against the the suburban league. And an abouve .500 record against La Mirada. So relax please. And if you are going to accuse leagues as being weak and accuse people of needing to grow up. Please be a grown up and submit facts on why the suburban league is better as i have. Las time i checked the point of the game is to beat the team in front of you which is what del rio league has done 15 out of the 22 times they played the suburban league. JUST THE FACTS.

  • RONI


  • Football Guru

    Hey Roni why are You putting down Cathedral. They have Great Academics and are a Private school not run by the Archdioses of Los Angeles. Cathedral has the Great Academia as their brother School La Salle of Pasadena. I will tell you this Roni,If a kid get’s kicked out for grades at Cathedral,St. Paul Cantwell,Salesian,and Gardena Serra take them in. The only one’s who have some Integrity are Bosco Tech.

  • With the school enrollment and economic downturn, the freshman classes have been down. There’s not much dept on many of the athletic teams. Transfers are really limited, many families are opting out for public schools.Take for example the Alvarez kid at La Serna from Amat.Many kids are playing out of their attendance area. St.Paul will be a very young team that will be thrown into the lion’s den, but just like your kid, these kids wont quit. Much luck to all the area schools. Good luck to all the area schools.

  • Mission Fan

    Be Real,Cathedral’s Academics and New Facilities along with strong Alumni Tradition that’s where I would send My Son. St. Paul has gone down hill with poor facilities and Academics are so so. Go to (Phantom and check it out for yourself. Also, Cathedral has 740 Enrollment and they don’t need to be Co-ed like St. paul to survive.

  • It started all with football and coach Pearson and brother Jerome. He brought in some transfers from S.Gate and built up the football program and began winning, winning, and winning. He almost won a CIF title against Bishop Union, but hasn’t come close since then. Being in the inner-city is a great recruiting base, plus hosting a few combines makes a big difference. The academics are not any stronger than any other nearby public school. Sure Cathedral’s been doing well as of lately,but years ago you guys weren’t doing so well. You also benefit from the closing of Pater Noster and tuition paid by happy football alumni.

  • Amat will Shine

    Cathedral is a joke waitr till we get a hold of them. They think they are improving they take anyone that can play…..Bring it Phantoms….

  • Phantom Fan

    To St. Paul Parent no need for name calling. How can You say Cathedral’s Academics are like a public School. Check us out 98% of Grads go onto 4 year Institutions. We are a School on the rise and are doing great. We at Cathedral send alot of kids to play at the next level D1,D2 or d3. It does not matter where you go is what a person makes of it. Go to Phantom and check out Cathedral High school. We have Television Production and Our New Computer lab is the 3rd best in the State of California. Yes we bring in Transfers every year but not more than 5 or 6. We are not like Amat where they let in anybody. good luck to St. paul.

  • What?

    Give me a break with the great Amat team for 2010! I watched them play La Serna, Mtn View, and Pioneer and they were very average. There skill position players are small and their db’s were exposed by LS receivers. Spare me the great QB story. If you think that you are going to compete with the teams you are going to play, unless your line is good, you are in for a long season.

  • Guru

    Hey Just Facts!

    You are looking a. Record that is dumb cause one school glenn owns 8 of those losses and to date that is the most by any school now let’s look at the Present High Profile Athletes from the Suburban League! NBA Josh Childress (Mayfair) Jason Kapono (Artesia) NFL Alterraun Verner (Mayfair) Ed Dickson(Bellflower). Those are the most recent to date. Now as far as trash talking yes I will because our League Champion Beat yours by 18 points in Football. Enough Said oh and just the Facts the Suburban League was 3-0 last year against the Del Rio League.

  • Just the facts

    Guru: I thought we were talking about football? Not basketball. Two players? The way you were talking i though you guys were sending them to the league in record numbers. I also we were talking about whole leagues. And you failed to mention La Mirada that league champion your talking about has a losing record against the del rio league as well as your second place team Norwalk who has been dominated by La Serna. Your right head to head doesn’t count. Just your opinion because your opinion is everything huh. Hey when did you graduate? Get over high school football and hating already. Its kind of embarrising. I respect the suburban league. What are you 30 years old talking trash on high schoolers from the del rio league and there 16 and 17 year old players.

