CIF Playoffs: Division 7 (Southeast Division)

Five of the area’s nine playoff teams can be found in the Division 7 playoffs, which begin Friday. La Serna (9-1) enters as the No. 2-seeded Del Rio League champion while defending Division 9 champion La Mirada (7-3), the Suburban League champ, is No. 3. The Del Rio League has three more entries in Santa Fe (6-4), California (3-7) and El Rancho (6-4). Here are the just released brackets.

The Lancers host Walnut (6-4).

The Matadores host dangerous Muir (6-4).

DRL runner-up Santa Fe (6-4) is home against Burbank (7-3).

DRL No. 3 California (3-7) is at Bonita (9-1) and No. 4 El Rancho (6-4), the divisional at-large entry, heads to divisional No. 4 Burbank Burroughs (6-4).

My analysis: Where do you begin? The bottom half of the bracket looks intriguing. You have La Serna with challenges along the way to the semifinals with a good Walnut team and either a solid Arcadia or Norwalk squad. If the Lancers reach the semifinals, they just might run into divisional No. 3 La Mirada. Remember the wild finish the last time these two teams met up earlier this year? I know La Mirada hasn’t forgotten.

Speaking of the Matadores, they were given no favors with Muir, a team that is very fast and talented, if not undisciplined at times. From there, the Matadores will likely face a Bonita team that was ranked No. 1 in the division a few weeks back before facing La Serna.

Is two years too long ago to want revenge for the Chiefs, who were upset by Burbank two years ago in the first round. If Santa Fe wins, it will then likely have to deal with divisional top seed West Covina (9-1) in the second round.

Is it me, or did wild-card El Rancho get a more favorable draw than did No. 3 California? I think the Dons have a better chance of advancing and getting an even tougher game with either Diamond Ranch/Mayfair in the second round. California is going to need its best game of the year to get past Bonita and encounter La Mirada in the second round.

2010-Southeast Division Brackets.pdf
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  • high school sports fan

    LS should win fairly easily against WALNUT- I think they will then face Arcadia and should win a close game-then they will face BONITA and will get beat by a very athletic BONITA teanm- SF will lose to BURBANK- CAL will get blown out by BONITA- ER has no business being in the playoffs=they will get blown out by a very good BURROUGHS team- DIAMOND BAR should have got the wild card spot- the finals will be WEST COVINA VS. BONITA– by the way the best first round gamne should be LM VS. MUIR- dont be surprised if MUIR wins- but im picking LM in a close game.—- ;last note- where are all the big mouth ST.PAUL fans now?? you guys finished fourth and are out of the playoffs- even your cupcake schedule didnt help you.


    Looking forward to the playoffs. Seems like it will be a West Covina-La Serna final. Bonita struggled to beat a mediocre Santa Fe team, and got their &$#@ handed to them by West Covina. La Serna and West Co are hitting their stride going into the playoffs.

    Glad Diamond Bar didnt get the atlarge…thats what happens when you schedule non-playoff teams in your pre-season, and get waxed by 38 on the final game of the season. Not to mention the other league losses by 41, 33, and 27 points. A team like that neve deserves to make the playoffs…

    Good luck to all Division 7 teams!

  • valley guy

    upst will according to the rankings but i have a feeling Muir is going to jump all over La Mirada…take my word for it…that is if Muir show up to play and not the yellow flag team.

  • Scholar, Athlete and Gentleman

    @high school sports fan:

    I have seen both Bonita (at SF and Westco) and La Serna (at SF and 5 other times). I really don’t think that BoHi gets past La Mirada but if they do remember what happened at similar SF. You are correct on Cal and The Ranch. SF may have a chance against Burroughs if they can get the offence going. Muir is streaking right now but so is LM and they are TOUGH. I think a Westco/LS final and it will be hard to beat Westco for anyone (I say them against Rowland and BoHi and I have never seen a High School team that big also be that fast)…

    @ SGV Fan:

    Thank you for the good wishes. I believe you have it correct on all accounts. The Southeast is stacked this year and should make for some great football. Hoping for an injury free playoffs and go crimson and Gold…



    The Swordsmen played 10 games. 7 of their opponents are in the pay offs. And you call that a “cupcake” schedule??? Your bona fides are lacking.

