Ancich Calling it Quits Again and Again and Again…after 2011

I guess Monday was a bad day to take off as St. Paul football coach Marijon Ancich announced he would retire after the 2011 season, his third such retirement from St. Paul during his coaching tenure.

Marijon Ancich instructs his team during the summer. Next summer will be his last at St. Paul.

Here’s the press release from the school.


It will be interesting to see where the Swordsmen go after 2011. The team looks poised for a strong 2011 season, presumably Ancich’s last with the program.

There will be in Wednesday’s paper about Ancich’s stepping down.

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  • Blogger

    Oh please SP stinks. Hail to the Swordsmen.

  • Jenn Sturger


    I can’t wait for his Sexting Scandal in the Fall.

  • Raquel in FL

    To the previous 2 bloggers:
    Have some respect for a person that has dedicated his life to bettering others. A lot of the kids that he helped over the decades had parents that didn’t care about them and weren’t half as dedicated to parenting as Coach A was to coaching football. Shame on you for your smart-ass remarks and short-sided comments.

  • DRL league Fan

    Hey Campa, I don’t know you if you heard about all these Alumni Football games going on but I just went to one this Saturday at Pioneer High School and it was a great game! It was Pioneer’s Alumni vs Santa Fe’s Alumni and it was intense. Pioneer was down 19-0 at one point in the second quarter and came back to win 28-19 in an explosive second half. The WDN should have been there! There was a lot of greats from both teams from the past 10-12 years! There was a lot of fans also! I heard Cal is going to play Whittier and Pioneer might play again against El Rancho. Pioneer’s offense looks nearly unstoppable with great receivers and Jesse Serrato playing QB and Ricky Reyes playing RB, I have been a Pioneer fan for a long time and always said if those two kids could of played together in high school watch out and that’s what happend Saturday night, in the second half Santa Fe had no answer for either of them! But really Campa get out there! It’s good for the area and programs!!

  • Jenn Sturger

    Hey, Raquel, STFU.

    Me thinks Mr Favre urrrr Mr. Ancich is Sexting you. Don’t be intimidated. Feel free to come out to the press. You don’t have to be afraid. Don’t be a victim.

    Get over yourself. You live in Florida so mind your own business. Hopefully you’ll get eaten by an Alligator.

    Jesus doesn’t love you.

    Your sister in christ,

    Jenn Sturger.

  • http://Tyler 808

    Leave the coach alone. He is the best coach that the area will ever have!