California’s Arce heading to St. Paul

The St. Paul football program is back in the headlines again with more some transfer news.

Apparently, senior quarterback Mark Arce is attempting a return to St. Paul High School, where he played last season, according to Swordsmen head coach Marijon Ancich.

Arce transferred to California after the conclusion of the 2009 football season and put in his transfer paperwork with the CIF-Southern Section office. The CIF-SS denied his request in January and Arce had an appeal to the CIF-State office denied as well, meaning he’s ineligible in all sports until Oct. 7.

None of this is news.

In fact, the paper reported about his state denial in early July.

However, over the last couple of weeks, Arce showed an interest in returning and Ancich even admitted the young man observed a recent St. Paul practice. “I saw him last week,” Ancich said. “He watched one of our practices, which is okay. He didn’t take part and I’m not sure when he will.”

Ancich said he wasn’t comfortable working in Arce until after his paperwork was cleared with the CIF-SS. “We want to make sure everything is squared away,” Ancich said. “He never played a game at California. He just practiced with them over the summer. It should be okay”

Arce impressed during the summer in Condors camp.

“Mark is good, I’m not going to lie,” California coach Jim Arnold said after a passing league at Los Altos on July 1. “The bad news is that I don’t have Mark until game five. He’s ineligible until game five. He was a discipline transfer from St. Paul last year and is not cleared until (Oct. 7).”

My take: If Arce clears quickly, then he has an immediate chance to challenge for the Swordsmen starting quarterback position with Jeremiah Hernandez, AJ Gonzalez and Paul Telles.

In two passing leagues, I thought Arce outshined California starting quarterback Adam Contreras (although Contreras has improved immensely since early July). Arce has a live arm and decent footwork in the pocket. His arrival will definitely be more of a boon to St. Paul than a bust to California, which is comfortable with Contreras.

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  • Anonymous

    hope he gets denied for being a punk brat

  • Class of 83

    Come back to SPHS. He would be a great addition to 2010 Swordsmen team


    It’s easy to call someone a punk when you’re anonymous. I have reservations because of the three QBs who have worked hard this Spring And Summer with the team. I guess that’s sports.

  • Big Chief

    What happened to “once a swordsman, always a swordsman”? Did he not play there last year and now you have reservations and not open arms. Maybe now with all that hazing crap outted he feels comfortable in coming back???????

  • SPF@N

    It’s great to see Arce out there with his SP family. I know SP boys are greatful that he returned home for his senior year.

  • football fan

    if your bringing him back why dont you guys go out and bring medina back hes better than arce

  • not in the know….

    Arce was a “discipline transfer?” Anyone know what happened?

  • Didn’t this student leave as a “DISCIPLINE” transfer from St. Paul in January? I guess this is another example of St. Paul’s attitude toward the enforcement of “Discipline”. The prevailing attitude at St. Paul seems to be, as long as you can play Sports you don’t have to pay the consequences of your actions including hitting a defenseless young man with bricks and bats. More evidence why St. Paul is no longer properly functioning as a moral and ethical educational institution.

  • in the know

    this kid was very lazy and didnt work hard when he was at st paul that just goes to show how things are at st paul as for medina coming back i seen him at the scrimage game at sp but from what i hear he is the starting qb at bosco so that wont happen good luck with mr .arce

  • The truth

    Dicipline transfer? BS! You he got in trouble for something he didn’t do. A wallet got stolen while he and his friend were LOCKED in side the varsity locker room by some punk freshmen. While they were waiting for someone to let them out. Someone threw a wallet through the top of the door. They put the wallet away and returned it to the coach when they were finally let out! He got a stiffer punishment then the person that stole the wallet! The principal at the time didn’t give an S! New principal this year. Bit to mention that thy family was having trouble paying tuition and the former principal wouldn’t let the football fees cover a portion of the tuition. The old principal was screwing the family over. Get your facts strait before you start bashing a high school kid. You ignorant people making your own conclusions it’s what’s wrong with society today. Judge first! Find out what’s true later!

  • Anonymous

    Why bring up Medina, apparently his dad has him back on the market. The dad is a loser. Good Riddance

  • SP 09

    to mr. anonymous you are such a goof ball that kid is the starting qb at bosco beating out the senior that is there and as for his dad i no the man and he is cool bet you wont go up to him and say that so keep your tail between your legs hes not even here no more and your still bitter lmao

  • SP DAD

    Hey Anonymous, this kid Arce was not involved in that incident… It’s people like you who try to make us look bad… You obviously have no clue on the situation.

  • P.R.D

    Anonymous said:
    Why bring up Medina, apparently his dad has him back on the market. The dad is a loser. Good Riddance

    September 1, 2010 10:18 PM

    Wow, your funny. again, Medina is the starting QB at St. John Bosco. I know the family, they are happy with the current situation at St. John Bosco Rene has worked hard to get where he is at. Besides, The family’s best decision was to transfer him out of St. Paul….doesnt seem like the father is a loser to me. Congrats Medina Family, and Rene you’ve earned it. Make Pico Proud.

  • SP mother

    Instead of the negative feedback back and forth…why dont we all remember that these are just kids!!!

  • SPHS supporter

    According to SJB has named Keenan Dreyer as the starting QB not Medina, but it also mentioned that Medina will see playing time. My son likes going to St Paul that’s why we are there. Arce is a good kid with a nice family. Kids will come and go for whatever reason it’s the same at any school public or private.

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