Calpreps Ranks the Area

There have been a few calls for a WDN preseason top 5 or 10. Before I post one, here’s how the high school football website ranks the area.

How accurate are these ranking? Should Whittier Christian be in the top 5? Is St. Paul really the area’s seventh-best team? Does California still deserve to be in the top 5? What about Schurr? What do you think of Cantwell being ranked ahead of La Serna? Do you have any issues with La Habra and La Mirada being the top 2?

While the paper will run a weekly top 5 during the course of the season, there will be a top 10 in the preview magazine. I would say as of now, there are quiet a few differences and a couple of interesting similarities between the paper’s poll and this one.

1. La Habra

2. La Mirada

3. California

4. Whittier Christian

5. Schurr

6. Santa Fe

7. St. Paul

8. Cantwell Sacred Heart

9. La Serna

10. El Rancho

11. Whittier

12. Pioneer

13. Montebello

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    At this time of year this list is as good as any. La Habra at #1 is obvious. The SP/ Schurr game will be fun. Can hardly wait for season to begin.

  • Bell Gardens Fan

    Montebello and Pioneer what are they doing on the list

  • K

    I am excited to see the differences AC, I don’t anyone can argue with #1 and #2. I am a little surprised to see WC and Schurr above Santa Fe and St. Paul…but if you look at the state of all those programs RIGHT NOW, it makes sense.

    Also, where did Beyer(#77) from Cal High sign? I never saw him play but that kid is a beast!

  • Anonymous

    hey bg fan come see the scrimmage,and you will see why

  • St.Paul Fan

    How can they rank Cantwell and Whittier Christian that High. They both play in very weak league’s . Cantwell is horrible and would get killed by a Schurr Team or any other ranked team for that matter.

  • Anonymous

    If I was to rank the teams my list would pretty similar. La Habra is by far the #1 team in the area. La Mirada fans will disagree with all the hype they are getting. The LH-LM on Sept. 10 will be huge.

    I think La Serna should be 8 with CSHm at 9 and the rest of them are interchangeable.

  • Schurr Alum

    Agree with the top two, but Schurr should not be behind Whittier Christian. Hopefully this will be different in the Fall preview top ten.

  • Anonymous

    About time some people with common sense rank the Cantwell Cards, but then I see that montebello, pioneer, and St. Paul were there also. Awwww nutz!

  • K

    Schurr Alumn,

    You have a good point in assuming that Schurr should be ahead of WC simply based on the past and the size of the schools (roughly 3500 compared to roughly 650).

    BUT, it is hard to compare because there are no common opponents from last year. We all know about what WC did in the playoffs last year, and about Worthy. We also know about Cantu and even though Schurr lost in the 1st round, it was the Southeast, and it was a close game to a legit DR team that went to the finals. So…I think it is difficult to say who is actually better RIGHT NOW.
    What is awesome is 1) They have a common opponent in Cantwell this year and 2) that they are now in the same division and may square off in the playoffs

  • anonymous

    K: Schurr did not loose in the first round. They lost to Diamond Ranch in the second round. Schurr also won there league championship. Played a vastly superior schedule then whittier christian as well. Not trying to bash Whittier Christian but finishing strong in perhaps CIF southern sections worst division last year does not make you compete with what Schurr has done over the past few years. This year we will be in the same division so we will find out by the end of the year though. So no need to worry over pre-season rankings.


  • K

    My bad on Schurr’s finish last year. And no doubt that year in and year out they have been a quality program and MOST years WC probably wouldn’t compete with them, no argument there. Also, you ARE right that Calpreps does this all on computer ranking. (But their predictions are right 75% of time, so even though it’s a computer, the do tell us something.)

    And in THIS particular year with everything WC has returning and everything Schurr is losing, I would argue that they are neck and neck. Maybe that it is simply a combination of an up year for WC and a down year for Schurr, but we will see come November and December.

    Tolegian’s rankings also have them neck and neck, and basically everyone who knows the Mid Valley Division has SD, Monrovia, WC and Schurr in no particular order.

