Rivals Gives Three Stars

As far as I’m aware, there are seven local football players who have verbally committed to Division 1 schools and another 2-3 that have considerations (i.e. mulling over offers).

Rivals.com recently ranked three of those talents in the state top 100. Here they are.

#36 – Isaac Luatua, OL, 6-2, 299 (La Mirada – Heading to Alabama)

What Rivals has to say: One of the best centers in the nation.

#53 – Bryan Peters, OL, 6-5, 305 (La Mirada – Heading to Kansas)

What Rivals has to say: Some think he’s the best run blocker in the state.

#61 – Jeff Worthy, DT, 6-4, 275 (Whittier Christian – Heading to Boise State)

What Rivals has to say: Racked up an eye-popping 137 tackles as a junior, but could also be an offensive lineman.

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  • Anonymous

    It would be nice to see what school these fellas attend.


    Who could argue with these three? The fun part is to see who emerges this year. Who is the guy under the radar?

  • SP Swordsmen

    Everyone will be a bust! I guarrantee it, no real talent period!!!!

  • K

    SPS you are out of your mind! Each of these kids had multiple offers from a number of legit schools. I mean Luatua to Alabama! That is a ridiculous offer for a So Cal kid to get. You are just pissed cause SP went 3-7 last year and none of your kids are on this list.

  • SWORDman

    i agree these guys are in the spotlight ..theres no excuses,we’re gonna see what they do.whether their the real deal.i believe this is all hype but we’ll see what they do


    No doubt, barring injury, these guys will have a good season. What they do at the next level, now that’s the question.

  • Anonymous

    SP Swordsmen….if you are truly a Swordsmen…..stop showing your ignorance. LM has some legitmate players this year. I look forward to seeing our Swordsmen playing them on 9/3.

    K….our kids might not be on the rivals.com top 100 but we do have 7 kids that will be playing on Saturdays this year. They may not all be at the D1 level (D3, D2, D1 and NAIA) but they will be getting college educations paid for and they will be able to continue to play the game they love. And that is really is what is important…the college education.


    Wise words anonymous.

  • Sports Fan Original

    Colleges like Alabama, Kansas, and Boise State usually know what they are doing! They do not make many mistakes. They take hard working kids who are supported by their HS coaches (and at LM, his words mean something) who have quickness, size, at least good technique, and love to play the game.

    The rest will be taught by these exceptional college coaches.

    SP: We have caught on to your jealousy and ignorance. Lack of brains we new long ago.


    If your a La Mirada player, Fan, etc… Who cares what these rankings mean and who cares what people say, I love the MATS, Don’t respond to this stuff, they rip our kids, so be it, They rip our schedule WHO CARES, they say our coaching sucks, BIG DEAL… STOP POSTING ON MESSAGE BOARDS ALL LA MIRADA FANS….

  • sports fan original

    I think La Mirada’s players know what they are doing! I believe they trust in their coaches (great staff), and I believe that one day at a time attitude as posted in today’s articles on the Matadores.

    Very good chance to repeat as Champions. Great senior line coming back and Blood may be as good as last years QB, when you consider his ability to run the ball.

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