    Campa we really could use some positive contributers to this blog and not guys who spew garbage from there mouths.


  • Just the facts

    Guru: Also check your false facts. 1-3 against the del rio league and John Glenn only had 4 of those losses. Hey but its ok Just lie and double it so that you argument sounds better lol. Hey just spew any garbage that comes off teh top of your head. And yes talk trash because we all know how much you personally had to do with those Suburban League victories.

  • Gu

    Here Just the Facts Stop Looking at Max Preps!

    2000 Santa Fe 42 Glenn 14
    2001 Santa Fe 35 Glenn 14
    2002 Santa Fe 55 Glenn 7
    2003 Santa Fe 35 Glenn 14
    2004 Santa Fe 56 Glenn 0

    2006 La Serna Beats Glenn
    2007 La Serna Beats Glenn
    2008 La Serna Beats Glenn
    2009 Glenn 38 Pioneer 3

    Too my Knowledge that is 1-8 not sure where you got 1-3 from and hey you know what I should know all about La Mirada and I don’t ever remember when I played for coach Mele and graduated in 2003 ever Losing to a Del Rio League School?. Either way seems like you can agree Suburban is a better league in Football but again we will way because they are in the same division for the Playoffs and I am done!

  • just the facts

    guru: Apparently you didn’t read I just said in the last 6 years. I suggest you work on your comprehension skills. I’m sorry you still have to prove something after what? 7 years out of high school, you still go on here to bash high school kids from other leagues? I agree i don’t remember La Mirada loosing to del rio league schools during that period of time but how many did you play? Please grow up. And concentrate on supporting the suburban league and not hating on another league. Its possible to support and encourage your team without being a hater on others. When your fourty are you still gonna be wearing your varsity jacket at games talking about how some kid can’t compare to how you used to be lol?

  • Real Deal

    Non-St. Paul Fan said:
    To SP Dad, I will give you 1 name Aubry Haynes Diamond Ranch. St. Paul left him High & Dry.?

    Get real guy! Aubrey Haynes was a good HS player. But that’s it. He was and still is way to slow to play running back at that level. A lot of coaches came to see him and left quickly . College Coaches are not going to give scholly money to a RB that a good lineman can catch. It will never happen. SO take that dream somewhere else…

  • Dan

    Andrew / Anonymous,
    Who cares what I think? I think you do, otherwise you wouldn’t respond to my post. Silly Boy
    You want facts? Heres one; from the mid-late 60’s all the way thru to the early 80’s St. Paul was a better football program than Long Beach Poly. Now go ahead and make a fool of yourself and try to disprove that.

  • what?

    2 years ago La Mirada got beat by La Serna and last La Mirada beat La Serna.
    The same with Cal high. Am I missing something?

  • Anonymous

    SP did not leave Aubrey Haynes high and dry like some of you claim. He was offered by several schools including Utah who wanted him at fullback but because he thought he was the next great tailback at USC he spurned all the other offers and when the SC offer never came…it was too late.

  • can i jump in

    Poly has 18 CIF (D1) football Rings, but the years 1958,1959,1980,1985, “Champ years”, in those years as now, Poly sends 8to10 players “a year” to the next level more than any school in the Nation. In addition, they have been in the finals more than any school. Lets be honest, from 1996 till now Poly has won 35 CIF D1 Rings and 17 State Titles, in many sports, in just that short of a span, wow. In the 60’s and 70’s poly’s thorn in the side was El Rancho who knock them from the playoffs, they were both in the same league, only league champions went to the playoffs.

  • Anonymous

    you were proven wrong. now go jump off a bridge! loser

  • Dan

    Your still confused buddy, and you don’t seem to comprehend very well, In the 60’s 70’s and early 80’s, which to clear things up for you, would be the years 1960 to 1984, St. paul was able to make it to the Big 5 or 4A title game 5 times winning 3 Championships, 2 outrite and 1 Co-championship with El Rancho which is a game that I saw as a kid. In that same time span Poly made it there once and was blown out by Servite.
    Poly’s championship in 80 was in a lower division where they beat Santa Barbra, they had another appearance in that same lower division the year after and lost to Santa Monica. So in that particular time span, from 1960 to 1984 how can you not say that St. Paul was the stronger program?

