Video Takes: Los Altos @ El Rancho (Week 0)

Tomorrow the paper will get back to making predictions for this week’s Week 0 games. For now, myself and my esteemed colleague and sgvfootballer Aram Tolegian sat down to talk about one of this weekend’s big openers – Los Altos at El Rancho.

The big guy gives his notes on Los Altos and I counter with info on the Dons. Is the Ranch back this season? Well, we won’t know until later. However, both of us like El Rancho’s chances this Friday. Check out the video and please don’t forget to check out Aram’s blog – In the Huddle

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  • elrancho

    Jim Arellanes graduated from El Rancho along with Louie Zamora and Joe Ledesma. All 3 of them are extremely familiar with the kind of kids at ER…

  • robert

    My pick is the Dons; I think they have too much speed but do like the coaches at Los Altos. The greatest game in the world has finally arrived.

  • Anonymous

    Believe El Rancho will win, cannot wait to see Joshua ER Express Lopez the kid can fly.

  • LA Fan

    This will be a great game and I am looking forward to it. I think Los Altos will manage and win this game. They have a really good back in Scott Tibbs, and a decent defensive line. LA has uncertainty in the QB position that may cost them the game especially because the TE position is where they have the most depth. Their starting all league end is out for a few weeks and may effect the game. I predict LA 28 ER 14

  • Old Don

    Heard that Coach Zepeda added some new coaches, any info on the Staff?

  • cant wait

    LA 28-14 haha yeah right
    ER wins big like aram said

  • Don

    It will be workout tonight, Go Dons!

  • ER

    Speed kills!

  • Big Don

    What was that comment about the O-line being to small? Nice job, ER ran all over them. The coaches had them ready big time! Good Job on that O-line!!

  • Anonymous

    Speed has always been the great equalizer Go Dons

  • MTB

    just wait the oilers will put the hurt on the donnas!

  • Anonymous

    BG will finish them donnas off when they come to our house and will take that deed to the Ranch!

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