  • high school sports fan

    to ESQ- yeah I think its a cupcake schedule-those teams you are talking about are from lower divisions- SP is the one who backed out of a game against Bishop Amat-you guys want respect then schedule games against LOYOLA,AMAT,SERVITE and so on- not lower level division teams. thats what real programs do.

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  • Once a Chief always a Chief

    PLAYOFFS!!!!!!! best part of the year!!!!

    big ups to La Serna, i saw you play SF and you look great! you deserved Del Rio Title CONGRATS! My best friend was a wrestling coach there (Casey May) so a little partial,

    CHIEFS, not a typical season for us but a good one, i think you are peaking at the right time, Rincom look great against Pioneer, best i’ve seen him with point ‘passing, if i remember Burbank runs 6 LBs?
    very confusing, GOOD LUCK TO ALL Del Rio Teams

    play safe.. play hard

  • TRT

    Anyone can effectively reword comments, you need to be creative and clever. Convince the creator that even though the statement is quite generic, it’s still stuff they need posted on their HRT page.

  • Calpapa

    Typical WDN. Never changes. Heasline articles for 3 of the four DRL teqams going to playoffs. Guess which one has been left off. Probably wont renew my subscription. Had enough of it with Murray. Thought things changed. Fool me once…..


    ***** TOUCH DOWN *****

    GO LS

  • tommy

    la serna is going to whip them all go!!beware of the lancers

  • LS Dad

    As exciting as the pre-season and regular season were, WOW!, it’s even more exciting now. Wish ever team good luck. May the best team win……i.e. La Serna 🙂

  • Anonymous

    What time does St. Paul play tonight? OOPS!

  • Anonymous

    hey Lm people i guess the playoffs are a liitle tuffer this year,not that weak a** division you were in last year!

  • Pompa

    Final score:
    La Serna 13 vs Walnut 10 in OT, on the final 25 yard match off Tommy Ruiz stops the receiver
    in the backfield by throwing his body in front of his long ass legs and makes them have to kick a field goal even farther back which the girlie missed! So we had our chance to kick and we always make our field goals!
    So Bam, we play easy money Norwalk next. Oh by the way Norwalk you will not get anywhere but maybe 14 points with us. See Ya!

    Norwalk 35 at Arcadia 27 FINAL

  • Enough Already

    Can I just go on record and say-
    A top seeded team beating a (much) weaker team in OT is not a good sign. The competition doesn’t get any easier. Just some food for thought. Look out for those pitfalls!
    Did anyone hear that loud THUD! that came over from the La Puente area?

  • Enough Already

    High school jock strap – I mean sports fan,
    Go back under your rock!

  • Purple Pride

    To Pompa…….we will see next Friday who scores what????? Our boys are hungry and anyone that gets in from of us will feel the front of our line.

  • Santa Fe Alumni

    Well i went to the santa fe game tonite and they changed up there offense a lil bit and looked better. They changed QBs and played solid defense. It just sucks they got west co next. As far as la serna i give them there props they won a weak del rio league they have nothing on past santa fe teams. Oh pompa dont sleep on norwalk there running back is going to Washington. As far as semi finals games i see west co vs Burroughs and muir vs la serna. West co over muir in finals


    who’s purple pride? How many game has norwalk beat LA SERNA in the last four years that we play them 0
    2005 7-0
    2006 27-7
    2007 28-12
    2008 14-8
    2010 we going to beat you again and move on.


    2005 7-0
    2006 27-7
    2007 28-12
    2008 14-8

  • Sports Fan Original

    Much tougher division for La Mirada. Last year was a fortunate division for them. Just three and four years ago they had to face Charter Oak and South Hills in the first round. A couple of years before that they beat Bonita in Mele’s last season.

    No doubt they are a better team under Muschetti, winning league the past two years, finally overtaking Mayfair’s long run.