  • Fan of football

    You have to be out of Your mind to have Cantwell ranked. They are weak and play in a weak league. Cantwell better suit up their girls to play for the Boys team because they are not going anywere .

  • Schurr Alum

    Yeah Cantwell is the common opponent, but I feel Schurr will win even on a down year for them and a good year for WC because of there schedule. Schurr plays a much tougher pre-season, than WC, and a somewhat stronger league.


    Let’s not take this list, too, seriously. There hasn’t been a game played yet.

  • Dan

    Calpreps rankings get more accurate as the season
    progresses and the scores and results come in, the first few weeks of the season are pretty unreliable.

  • alhambra fan

    they schurr fan your team is not that great. you only have a QB no wr no rb no line you lost at elac passing league its over Alhambra and Bell Gardens will pound you guys

  • Del Rio League

    These rankings are a joke, no chance in hell Cantwell could compete with La Serna, El Rancho or Whttier. WC should be behind the DRL schools also…

  • Schurr Alum

    Alhambra Fan,

    Your right, this is not one of the better Schurr teams. Still they are the favorite to win an 8th straight league title. Schurr did lose at ELAC, without many of their starters. Still it’s only passing league. Would not say they are without R.B’s or W.R’s, they have guys that will fill the roles left from last years W.R’s without a doubt. Have one of the best linemen in the area with Perez, and have three returning starters on O.L. Alhambra needs to worry about replacing Vai before thinking about competing for a league championship. B.G will be tough like every year. Highly doubt any team in the Almont will “pound’ Schurr.

  • Anonymous

    I would hardly call Verbum Dei and LaSalle soft. What is it about the DRL and not getting respect. Oh because their leauge is real weak. Everyone outside their league sees it. Open your eyes. Your league sucks. No wonder St. Paul owns that area.

  • del rio league

    anonymous: Yes Cantwell you league is soft. Verbum Dei an your division. I seem to remember Verbum Dei winning CIF in your division. Taking your league Championship and beating you guys 56-0. And what happend that year when Verbum Dei played Whittier? Verbum Dei got spanked. That was the same Whittier team that only came in third in the del rio league and got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs. Yet manhandle your division champ.

    CANTWELL DON’T EVEN TALK YOUR LEAGUE IS A JOKE. How is it this guy thinks he can bash ST. Paul? When in Cantwell’s two best years in recenet memory they played St. Paul and didn’t score a point. What a joke. Last time you played Schurr you guys got beat by 40. Del Rio League always plays competitive with Schurr. I guess its true when your too afraid to play anybody in the are you start thinking the verbum dei’s of the world are power houses lol.

  • Anonymous

    del rio league commenter on Cantwell:

    so what if Cantwell gets spanked over and over. You guys get spanked outside your league as well. We’ll see at the end of this season who is laughing. All the teams that WDN covers who are not part of DRL will have winning records while only one of the DRL will.

    You bring up the past like if your schools have never had a beat down. Especially St. Paul the last season. sounds to me like you are jealous because you are not ranked. jealousy will get you nowhere. Please don’t blog back. You will only make yourself look more pathetic. As if it’s possible.

  • lol

    Cantwell: Win a playoff game! Then talk! CAL reached the semi’s last season. Santa Fe has a history of going deep in the playoffs. La Serna has won plenty of playoff games over the last 5 years. Cantwell fans even make fun of Cantwin. Look at the blog your own students talk bad about you guys. You guys play in a sorry division. we have a winning record outside of our league at more then a 60 percent rate. So how are we getting smashed? Look it up. Come with facts please.

  • Anonymous

    Leave it to the DRL to pick on lil ol Cantwell. Pick on big bad St.Paul. You can’t! St.Paul owns the area. No one comes close to what we’ve accomplished. and don’t point to last year. We are talking in general. Unless your school is perfect, then you can’t talk. As for the area. No one comes close to St. Paul. PERIOD. That ought to shut up the DRL!


    Anonymous, I wish you were correct that SP ruled the area. I hope we get back to that soon, but La Habra is #1 right now. Several CIF titles, in the last few years, puts them on top. Sure wish we could play them every year.