  • Anonymous

    Therefore, a 50 something is on here to squabble about his high school or HS days with a mere kid, you are a Neanderthal. Youre not talking about Oxford in England Dan as if you were a Rhode-scholar. However, a school that has went from 1500 to 400 and still dropping in enrollment, poignant.
    Look the 1985 Poly Championship, Poly beat SP like a drum (LBP 41, SP 7 and it was late 7) and SP was out of the playoffs, in your so-call lower division. Now hold on to your pacemaker you are entitle to your opinion but not your own fact, but you went to SP were mendacious is taught right.
    Here are some facts not opinion:
    Notable alumni

    Athletes Baseball
    Milton Bradley[5]
    Oscar Brown
    Ollie Brown
    Chris Gwynn[5]
    Tony Gwynn[6]
    James McDonald
    Randy Moffitt[5]
    Chase Utley[5]
    Charlie Williams, MLB Umpire[7]
    Tyus Edney
    Tony Gwynn
    Mack Calvin
    Jasmine Dixon
    Monique Oliver
    Terrance Austin[6]
    Darnell Bing[8]
    Willie Brown
    Mark Carrier[6]
    Antoine Cason (attended)
    Hershel Dennis[8]
    Tony Hill
    DeSean Jackson[6]
    Winston Justice[6]
    Marcedes Lewis[6]
    Earl R. McCullouch
    Willie McGinest[6]
    Samie Parker[6]
    Marquez Pope[6]
    Ken-Yon Rambo
    Don Sams
    Jeff Smith
    Omar Stoutmire[6]
    Pago Togafau[9]
    Gene Washington
    Antavius Weems[6]
    Manuel Wright[9]
    Samantha Larson[10]
    Billie Jean King[6]
    Peter Tomasulo
    Opera Singer Marilyn Horne
    Actress Barbara Britton (Brantingham)
    Musician, producer and music director Dustin Moore[11]
    Mexican Spanish-language Banda singer Jenni Rivera “La Diva de la banda”
    Mexican regional singer Lupillo Rivera
    Actress Cameron Diaz[6]
    Rapper Snoop Dogg[6]
    Actor Percy Daggs III[12]
    Actor Carl Weathers,[13]
    Writer Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston [14]
    Actor and Academy award winner Van Heflin
    Musician Spike Jones

    Filming location
    Long Beach Poly has been a backdrop for many television commercials and shows as well as motion pictures. Some of the uses of the location include:
    The Craft (film) (1996)
    American Beauty (1999)
    American Pie (1999)
    The Insider (1999)
    The Other Sister (1999)
    Even Stevens (2002) Episode 3.15 “The Big Splash”
    Simple Plan (2002) Music Video I’m Just A Kid
    P.O.D. (2003) Music Video Will You
    Love Don’t Cost a Thing (2003)
    MTV’s MADE (2004) Episode 5.1 Surfing Selena
    Monster Garage (2004) Monster Nation 2 1966 Volkswagen Bug / Dune Buggy
    Sleepover (2004)
    Cold Case (2004) Episode 1.22 “The Plan”
    Juicy Fruit (2005) CPR Dummy Steals gum Commercial
    Coach Carter (2005)
    Cold Case (2006) Episode 3.12 Detention
    Navy NCIS (2006) Episode 3.18 Bait
    Paris Hilton (2006) Music Video Nothing In This World
    Miss/Guided (2007) Ashton Kutcher TV Pilot
    Nancy Drew (2007)
    Mind of Mencia (2007) Stereotype Olympics
    Boston Legal (2007)
    Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood (2008)
    Cold Case (2008) Episode 6.2 “True Calling”
    Fired Up (2009)
    Oreo (2010)
    Just to name a few Dan, but bias bigotry racists will not let you see or anyone for that matter, I included.
    PS. Dan
    Polytechnic has long been distinguished in both academics and athletics. The PACE program and the CIC magnet program boast more total University of California admissions than any other high school in California. In 2005, Sports Illustrated Magazine named Polytechnic the “Sports School of the Century”, which applauds Polytechnic’s badminton, baseball, basketball, football, track, cross country, and other sports programs. Polytechnic has also received numerous prizes for its music program, including multiple (6) Grammy Awards, 2 of them being “golden signature” grammy awards. Long Beach Poly has also sent more players to the NFL than any other high school in the country.[

