The blog is back

Although it seems like the blog has been on a little vacation, I would better classify the down time as a recovery from intensive care.

For the last six weeks, this blog has been spam attacked almost to death, with the spammers disabling this blog for a short period.

The worst part is that about 23 posts and over 100 comments were deleted. I have tried to put up posts for a while (in fact, you can see the youtube videos for La Serna-Santa Fe and Mayfair-La Mirada floating around online still waiting to be posted) and they have been deleted.

Rather than bore you with more excuses, I’ll just move on and start posting again.

I am making one change, however, to align ourselves with our sister blogs at the Tribune and Star-News. From now on, comments will post directly to the blog rather than wait to be approved. The move makes sense as no one could comment while the blog was down because comments were waiting to be approved and subsequently deleted.

Thanks for your patience.

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  • Bonita Fan

    There are a lot of comments on here, that shows that there are not too many people that know too much about football. Some Bonita fan, coaches and many other bloggers. First off, I want to give props to West Covina! They played a hell of a game and are a great team.

    Now for what else I am going to say and if you get your feeling hurt sorry! Everyone that says the Bearcats are not a good football team don’t know anything about football! They beat Clearmont, San Dimas, Santa Fe and Baldwin Park with a second string QB and many injuries. They beat everyone that has been put in front of them and beat them until this evening and they deserved to loose this game for many reasons.

    First reason is that the Bearcats head coach is not that good. You kick the ball away from Solomen and Lee and go back to the back up QB! The starting QB is bad, he can’t move in the pocket, can’t run, holds onto the ball too long and gets sacked way too many times or throws the ball into double coverage and throws interceptions. The head coach of the Bearcats need to put the back up back in the starting lineup now. He can move in the pocket and run. Better then what they have back there now! Then they need to get some of there guys healthy and back on the field that are impact players.

    But, for the bloggers on this site to say that the Bearcats aren’t a good team don’t know football at all! Teams have a bad game and other teams have great games! That is football! But, I seen a post by a Covina fan saying how good they are, because they beat W.Covina and I just started laughing! They go there butts handed to them by Baldwin Park, at home? Please! The only reason they beat W.Covina was, because the W.Covina coach was not using his head that night. Up 21-8 with four minutes left and not run the ball and run the clock he had to of had a bad game coaching.

    So, this is what I see happening from here on out and I may be wrong and if so I admit it. West Covina will will the leage. Followed by Bonita and the D.Ranch. They will all three make the playoffs and look for W. Covina to win CIF. They are the best team at this point in the Valley! They have defense, speed on special teams and at running back. An all around good team and after the Covina game a well coached team. But, don’t count Bonita out of anything in CIF, because everyone knows that anything can happen in the playoffs and injuries happen. But, if the Bearcats coaching doesn’t get better (a lot better) and they don’t go back to there back up QB. They are done early in the playoffs!


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