    La Serna won in the end, but they had not faced a real good team since Downey. They won when they had to. That Hacienda League must have been very tough this year.

  • Chiefs

    Got to see West Co vs Rowland that team is loaded with talent. No better team in division. Chiefs keep it close and play hard, good luck!

  • Aaron

    Hey Campa,

    La Mirada moved up two Divisions not down two divisions.

    Southern (IX)< Southeast (VII)

  • Michael W

    WELL… i have been trying to tell everyone that La Mirada was in the worst division ever last year thats why they won ! if they were in any other division like lets say La Habra’s for instance they would have lost in the second round last year. AND how bad is the Suburban league? It is sad how everybody was going crazy for La Mirada having 5 Division Commits maybe the schools should re think about that. If one team had 5 Div 1 kind of guys wouldn’t you think they would get out of the first round?? Just a question. I have been hearing stuff about the La mirada coach how he has been lying to colleges about his players height and weight and stuff like that just so his players can be seen.. NICE TRY LA MIRADA. Maybe you guys should go watch a good team like LA HABRA >:)

  • High school sports expert

    El Rancho got smoked, they had NO BIZNESS in the playoffs. CAL just ended a rough “down” year. The Del Rio league champ went to overtime with a 4th place team Walnut team. Santa Fe has its work cut out this week. And Norwalk has a “one way” beat down planned for the Friendly Hills crowd. Should be a couple of great games, but dont be surpised if LA HABRA is the last local team standing!

  • SP

    What happen la Mirada you move up in division and get knock off in the first round? Bad! I might say.

  • Cal Hi

    Change the coaches now at Cal!

    High school sports expert said:
    CAL just ended a rough “down” year. Cal was embarrassed you self proclaim sports expert Lol! The whole year they (3-7) were waxed and next year it will be the same.

  • theranch

    High school sports expert; where you at the El Rancho game???? The game was 21-14 towards the end of the 3rd quarter, shut your mouth unless you know what you are talking about. You are no expert….

  • SP

    Wow Amat brings in top players from everywhere and still loses to a public school that plays the neighborhood kids! And I might add a coin flip entry in to the playoffs at that wow!

  • Anonymous

    Amat laid any egg! They should never have been ranked 4th, that squad was so overrated

  • high sschool sports expert

    El Rancho, you are by the far the worst at large team ever selected in the history of wildcards. You lost to Cal. You squeaked by Whittier. WHITTIER! And you got drilled by 20 points in a game that wasn’t as close as the score showed. Hush your whiny mouths. This isn’t 1967. And you are now done.

    Cal High overcame injury after injury to battle their way into the playoffs only to be served a death sentence with the Bonita draw. They will come back in ’11. They will compete. This league will be stronger next year. It would be even stronger if they dumped the Dons from the league and picked up St. Paul. Imagine that!

    La Serna, you have chance against Norwalk.

    Santa Fe has Goliath in front of them.

    I am the Del Rio expert. I speak the truth. Some of you are living a lie. And I am not here to make friends.

    It is what it is.

  • elrancho

    Like I said u were not at the game so u have no clue what ur talking about ur program at cal hi is crap ancich had a good thing going but those kids are long gone u have no terris jones to bail u out anymore…. u are the expert idiot and u need to shut ur trap.. Ya u beat us this year no excuses…. St paul would mop the floor with all the drl schools ur an idiot for even bringing up such a ludicrous idea…. cal hi will only get worse ur lower levels haven’t shown too much lately…

  • muir fan

    Damn La Mirada was horrible i was looking to see a good game, But there QB was horrible even warming up he looked like the 3rd best QB they had. and then the coaches play calling was horrible QB sneaks to the outside for a total of -15 yards. There line is Beast AT LM tho Probably there Best players beside number 27 who is a good Return player and number 6 and 3

  • DDDUUUHHH!!!!!

    Muir Fan:
    Does your school have English classes? Do yourself a favor and attend them. Hopefully you learn the proper use of their not there, capitalization, punctuation, and just a coherent sentence. We do appreciate your perspective and thanks for fairly and fully representing the value of that Muir Education.

