In Case You Missed It — I’m Out

Steve Ramirez (left) and Andrew Campa (right) at Biola at Azusa Pacific

For those who haven’t heard or read on a couple of other blogs, there will be a change in Whittier coming next week.

As of Tuesday, San Gabriel Valley Tribune Area College Coordinator Steve Ramirez will move over here and take over as the Daily News Prep Sports and Area College Editor.

Please welcome Steve into the fold. Mr. Ramirez is the dean of San Gabriel Valley Preps Sports and has been in the industry for 75 years (j/k of course). Steve worked down here in 2006 with my former boss, Roger Murray, and has a good knowledge of the schools and area colleges (which is good for Biola University, Rio Hondo and Whittier colleges).

I, Andrew J. Campa, am stepping down as of Tuesday to take a new job. I’d like to thank everyone over the last four years who has made the job fun. I have had a blast and have really enjoyed working in the greater Whittier area. It’s sad to leave but the coverage is in good shape with Steve. My focus during my time was to write as many different types of stories as possible and get as many kids coverage as possible. With that, this blog and the videos weren’t my priority and weren’t kept up to date. I’m sure that’s going to change with Steve, who is quite the blogger and video guy. Plus, in the coming weeks, this blog will be merging with that of both the Pasadena Star-News and Tribune blog, all coordinated by Fred J. Robledo.
With that, I again thank everyone and wish the Whittier area teams all the luck in the world. I’m out.

Andrew J. Campa

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8 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It — I’m Out

  1. Andrew,

    Good luck with your new position. It was a pleasure to work with you while I was down there in Whittier. I look forward to some great reads in the future. Take Care

    Mike Velasquez

  2. good luck Andrew. Hope to see you sometime in your new area.
    Steve we need to get this blog to life, it needs a jump start ASAP.
    Fred has a Whittier area story on his blog.

  3. Hey Andrew,
    Although I wouldn’t agree with some of your football picks, it was a pleasure reading your articles. Good luck and take care .

  4. Just a quicknnote to wish you well. It was always nice to see you on the sidelines when the Ranch played. When you covered the Ranch, you were always fair.

    We hope Steve will be on the sidelines but with the addition of both the whittier and SGV areas; we hope that the stringers get assigned to the Ranch and the whittier schools are not forgotten.

    Best of luck to you

  5. hey Steve, whats going on haven’t seen anything new in your sports page , have you even started your new job yet.And when is the prep magazine coming out

  6. Dear Andrew;
    Good Luck on your new endeavors. You were always a class act and an O.K.writer. Just Kidding. Your always welcome over on the sidelines at M-Town. See you soon.

  7. Andrew,

    Best of luck to you. I hope that Steve will follow in your footsteps and cover all prep sports, not just football, basketball, and baseball.

    Coach Brian

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