Final Score: El Rancho 4, Oak Hills 2

The El Rancho High School boys soccer team has just clinched its second school championship in history, as the Dons defeated host Oak Hills 4-2 at Warren High.

Junior forward Francisco Lara scored two goals while Cristian Roldan added two assists. The Dons’ additional goals came from Alejandro Haro and Erik Argueta.

Congratulations El Rancho. There will be more on the game later.

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  • Pico Rivera


    Looks like El Rancho is going to have to make some room for another CIF championship banner to hang from its legendary rafters.

    Aside from that, GO E.R.! Congratulations!

  • Balloon Guy

    The best way to judge a high school team is to say “show me the rings.” Winning league, tournaments and such are nice, but there is nothing to compare with the feeling of being a CIF champion. These El Rancho players will be talking about this day years from now, and will use it as inspiration for other things in their lives. Thank you guys, for making Pico Rivera proud.

  • The Man

    Good Job Boys !!! It’s a great day to be a Don !! hopefully it will carry over to other sports.

  • oldtimdon

    Hope you post the rest of the award ceremony somewhere.

    To answer a question that was asked of the CIF staff, yes that is long time “Voice of the Dons” Armie Briones you hear during the game and award ceremonies.

    Armie has been the announcer of the CIF Southern Section Soccer Championships the past 35 years.

    I am sure that he was thrilled to have the opportunity to announce the Dons winnning their 2nd CIF soccer title

    He has been ER’s announcer for the past 47 years.