  • duhhhhh

    someone is mad muir won and im not a student.Your kid must of been the QB lol

  • DDDUUUHHH!!!!!

    Muir Fan:
    I was giving you the benefit of a doubt by assuming that you were a student. I was thinking you uneducated and not stupid. To answer your question, no I am neither mad nor do I have any children at La Mirada. I just don’t care for ignorant, a$$es like you calling out individual kids in a public blog. I also wanted to point out the idiotic nature of your writing and by association the idiotic nature of your word and your thoughts. Lastly I don’t think that you are a Muir Fan. I think that you are the same jacka$$ that Lurks the WDN/Trib blogs trying to spread hate with various teams for your personal fun and simple minded amusement. For the record, you can still take English Continuing Ed classes as an adult. Try it out, it might the level of your discourse.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    I noticed that La Serna was 9-1 going into the play-offs. They had rolled teams like Pioneer and Cal-Hi, dropping 60 and 70 pts. So tell me this. After friday nights game against Walnut, which they were lucky to win, Do you think they are looking at West Covina and Bonita in the same way as they were last week? What this game showed me is what I’ve been saying all along. The Hacienda League is by far the most competitive league in the division. The only team that I see being able to even slow West Covina down is Bonita. But when it’s all said and done WesCo hangs another CIF banner.

    SGV430 Ouuuut!!!

  • Anonymous


    Every league went 2-2 last week. So how much better is the Hacienda really? The DRL and Hacienda’s #3 and #4 lost, the Pacific’s #2 and #3 lost, and the Suburban’s #1 and #4 lost. Muir has a pretty great chance at beating Bonita this Friday which would leave just West Covina from the Hacienda, and the Suburban has a good shot at getting 2 teams into the semifinals. SF is a long shot against West Covina but an upset is possible if SF plays their best ball. All I’m saying is that I don’t believe the Hacienda is “by far” the best league. They’re all good leagues and this is a very competitive division.

  • Come On!

    I always think that it is interesting that everybody is jumping on the La Serna offense. Is there any credit to the LS defense who held Walnut to the lowest point total of the year. If they are so high powered and have these unstoppable receivers, then why could they only score 10 points? They had man coverage on the Walnut WR’s all night and they scored on a pass play where Rosales fell down! Spare me the great difference between these teams. Any given day? That was the match up that was different then what LS has faced in the previous games, the rest of the teams are all similar.

  • War Chiefs

    Everybody in the SGV has Santa Fe getting crushed and La Serna losing in the semi’s. I got a chance to see West Co. Many good runners and strong O-Line. SF play your gaps and read your keys and remember play with a Warriors Heart. Good Luck to La Serna make your school proud!

  • SGV For 30 Years

    You are right I didn’t give La Serna’s defense the credit they deserved. They played a hell of a game. Stopping Walnut’s offense is no easy task. La Serna’s D stepped up when they had to. That being said. West Covina’s and Bonita’s offense rolled through Walnut defense. I think WC rushed for something like 400 yards. So what I’m saying is that La Serna couldn’t get a drive going against a defense WC and Bonita. West Covina is a totally different beast than they have seen. I don’t see La Serna being able to stop them, and both those teams have better defenses that Walnut.

    SGV Ouuut!!!!

  • Unknown

    WC took it already. There biggest threat is Bonita but they’ve already beat them, 55-21.

  • Shelli Bennette

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  • Anonymous

    “Santa Fe Has It All Going In The Playoffs” EXCEPT THEY HAVE TO PLAY A MUCH, MUCH BETTER TEAM!. Have an idea campa.
    And when is the last time Whittier College beat Biola in basketball? Do you have any idea? Are you a journalist. Then don’t just write, prepare yourself. You have been full of it quite a few times.

  • Anonymous

    who cares about all this nonsense…when are you posting all league and all area teams for x country and football?

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  • NHS Alumni

    Dont over look Norwalk High! … it should be a great game! Ground and Pound!