  • Anonymous

    Because Servite was the king of the mountain back then not st. paul
    courtesy of
    so let me see, servite ruled then and they have always hung around. looks like the all time list should be
    1. Servite
    2. Mater Dei
    3. Bishop Amat
    4. Eisenhower

  • K


    Is there a WDN preseason top 10 on the way? I see your boys at the Trib and Star are each doing their own, and we know AT has his all encompassing top 25. But what about just WDN schools?

  • Anonymous

    good idea K
    put Cantwell at the top

  • Dan

    Anonymous/Andrew, one in the same right?
    Not particularly a fan of St. Paul, nor did I go there, but once played and was a fan of local high school football, some people get into pro football, I get into highschool football. I grew up in that area and can respect a great football program when I see one, in those days they were a great program.
    What brought me into this particular thread was your post that kids from St. Paul were arrogant and that they think they’re better than their community. If you really think that then you may have some growing up to do. Seems like you have a need to name call when someone write’s something you disagree with, so you tell me who is being the neanderthal here? Hopefully you don’t carry yourself this way in life.
    For your sake I hope you really are a kid, if so then that explains some of your post. Also if you really are a kid then my apologies, maybe I should have caught on to that, I assumed that you were some young adult making some bonehead post. If your not a kid, but instead some young adult then you still have some issues in your life to deal with, good luck with that.
    Now back to the point I’ve been trying to get through to you. Where on this thread has anyone compared the total history of St. Paul and Long Beach Poly. Go back and read the post that were written. I’ve been well aware of the history of Poly and I never once mentioned that ST. Paul has a greater school history, nor did “Once a swordsmen”, Nor did anyone ever mention that St. Paul could compare total number of titles to Poly over the schools total history, which is what you keep trying to do. What was mentioned on my part was that during a particular timespan, which I will refer to St. pauls elite years the better program was St. Paul.
    By the way, Poly’s 1985 Title would count as the mid eighties, not the early eighties, my statement was from the 60’s, on thru the “EARLY” eighties St Paul was a better program, like I said thats 1960 thru 1983 or 84, no offense but you seem to be having a problem grasping this idea. After the early eighties St. Paul started on a downward trend. So their elite status was ending. During this particular timespan that was mentioned, Poly couldn’t get to the big dance except for one time while St. Paul had 5 appearances and 3 titles to go with it. I’m talking the Big 5 or 4a division, not the lower divisions which Poly had been dropped into during that period which in Poly’s case was called the Coastal division. As for the other teams you mentioned, Servite, made it to the Big 5, or 4A division title 3 times winning two championships, Amat had 4 appearances during this timespan with 2 Championships, Mater Dei had 1 appearance and won, and Eisenhower didn’t make it during this period. Now remember that the time period I’m talking about is back during St. Pauls heyday which was the 60’s 70’s & early 80’s so I would say that St. paul was better than those schools during that time period too.
    To clear things up for you, the whole point thats being made here, is that there was a time when St. Paul was one of the elite programs. They aren’t anymore Most are well aware of that. “Once a swordsman” was making the same point when you felt the need to intervene.

  • ER Don


    You’re a moron!!! I played at El Rancho in the mid 60s and I can agree with Dan. No way in hell would Poly come close to the dominance that SP had in the 60s, 70s, and up to 1983. Your arguement is weak and it is all over the place. Poly is a great school no doubt but please stick to the football. When you have the largest enrollment in the nation you should be able to produce high quality alums. The arguement that Dan is making is the win loss differential at the mid turn of the century. Your arguement for the other parochial schools is alos mute they were non factors at the time, look it up. SP as down as it is now has a storied history of the past and no one can take that away from them. They has De La Salle type success back in those days. I live out of the area now but I can recall a great rivalry between ER and SP back in the day, Many ER alums went on and sent their kids to SP such as Frank Mazzotta and others. Please get your facts straight then come up with educated answers.

  • Sports Fan Original

    What a battle! Both schools are historic. Poly continues its dominance while St. Paul has lost it.