  • oh god

    Nobody’s picking on Cantwell. St. Paul look at the comments lol. The guy from cantwell is talking on st. paul as well. Or is it your the same person? And now that you realize your argument was stupid your pretending to be st. paul now. As a del rio league fan i will admit that with the exception of maybe a couple of years st. paul would take league in the del rio. But whats with the infioriorty complex and trying to make it so you guys are the topic of every converation on these blogs. Just worry about the teams you play and stop trying to protect stupid Cantwell fans. Because we know you are not trying to defend them. Your just trying to make people talk about you guys(since no one seems to be talking about you guys after last year.)

    Good luck to all area schools.

  • elrancho

    The Ranch had a pretty prestigious program from the 60’s through the 80’s. Get this we even won a National championship in 1966. Where do many former St Paul stars come from??? You guessed it Pico…

  • alhambra fan

    to schurr alum we did replace vai with a transfer from texas. the football Gods must love us the kid is 6/2 and 230 he runs a 4/6 he can run inside and outside the tackles he was all District 5 at texas he Big and quick o yeah he plays LB.our line avg 6/3 280 they place well at all the Big man camps our DE was the fastest speed rush at camp with pads i think we pound you guys.

  • Guru

    HAHAHAHA really when did this stud show up cause I saw Alhambra this summer their line at best had maybe 2 guys 6’2 and I only this because I saw them and they are not big and their players are tiny never saw your football gods Savior! Anyway good luck to all of the Area Schools I like how La Mirada is playing 2 of the top teams in the Area Cal Hi and La Habra! Go Mats and good luck. FYI La Mirada just got a Transfer a 6’3 250lb. MLB who is only gonna be a Sophmore from Hawaii he looks great and is some who I think will impress.

  • Anonymous

    1968 El Rancho vs. My beloved St Paul, both offenses lines bedded down in Pico after that great battle 20/20. We SP won the first game of the season 21 to 6 against ER and beat Servite, Mater Dei, tied Amat in the same year but tied El Rancho 20/20 for the Championship. A tremendous season for both schools.

  • Anonymous

    What? no good schools in Pico that they have to go to the springs? LOL

  • Anonymous

    Why is everyone dwelling on the past? This is NOW! Where La Habra and La Mirada are better than anyone. And now means that Whittier Christian, Cantwell, and Schurr are the best teams after them. Yes ahead of the DRL which is weak. Even St. Paul is ahead of the DRL. Get used to it.
    If you want to put down the schools that are ranked, go ahead. It makes you look like a little kid who got punched in the face and hides behind an adult to throw jabs at the superior kid.
    Bottom line is this. DRL is in a down year where Pioneer will win the league.

  • Cal Fan

    Anonymous, are you the same moron that said Pioneer was going to win league last year? That would be nice for their program but,I don’t see that happening anytime time soon.

    WC, Cantwell & Schurr better than all the rest? You have any money to gamble with little boy? The DRL by no means is a power league but, I will lay some cash on Cal against those three. They do play Schurr if I’m not mistaken.

    It’s La Habra & everyone else, period.

  • wow

    anonymous you are ridiculous. So don’t go on the past? But go on your dillusional future where Cantwell and Whittier Christian are best in the area and Pioneer wins league? Forget the kid that hides behind the bigger kid. You need to check your medication, or you might get locked up for a 51/50 temporary evalutation.

  • Anonymous

    What some you fail to grasp is that this list is Campa’s ranking of all the teams in the WDN circulation area. Of course, he has to have Cantwell, Pioneer, etc. on the list.

    Face it, it is La Habra and La Mirada at the top. The rest of the area is interchangeable.

  • Anonymous

    why do you keep changing your name? dude, get a life and move on.

  • wow

    anybody that goes under anonymous can’t comment on someone about changing there name. It’s not like i havent made it obvious im the same person. just like when you tried to act like you were a st. paul person and change the subject.

  • Anonymous

    Mr Knucklehead your comprehension is no good, lol……

    Anonymous said:
    What? no good schools in Pico that they have to go to the springs? LOL
    July 28, 2010 10:33 PM

    St Pauls and El Ranchos offence of line lived in Pico that year.

