Today’s CIF-SS Playoffs Scores (05/19/11)

Here are the final scores for today’s softball and baseball playoff action. All the scores have been reported. Thanks to the coaches and parents who responded.


Division 2 First Round

Alemany 6, La Mirada 0

Division 4 First Round

Don Lugo 10, La Habra 1


Division 2 First Round

La Mirada 3, Tesoro 1

Division 3 First Round

South Hills 9, California 2
La Serna 9, La Reina 5
Oaks Christian 8, St. Paul 0 (no-hitter for Oaks Christian)

Division 4 First Round

La Habra 15, Palm Springs 1
Whittier Christian 3, Sunny Hills 1

Division 5 First Round

Keppel 11, Cantwell Sacred Heart 1
Lompoc Cabrillo 2, Schurr 1
Savanna 6, Montebello 2

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  • The Camps

    OOOOOOHhhhhhhh, looky here, what a shocker. THe Schurr High one-and-dones are at it again!

    How does one team get great talent every year and continue to be bounced in the first round? I’ll tell you, awful Coaching… continue to make the same dumb mistakes every game and think they will work in CIF is just stupid.

    Great league season once again Spartans, but too bad your intermediate Coach can’t get you all out of the first round, AGAIN!

    Better luck…..never, as long as the Coach is still there!

  • The Big Dog

    I agree with you, the girls just don’t play for this Coach and get worse as the season progresses. I wish we can get in a coach that can teach the girls something.

    It was sad to see this happen, again.

    When will this Coach learn the game, hopefully she will use the money raised for a coaching clinic.

  • Disappointed Spartan Parent

    WHere do we start, what an awful way to end this season….and I hate to agree, but the posts are right on the money….girls didn’t lose this one, the Coach did. SHE’S A MESS!

    Also, too many Coaches outside the lines…..the big fat idiot should learn to shut his mouth and just watch the game.

    So sad another wasted year. 2 more to go.

  • SchurrFatGuy

    Camps, Big Dog, Disappointed Parent,

    What are you people thinking! No coaching? Coach Montanez has taking over the program for TWO years. In those two years… 2 League Championships!!! So the girls & coaching staff had a bad game… it happens! Coach Montanez has taken this group of girls and turn them into a winners.

    Dissapointed Parent… another wasted year!? If you don’t like winning back to back league championships with possibly TWO more champioships to go well… take your daughter down the hill or San Gabriel! Those teams like people like YOU!!!

  • Another SHS Parent

    I hear what you are saying Fat Boy, but the girls work hard all year to win games in late May and June…..nobody is happy with a league title…the Almont League is a joke and you know it. We want to win games in CIF. We don’t work hard all year round for an Almont title, that’s pathetic. If you and your below average girls are happy with the below average coaching, you belong with getting bounced every first round.

    We need a Change at the top and you know it, you just won’t agree cuz your babies are playing when they shouldn’t….so that’s why you won’t rock the boat.

    WE NEED A BETTER COACH, one that can make adjustments and win outside the Almont!!!!!!!

  • spartan coach

    Its sad to see what lengths parents will go to bashing a program and their coach. I only hope that these parents have the guts to say these things in person instead of being cowards and hiding behind the blogs. What happened to loyalty and commitment. I see a coach that is loyal to her girls, committed to the program, and trying to teach her girls lessons about life and not only softball. Shame on you all the fake Spartan supporters. If you are so unhappy take your girls and have them play for somebody else. If anyone knows anything about Spartan softball you see a program which has consistently won throughout the years. The playoff loss is tough and hard to swallow, but I saw the scores from around the area and most schools were ousted. I dont see any CIF championship banners hung at schools in the area very often. You people do not understand how tough that challenge is in any sport. If you have the answers please bring your championships rings with you and show everybody what the answer is. Most of our athletes at Schurr dont ever even play college ball. Unfortunately some of our kids dont even go to college. We are trying to teach them integrity and loyalty, but with parents spreading nothing but negativity its pretty apparent why they dont always perform at their best. Losing is part athletics at every level. Im sure nobody is taking this loss harder than the coaches. But I guess that you folks have the answer. Well we will await to be enlightened by your expertise. I will make sure that I am wearing my CIF ring when you come on by so I can show you what one looks like.


    I for one do not need to hide behind “the camps”, “the big dog”, “disappointed spartan parent”, etc. I am proud to show who I am and need to have my say. What an undignified response to a bitter loss for our girls! What message are you sending to the girls as well as the players, coaches and parents in our league? Surely you know that people prey on this kind of classless negativity, what are you thinking? Coach Montanez has done what other coaches never have, she took our girls outside the norm, with winter ball, an in state tournament outside our area of play, an out of state tournament that required her time, effort and funding. It is our responsibiity to raise funds for the team as a whole as well as our daughters and we agreed to all this when we signed the contract, did you forget? Our girls work hard to achieve the goals that Coach Montanez has set for them, not only on the field but in their schoolwork as well in order to be a Schurr Varsity Softball player. As a parent I watched my daughter lose her spot when she did not achieve the goals and when she did and only then, she took the field and was given an opportunity to work hard during game time, yet all along in her struggle I told her to always work hard, practice hard, play hard and be ready when your number is called. Yesterdays playoff game was a difficult loss, our bats were not there…our pitching was awesome…our defense was stellar, games are lost and in that loss we as parents need to teach our girls a life lesson about grace and dignity, not only when they win but when they lose as well. Our girls are their worst critics, I for one will only take the good and leave the rest behind in my memories of this season. Working on what needs to be improved upon is what we as parents should provide for our daughters. This senseless bashing and sour grapes is not where the focus should be. I will continue to encourage my daughter to work hard and will not use excuses for her when she needs to improve, be it her attitude, batting, defense etc. as these are the lessons I need to show her, not blaming others when it is convenient behind fake names. WIN AS A TEAM, LOSE AS A TEAM!! Hopefully all our girls will learn something here, I fully believe that is what the coaches want for our girls and if you don’t then just move on. THANKS TO COACH ROTHER AND COACH MONTANEZ! GO SPARTANS!

  • Nobody

    MHS baseball won 8-3