  • Andrew

    Hey, Dan, once a swordsmen and now er don, I was born at nigh but not last night, how could too old farts who claim not to be from SP but will come out of their retirement and blog resiliently and defend SP like if they are defending their first born. Does SP control this blog as Amat controls the SGV blog?
    PS. of your both spelling and syntax are weak take that!

  • Anonymous

    dan get a life and move on. your posts are long and pointless. spend time with your family. life is short to be so bitter

  • Anonymous

    OK guys, thank you for the history lessons. Can we get back to the present?

    Most teams are going on their 3 week break next week. Based on what you have all seen how do our area teams look? And can we stay away from the name calling and putdowns? Lets talk some football.


    Dan, thanks for writing it, much, better than I did. My main point is that, in these economic times, it will be very hard for SP to get the student population needed to become a top tier program again. Many of the local public schools have upgraded their programs. A parent can send their football playing sons to good programs for free. Andrew Campa’s question was can SP come back to past glory. My answer is it will be very tough. I have often wondered why in a district with several high schools, one could dominate the others. Then I found out that Poly is a magnate school. So, no matter where you live in the district you can go to Poly. That and good coaching has done it for them.

  • Yes,there are public schools similar to Poly that can get scholar-athletes into their school and feed them into athletic programs. Families with various incomes can take advantage of these tax-paid public schools, who can blame them? People forget St.Paul parents choose to pay school tuition, but have no choice when it comes to support public schools with their tax dollars. The economy has really hit St.Paul families hard, football is not the only program being affected, but we still have to support all the kids. Football SP will eventually bounce back, but more money will have to be raised, we get ZERO tax payer dollars.

  • Dan

    Anonymouse/ Andrew,
    Nice deflection, think your finally getting the point, always fun to give a history lesson to some of you whippersnappers, now get off this board and get back to class.


    I’m proud to say that I’m a SP alumnus and have followed the school’s athletic program for a long time. I’m a California High football fan because my son played there. I have a great deal of respect for what they’ve done with the program at La Habra. I hope to make a game or two of theirs this season. What I tried to do was respond to Andrew Campa’s original question. I gave my opinion and why I came to the conclusion. I have not read what Andrew or Anonymous (I too think the same person) think about the original question and why the came to the conclusion they did. Are St. Paul and the DRL just wading through a couple of rough years or is the beginning of a prolonged downturn? Answer the question and why.

  • on

    Upon further review: SP vs. LB Poly 1968 SP 28-6, 1969 SP 19-6, 1970 SP 26-0, 1971 SP 28-0, 1977 SP 53-14, 1978 SP 7-0, 1985 Poly 41-15, 2003 Poly 47-14 and 2004 Poly 28-21. So in the time frame I was talking about SP is 6-0 and 6-3 overall. No doubt Poly is the better program now. A magnate school of over 4,000 vs. a school of may 500.

  • Anonymous

    i thought you were banned by me.

  • Dan

    You wouldn’t be that cold would you? Besides you’d miss my banter.

  • Non St. Paul Fan

    St. Paul is done. The Place is a dump and I have seen better dumps than St. Paul. The other Catholic schools are dying and the economy has something to do with that. Bosco Tech still has good Academics,but horrible Sports teams. The only School that has Great Facilities and Great Academics and a School on the rise is Cathedral High School. They are run by the Christian brothers and are no longer run by the Archdioses of Los Angeles since 1995. That’s why they have better Academics and are rising. Loyola is a Great School but very Expensive. St. Francis and La Salle are good School’s but are getting Expensive.


    i was a part of the 2007 stpaul cif team and those other schools you are talking about have no comparison to the schools we faced. we played through adversity and many games we came from behind and won. all you public schools in the area play the crappiest teams around, eachother. the crappiest st.paul team would run all over any of your schools. public school teams have no discipline and dont know how to play smashmouth football like st.paul. we sacrifice everything for our football program and thats something i dont see at public school games. running through banners and sitting on the sidelines without your helmets on. shows how important the game is to you guys, your players are more worried about how “pretty” they look in their uniform. get some discipline and get out of division 15 football and get a ring and then come talk trash about st.paul

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