  • Sports Fan Original

    Cal Preps rankings look at records and finish (how far they went in the playoffs). They obviously do not take into account the size of the school or the leagues the teams are in. For example tiny Cantwell is one place behind St. Paul. I think St. Paul would beat them up. Also Cantwell is on top of teams such as La Serna. La Serna would also beat them up if they played in 2010. La Serna is a pretty good club at a pretty good level (league….division) every other season. Last year was not good and the past suggests they will be pretty good this year. They made the second round two seasons ago.

    Cal had a great year last year earning a Semi Finals. No doubt La Habra and La Mirada are the two best clubs. Not close!! LA HABRA is by far the best and will beat on La Mirada if they meet again in 2010. Will they?

    California deserves the number 3 spot based upon what they have done the past 4 seasons, but no match for LM. Cal Preps does not know they lost a lot of great players. And who else would one place above them? Whittier Christian? No way. They are #4 because of their playoff run against noone the caliber of Cal last season or any of the 1st and 2nd place teams in the DRL’s CIF division. St. Paul above Cal? No, not based on the past few seasons.

    Pioneer win the league? That prediction nullifies you as a decent judge. El Rancho was KING 4 decades ago as was St. Paul, who lasted longer. Pico now is not the Pico then, a city which produced many superior athletes in at least two sports (baseball included) for a long time period.

    La Mirada will continue to get good transfer football players. Great players like to win, and La Mirada will win. Also, some better young players in the area (and of course their parents) are aware of La Mirada’s change for the better (and I do not care about them dropping into lower divisions, even though I mentioned it last year), winning CIF, and becoming a model of getting players recruited to the next level. They have a very high level of coaching experience on that field; Muschetti, a great college player with a vast college coaching experience, and Brooks, who was around during LM’s reign of the 90’s and maybe a little longer (I don’t know; I didn’t follow too much then), and other high quality coaches who played for good colleges and at least one other who was coaching during that “reign”.

    One more important idea, the way I see it. Muschetti is a coach who knows that scholarships bring in more quality players that want to go to college for free. I suspect he “may” work hard at trying to help move his players up to the next level.

  • Football is around the corner also takes into consideration for its preseason preview reports supplied to them by the teams coaches. That will sometime bump a team up and conversely a team could drop down if they don’t suplly a report. I’ve seen teams move up and down the last couple of weeks and yet no one has played a game.

    With La Mirada playing St. Paul, La Habra, Cal and La Serna, the Matadores can easily claim King of the Area with wins over all 4 teams.

    In other preseason local matchups St. Paul takes on La Mirada and Schurr, Cal has La Mirada, Schurr and Montebello, and in addition to St. Paul and Cal, Schurr plays Cantwell.

    By week 4 this will all work itself out.

  • alhambra fan

    to mr guru i guess we didnt see you at our last passing game when he was there.i think your hawaii transfer ought he was at la habra with the other winners instead he went la mirada

  • K

    If you guys compare this list with Aram’s top 25, it is pretty close with a couple exceptions.
    1) Cal High is not even on AT’s list
    2) WC and Schurr are switched, but still right next ti each other

    That is it, and that is someone who has seen all of these teams play in the off season.

  • lee roy jones

    I think you boy’s are missing the point here! What eles would you use but a teams past record from the past season as a yard stick on how they may do in the coming season. Yes its true, players move on during their final season of school, and some do not even get to play for various reasons, having said this, we must remember that these are High School kids who will go on to do other things in life once they are out of High School, and Coaches must focus on teaching these kids how to be winners off the field as well as on the field! I am a El Rancho Alum and I can remember watching my cousin play on that championship team and I can tell you that there were many teams in the area that were great such as Wilson of Los Angeles,Edison of H.B,and Los Altos! Things change all the time

  • santa fe football

    the whole del rio league is going to be dominated by santa fe no questions asked!

  • Anonymous

    santa fe definitely gonna turn some heads this year again.

  • Anonymous

    sf people you say the same old story every year!

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