  • Dan

    War Chiefs,
    Just to set the record straight, I go to the West Covina practices and there ain’t anybody that I talk to that is saying WC is going to crush Santa Fe. The general consensus among the fathers, fans, and coaches I talk too is that Santa Fe is a tough disipline team that plays hard, kind of like West Covina. Should be a great game on Friday.

  • Quarterback U

    Somebody teach Cal’s center how to get the ball to the QB with the threads lined up correctly. How many coaches down there and noone has taught the Center-QB exchange? I see one fundamental that is not being taught.
    Look above at the picture. Wow. Each snap is the beginning of each play, and it appears incorrectly done from the very beginning.

  • Backlinks

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  • Sports Fan Original

    It is quite a story watching Coach Welch win CIF and state championships at Canyon, then a CIF Championship at St. Margarets (09-10), now at Santa Margarita beating up Edison in the first round.

  • Anonymous

    Campa: Santa Fe Has It All Going In the Playoffs?
    West Covina 47 Santa Fe 7. Stay away from Vegas Tim. And the only “naysayers” concerning La Habra were St. Paul bloggers. Anyone that can read knows La Habra would end up in the same place, and they realize the schedule they played. Come On.

  • Santa Fe alum

    If u were there u would have seen that the chiefs def prob played the best of any team that west co has seen this season. Santa Fe’s off gave west co the game not saying west co wasn’t the cause of the that. Chiefs will be back next season I’m saying it now.

  • Anonymous

    Santa Fe Alum,
    I agree, your defense played tighter than any other defense we saw this year. Good tough swarming defense. Good luck next year, chances are we could see each other again.

  • sideline warrior

    it has indeed been an extremely interesting season for La Serna Highschool, a school that before boasted fewer than 12 league titals and one CIF championship, many people have stated that this team would lose time and time again as this team has been stated to be a clear underdog against several teams including Bonita Vista, Warren, Walnut, La Mirada, Long Beach Wilson, Santa Fe, and Norwalk yet time and time again this team prevailed. With scores unheard of in other leagues. In their league play they scored over 210 points combated against a combined total of under 25 points by all 4 other teams in their league. Defensively La Serna has much to offer holding up walnut to their lowest score of their season, Santa Fe to a shut out ( a feat even West Covina could not accomplish), and shutting down the Norwalk “powerhouse” offense. Time and time again they have stopped so called “star athletes” such as the backs from Norwalk, Joey Davis, and the 6’5 wide receiver from walnut. La Serna has proven to be a true underdog story and should not be overlooked, their offensive line is arguably unrivaled elsewhere as despite two injuries from their starters Phil Alonso, and Nicholas Garcia, two backup offensive linemen took the stage both under 6 feet tall, one being 5’6, yet they were still able to drive on the Norwalk defense. Throughout their highscoring games they have put in their second string offense and defense in the second quarter with much success driving the ball on many teams and picking up two touchdowns against Pioneer by sophomore Nick Macarty and junior 132 pounder Ricardo Bazurto. They picked up yet another touchdown against Whittier by the sophomore yet again. The point that im stressing is that La SErna will not go down easily at all their a true force to be reckoned with as they have gone against the best, and taken down the best this Saturday should be an interesting game Bonitas Aerial attack against La Sernas miracle Defense will be an intruiging battle, and the famed Double Wing T will prove a challenge for Bonitas 3-5 defense do not take La Serna Lightly as they always come to play


    LA SERNA Vs Bonita
    Well both team look good from there record.
    Well Good luck next year Bonita.

    Shout Out to my Cuzin #53 and #11
    GO LS
    Cya at the Game
    Navarro Familia

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    Call me crazy but is it a little to early to talk H.S. Baseball? Let me hear what people think. Who will be the top 2 Team in the Del Rio League? I hear E.R. has a Transfer kid (MEDINA) from Los Altos that is argue-ably 1 of the best Outfielders in the league? “No Not Rene Medina” BUT I WISH IT WAS HIM! Ha

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